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William fremd high school expectation assembly
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W E L C O M E T O. William Fremd High School Expectation Assembly. Principal. Dr. Small. Police Liaison. Officer Bloomfield. Assistant Principal. Mr. Tenopir. What do we expect?. We Expect FHS Students to…. Accept responsibility for your learning, decisions, and actions

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William Fremd High School Expectation Assembly

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William fremd high school expectation assembly


William Fremd High School

Expectation Assembly

Dr small


Dr. Small

Officer bloomfield

Police Liaison

Officer Bloomfield

Mr tenopir

Assistant Principal

Mr. Tenopir

What do we expect

What do we expect?

We expect fhs students to

We Expect FHS Students to…

  • Accept responsibility for your learning, decisions, and actions

  • Develop the skills to become a more self-directed learner

  • Become actively engaged in academic & extra-curricular pursuits.

  • Contribute to the school and community service.

We expect fhs students to1

We Expect FHS Students to…

  • Be considerate of others – teachers, staff, fellow students, etc.

  • Conduct yourselves in a manner that contributes to a safe & orderly environment and ensures the rights of everyone within the school.

Here is what we mean

Here is what we mean.

  • Go to class and participate

  • Wear your ID

  • Clean up your trash

  • Be respectful to others

  • Get involved in school

What can you expect

What can you expect?

Safe and orderly environment to ensure learning for all our school must be free from

Classroom Disturbances






Dangerous Behavior



Inappropriate Dress


Academic Dishonesty

Threats-written or verbal

Safe and Orderly EnvironmentTo ensure learning for all, our school must be free from:

Administrative support

Administrative Support

  • Listen

  • Provide resources such as guidance counselors or social workers

  • Teach strategies for success

  • Offer mediation

  • Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Our goal



  • Less bad

  • More good

Suspendable expellable offenses

Suspendable/Expellable Offenses

  • Fighting - No Self-Defense Policy

  • Bullying/Harassing (Includes social media)

  • Tobacco

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Gangs

  • Dangerous Behavior

  • Threats-Verbal or Written

  • Other acts that interrupt the educational process of the school.

Mr buelow

Dean of Students

Mr. Buelow

Truancy types

Truancy Types

All Day-Absent from school without your parent’s permission.

Class- Absent from your assigned classroom or area without your teacher’s permission.

Note: If you are in the building, parents can not excuse you.

Truancy consequences

Truancy Consequences

  • Detentions, Saturday School, In-School Suspension

  • Compulsory Lunch Study Hall

  • Loss of Option Period

  • Loss of off-campus privilege

  • Parent Conference

  • Zero on that day’s class work

  • Referral to Police Consultant for issuance of a truancy ticket

  • Unsuccessful class performance

What is a tardy

What is a tardy?

  • Classroom Teacher Decides

  • Tardy Bell Rings:

  • in seat

  • OR

  • in classroom

  • 4 emergency tardies-use them wisely

  • More than 5 minutes late to class = TRUANT

Tardy policy

Tardy Policy

Pe tardy truancies

PE Tardy/Truancies

  • Locker room doors will be locked 5 minutes into each period

  • If you are more than 5 minutes late, see your teacher for a pass to enter the locker room…main hall entrances only

  • Supervisors will not let you in without a pass

Mr casbarian

Assistant Principal

Mr. Casbarian

Expectations for classroom behavior

Students will be expected to:

Get to class on time

Be prepared for class

Pay attention & be involved

Show respect for others

Show respect for school property and others’ property

Each teacher may establish additional rules

for their classrooms.

You are expected to observe and follow those rules.

Expectations For Classroom Behavior



  • Definition – Failure to comply with a reasonable request from any staff member.

  • Consequences – Detentions, Saturday school, Suspension




  • for what’s in your locker, even if that item belongs to someone else


Keep locker locked at all times.

Only bring items to school that are necessary for your education




  • for securing your belongings while you are here at school

  • Report thefts IMMEDIATELY to any staff member

  • 220 reported thefts last year, almost 1 out of 10

  • Proof of ownership required for return

P e locker rooms

P.E. Locker Rooms

  • Most thefts occur in the locker room

  • iPods, Money

  • Lock P.E. lockers at all times

William fremd high school expectation assembly

Cell Phones in the Cafe

Cell Phones

Other than the café students are allowed to carry cell phones in school, but they MUST be kept




until the end of the school day.

Off means not capable of receiving a signal (not silent or vibrate)



  • Not allowed in school, including Halloween

  • Alternative: Participate in

  • Student Council Spirit Days instead!

