La Red de Asma Infantil de Merck de Puerto Rico   Puerto Rico Merck Childhood Asthma Network Program

La Red de Asma Infantil de Merck de Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Merck Childhood Asthma Network Program PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outline. BackgroundProgram goalsPuerto Rico MCAN program partners and staffNeeds of our target populationOverview of our interventionsPlans for 2006Successes and challenges to date. La Red de Asma Infantil de Puerto Rico. The History of the Alianza. Founded in 2000 with funding from the RWJ A

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La Red de Asma Infantil de Merck de Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Merck Childhood Asthma Network Program

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1. La Red de Asma Infantil de Merck de Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Merck Childhood Asthma Network Program

2. Outline Background Program goals Puerto Rico MCAN program partners and staff Needs of our target population Overview of our interventions Plans for 2006 Successes and challenges to date

3. The History of the Alianza Founded in 2000 with funding from the RWJ Allies Against Asthma National Program From the onset the voice and presence of the community has been central A highly-committed and socially conscious leadership core Starting in 2006, sustaining and amplifying reach of interventions thanks to MCAN funding

4. Overall Goals of the Puerto Rico MCAN Program (“La Red”) Improve realized access to and quality of asthma health care services for children Make schools more asthma-friendly Promote asthma-safe home environments Promote linkages of key stakeholders and integration of services in the community Be sustainable beyond Merck Funding

5. PR MCAN Program Partners & Staff APNI Local clinics Medical Card Systems PR American Lung Association PR Department of Health San Juan Department of Health Herman Mitchell, PhD (ICAS) Vicki Legion, MPH, Yes We Can Marielena Lara, MD, MPH (PI) Nicolás Linares Orama, PhD (Co-PI) Carlos Vázquez Rivera, PhD (Implementation Director) Gilberto Ramos Valencia, PhD (Associate Evaluation Director) Jesús González Gavillán, PhD (Associate Environmental Director) Wanda Pacheco Bou, PhD (Associate Community Director) Associate Clinical Director (TBN)

6. Assessment of Target Communities and Coalition Interventions to Date Baseline population-based survey comparable to Mainland: prevalence, morbidity, and risk factors Analysis of medical claims data: hospitalization and ED use Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of coalition structure, function, and reach as part of the national Allies Against Asthma evaluation

7. Residencial Luis Lloréns Torres, San Juan, Puerto Rico (Housing Project #1)

8. Residencial Manual A. Pérez San Juan, Puerto Rico Housing Project #2

9. Baseline Assessment of Target Communities

10. Baseline Assessment: Access and Quality of Care

11. Baseline Assessment: Home Environment

12. Overview of La Red’s Interventions Based on language and cultural adaptation of evidence-based models: Yes We Can Inner-City Asthma Study Open Airways Community Asthma Team (CAT) serves as integration and coordination focus Targets children with moderate and severe asthma in two housing projects in San Juan, Puerto Rico Builds on 4 years of experience with the target communities

13. Schematic Diagram of Puerto Rico MCAN interventions

14. Successes to Date

15. Encuentros Familiares (Family Gatherings)

16. Challenges to Date Successfully engaging and motivating high-risk populations Limited community-based capacities Lack of institutionalized outreach and community- based health services coordination Sustaining interventions in the long term

17. Plans for 2006

18. Our Goal: To Improve the Quality of Life of Every Child with Asthma and his or her family in our Communities

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