Third reich and world war ii
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THIRD REICH AND WORLD WAR II. By: Angelica Labermeier 6 th hour. Third Reich 1933-1945. What was the Third Reich? Nazi Germany Who were the Nazi’s?

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By: Angelica Labermeier 6th hour

Third Reich 1933-1945

  • What was the Third Reich?

    • Nazi Germany

  • Who were the Nazi’s?

    • The National Socialist Party in Germany led by a man named Adolf Hitler. The party was established in Munich in 1919, and was taken over by Hitler in 1921.

    • The national socialists had “revolution” using persuasion and terror to gain followers.

Reichstag Fire

  • Hitler was in an election to be Germany’s new chancellor.

    • He wanted to become a dictator to begin the Nazi Revolution.

    • Hitler manipulated Hindenburg (Germany’s former chancellor) and got him to sign basically anything Hitler wanted.

      • Hindenburg signed an emergency decree that put the state of Prussia into Hitler and the Nazi’s hand.

    • A week before the election the Reichstag building was set on fire that was blamed on the Communists by the Nazi’s.

Hitler as Chancellor and Dictator

  • Once Hitler took power, he said that all communists and some Social Democrats were not allowed to vote.

  • Hitler passed the Enabling Act that gave Nazi’s control of all institutions and organizations such as political parties and trade unions.

  • He also banned groups of “non Aryans.”

    • The difference between Aryans and non Aryans:

      • Aryan is a Non-Jewish Caucasian of Germanic or Nordic Ancestry.

      • Some believed an Aryan was someone with “blond hair and blue eyes” although most were, there were many variations of Germanic and Nordic people.

More about the Third Reich

  • By this time, Nazi’s controlled the entire government.

  • After Hindenburg’s death, Hitler combined the offices of the president and chancellor.

  • Hitler controlled the military too

    • He made soldiers swear an oath of personal allegiance promising unconditional obedience.

  • Also he made political arrests of communists and socialists, Jews, and others.

…and more.

  • Hitler’s use of terror was highly effective of silencing a resistance.

  • The Nazi party was so powerful it effected pretty much everything in Germany at that time.

  • They took control of education system, radio, and cultural institutions.

World War II

  • Adolf Hitler or “Fuhrer” was a dictator over Germany.

  • Nazi government increased power of Germany’s armed forces.

    • Tried to overturn Versailles Treaty

      • Wanted to recover lost territory from WWI

      • Return so called Fatherland German speaking minorities

      • His goal: secure “living space” for the German “master race”

Important Dates in WWII

  • March 1938: invaded and annexed Austria

  • March 1939: invaded Czechoslovakia

  • August 1939: Germany and USSR signed a non-agressionpact dividing up Poland.

  • September 1, 1939: invaded Poland.

  • September 3, 1939: Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declared war on Germany.

    • World War Two began.

  • June 1941-May 1945: war against the Soviet Union.

More about the War

  • In June 1944 American, British, and Canadian forces invaded France.

    • Driving Germans back and liberating Paris by August.

    • Soviet armies advanced in the east.

  • March 1945: Western forces reached the Rhine River.

    • Soviet armies overran most of Czechoslovakia and headed for Berlin.

    • Hitler, feeling the tension, pressure, and certain defeat, insisted that every German city, village, and “every square meter” be defended or left behind as “scorched earth.”

….and more

  • April 27: the Western Allies and Soviet forces made their first contact in Saxony.

    • Three days later, in a bunker in Berlin, Hitler commited suicide along with his wife Eva Braun.

  • May 2: Berlin fell to the Soviet forces.

  • May 7: Third Reich surrendered unconditionally.

  • About 55 million people died in Europe during WWII.

    • About 8 million of these dead were German.

Photos of Nazi Germany and WWIII


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