Bus riders

Bus Riders

  • All school rules apply on the bus.

  • Driver = Teacher/Staff

  • Behavior expected of students during the regular school day must also be exhibited on the bus.

  • Riding privileges can be suspended for inappropriate behavior on the school bus.



  • Only students with a valid student parking permit may park in the student lot

  • There are no free parking spots

  • Temporary parking passes issued on individual basis for emergency situations

  • Consequences:

  • Parking ticket

  • Vehicle towed at owner’s expense

  • Disciplinary consequences (i.e. – Saturday School)

  • Loss of privileges (off-campus lunch, option study hall)

Entering school

Entering School

  • Entrance through door:

    • Door #1-6:00 AM (Main Door)

    • Door #4-6:45 AM (along Illinois Avenue)

    • Door #6-6:30 AM (by English Office)

  • No ID?-Door #1

    • Temporary ID issued in Room #2

    • Wear temporary throughout the day

    • After the 3rd temporary a $1 obligation will be charged=no final exams or registration until paid

    • Temporary ID=no off-campus privileges

Id policy

ID Policy

  • ID’s must be worn at all times while in the building

    • Display upon entrance and remain on throughout day

    • Only allowed to remove it if a faculty member specifically tells you to (ie. Science Lab)

    • No decorations/embellishments

    • If your ID is determined by administration to be unacceptable you will be required to purchase a new one

Replacement of id s

Replacement of ID’s

  • Three temporary ID’s will be given w/o charge

  • Will be required to buy a new ID for $3.00 or get a temporary for $1.00

  • Three days of a temporary=new ID

  • Unpaid ID fines will be converted to detentions if you fail to pay in reasonable amount of time

I d cards

I.D. Cards

  • Students MUST surrender their I.D.’s when asked by a staff member. This includes bus drivers & student supervisors.

  • Refusal to show your I.D. to a staff member may result in a referral for insubordination

    Giving your ID = guilt!

Mr miller

Assistant Principal

Mr. Miller

Leaving campus

Leaving Campus

  • Parent permission needed to leave the building once you’re at school

  • Students need to check out at the attendance office before leaving the building and check in once you return

  • You can only leave through Entrance #1

  • If you leave through another entrance you will be considered truant.

Off campus privileges juniors and seniors only

Off-CampusPrivileges (juniors and seniors only)

  • Exit and re-enter the building at door #1 only

  • Parent permission needed on off-campus form

  • ID will be scanned

    • Computer will tell supervisor if you have off-campus

  • No off-campus without proper ID

    • Temporary IDs=no off-campus

  • Option areas

    Option Areas

    • If you are not in a scheduled class, you can be in one of these option areas without a pass:

      • Cafeteria

      • Media Center

      • Viking Tutoring Center (Room 2)

      • Test Make-Up

    • If your locker is in a non-option area you can not visit it without a pass during your option period

      -Hallway Behavior = pass through quietly and no loitering

      Note: 8th period (Cafeteria will be closed to students)

    William fremd high school expectation assembly



    ZONE 4

    Fremd Cafeteria by Zone

    ZONE 3

    ZONE 2

    ZONE 1

    William fremd high school expectation assembly

    Clean-Up Schedule Guidelines

    Cafeteria expectations

    Cafeteria Expectations

    Cafeteria supervisors will request that you use the pulper and clean up your eating area.

    If you fail to listen to their request you will be considered insubordinate.

    We must work together to save our planet and

    take pride in our school house!

    Food and drink policy

    Food and Drink Policy

    • Food & Drink is only allowed in the cafeteria

    • (exception – bottled water)

    Dress code policies

    Dress Code Policies

    • All hats, hoods & head coverings MUST be removed before you enter the building.

    Clothing may not have pictures of or references to

    Clothing may not have pictures of or references to…

    • Alcohol, tobacco, or drugs

    • Violence/Gang affiliation

    • Inappropriate words or phrases



    • Midriffs

    • should not be exposed.

    Undergarments should not be exposed.

    William fremd high school expectation assembly


    • All shirts must have:

      • Straps

      • Neckline should not fall below an imaginary horizontal line between the underarms

    Skirts and shorts

    Skirts and Shorts

    • must be a reasonable length

      no shorter than arm’s length when arms are fully extended at your sides.

    Coats jackets outerwear


    Outerwear must be placed in your locker when you enter the building. This applies to any piece of clothing with a lining.

    Sweatshirts are OK.

    William fremd high school expectation assembly



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