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EPA Recruitment Web Training. What is EPA RecruitmentWeb?. A web based recruitment and applicant tracking system designed to streamline the recruitment and hiring process for EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty positions. Use EPA RecruitmentWeb to:. Process all recruitment and hiring

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EPA Recruitment Web Training

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EPA Recruitment WebTraining

What is EPA RecruitmentWeb?

A web based recruitment and applicant

tracking system designed to streamline

the recruitment and hiring process for

EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty


Use EPA RecruitmentWeb to:

Process all recruitment and hiring

actions for all EPA Faculty and

Non-Faculty positions.

Project Scope:EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty Recruitment

  • Recruitment Plan (Requisition)

  • Waiver of Recruitment

  • Automated posting of approved positions.

  • Web-based application process … no paper or e-mailed resumes.

  • Electronic collection of applicant EEO and Veterans Preference data.

Project Start


Project Organization & Consultation

11/2006 to 12/2006

Requirements & Prototype

12/2006 to 05/2007

Develop & Test

05/2007 to 12/2007


1st Qtr, 2008


1st Qtr, 2008



  • Increased efficiency when posting vacant positions.

  • A consistent and streamlined application process for EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty applicants.

  • Immediate electronic access to applicant materials by hiring managers and search committees members.

  • All interim and final EPA EEO documentation provided electronically.

Advantages (continued)

  • Direct collection of mandatory Applicant EEO and Veterans Preference compliance data at the time of application.

  • Effective EEO monitoring without burdensome paperwork requirements.

  • Ability to quickly respond to Federal OFCCP audit documentation requests.

  • Electronic feed of applicant and hiring data to EEO monitoring software tools.

Paper/Manual Processes Eliminated

  • Recruitment Plan (EOF-1)

  • Interim Equal Opportunity Statement (EOF-2)

  • Applicant Flow Form (EOF-2A)

  • Final Equal Opportunity Statement (EOF-3)

  • Request for Waiver of Recruitment (EOF-5)

Paper/Manual Processes Eliminated

  • EEO Procedures for Certain Employment Pursuant to Grants (EOF-6)

  • EEO Employment Data Form (Applicant Data)

  • Paper resumes; or printing e-mailed resumes and related applicant materials

  • Generating current department employee counts from Data Warehouse

  • Tallying applicant counts for those interviewed or excluded

Differences from SPA RecruitmentWeb

  • No referrals from Human Resources

  • Allows multiple positions on the same requisition

  • Search Committee member changes require a modify action and approval

  • Routing

EEO Policies – EPA RecruitmentWeb

Use of EPA RecruitmentWeb is required.

EEO Policies – Requisition Period

  • Maximum Requisition Period:

    • 1 year from the initial posting date;

    • Expectation that after 1 year departments will close existing requisitions with little to no activity Or;

    • Close existing requisitions and initiate a new requisition to replace the outdated requisition Or;

    • Submit a request to the EEO Office for an extension as a modify requisition in RecruitmentWeb.

EEO Policies – Advertisements

  • Minimum Posting Periods remain unchanged:

    • 45 days for Tenured/Tenure Track

    • 30 days for Fixed Term and Non-Faculty

  • EPA Non-Faculty postings to the UNC-CH website will be posted in EPA RecruitmentWeb using position summary, salary and minimum education and experience requirements as reflected in Position Management.

  • Advertisements attached to the requisition will only apply to external publications and websites.

  • EEO Policies – Interim Selection Documents

    • Policy remains unchanged for the Interim EEO Statements (now Interim Selection Documents in EPA RecruitmentWeb).

    • The first Interim Selection Document should be submitted after the minimum posting period has ended;

    • Interim Selection Documents must be submitted prior to conducting interviews.

    • As additional applicants apply and are added to the interview pool, Interim Selection Documents should be submitted to reflect the new applicants to be interviewed.

    Roles in the RecruitmentWeb

    • Level 1 – Initiators & Approvers

      • Human Resources (HR)

      • Department EEO Officer – Approver Only (New Role)

      • Note: units may request to have additional approvers added to Level 1

    • Level 2 – Approvers

      • Deans or Vice-Chancellors

    • Level 3 – EEO/ADA Approval (Final)

    Training Topics

    • RW home and navigation

    • Create Recruitment Requisition

    • Applying for a position (demo)

    • View Applicants

      • Release Applicant Data

      • Download Applicant Data

    • Interim/Final Selection

    • Create Waiver

    • Other Actions/Functionality

      • Modify Requisition, Cancel/End, Re-activate and Action Search

    RW Home and Navigation

    Create Requisition

    • Create New

    • Copy

    • Required Fields

    • Link to Position Management

    • Process for External Committee members

    • Counts Data

    Applicant Web (Demo)

    • Review Search Process

    • Review Applicant Process

    View Applicants

    • Release Applicant Data

      • Displayed fields

      • Attachments

    • Download of applicant data

    Interim/Final Selection

    • Update of selection document

    • Submit Interim

      • Required information

      • Possible errors/warnings

    • Submit Final (incl multiple pos)

      • Required information

      • Possible errors/warnings

    Create Waiver

    • Policy on Waivers

    • Required information

    • Possible errors/warnings

    Other Actions/Functionality

    • Modify Requisition

    • Cancel/End Recruitment

    • Re-activate Requisition

    • Action Search


    Contact Information:

    Equal Opportunity/ADA Office



    February 2008

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