What they don t teach you at harvard business school
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What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School. Mark H. McCormack. Reading People. Don’t take notions for an answer Use your insight Listen & Observe aggressively Useful impressions. Reading People. Take advantage of the venue Observe fringe times. Golf Course Insight.

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Presentation Transcript

Reading people
Reading People

  • Don’t take notions for an answer

  • Use your insight

  • Listen & Observe aggressively

  • Useful impressions

Reading people1
Reading People

  • Take advantage of the venue

  • Observe fringe times

Golf course insight
Golf Course Insight

  • The Gimme Putt

  • “What did you shoot?”

  • “What’s your handicap?”

  • Winter Rules

  • The Rules of Golf

Watching people reading people
Watching People & Reading People

  • Listen aggressively

  • Observe aggressively

  • Talk less

  • Take a second look at first impressions

Watching people reading people1
Watching People & Reading People

  • Take time to use what you’ve learned

  • Be discreet

  • Be detached

Creating impressions
Creating Impressions

  • Play off preconceptions

  • Letters as emissaries

  • You’re known by the office company you keep

  • Dress as though you mean business

Creating impressions1
Creating Impressions

  • Split some seconds

  • Don’t be a time thief

  • Your own turf

  • Mean what you say

Making a notable gesture
Making a Notable Gesture

  • Do something for the kids

  • Let people off the hook

  • Drive a soft bargain

  • Flatter legitimately

Making a notable gesture1
Making a Notable Gesture

  • Make friends

  • Make mentors: Make confidants

  • Be discreet

Most important personal asset
Most Important Personal Asset

  • Common sense

  • Being yourself

  • Emotion management

  • You don’t have to be perfect

Taking the edge
Taking the Edge

  • Know the particulars

  • Know the players

  • Size of the situation

  • Thinking on your feet

How to get lucky
How to Get Lucky

  • Turn crises into opportunities

  • Learn to wait

  • Discipline yourself

Getting ahead
Getting Ahead

  • Know the Rules

    • Survival of the fittest

    • Your peers are your natural allies

    • There is always a system

Getting ahead1
Getting Ahead

  • Making impressions in the long term

  • The Love-Me-for-Myself Syndrome

  • Get some new tricks

Three hard to say phrases
Three Hard-to-Say Phrases

  • “I don’t know.”

  • “I need help.”

  • “I was wrong.”

Criteria we re judged by
Criteria We’re Judged By

  • Commitment

  • Attention to detail

  • Immediate follow-up

The problems of selling
The Problems of Selling

  • Selling doesn’t seem important enough

  • Selling is an intrusion

  • Fear

The secret life of a deal
The Secret Life of a Deal

  • Listen to your common sense

  • Listen to your buyer

  • Follow the script


  • Make the other guy talk

  • Get information by not asking for it

  • Bite your tongue

  • The pregnant pause

  • Once you’ve sold, shut up


  • Know your product

  • Believe in your product

  • Sell with enthusiasm


  • Is it a Ford of a Mercedes?

  • Weighing the facts

  • Doing it with mirrors

  • Imaging

Correspondence tools
Correspondence Tools

  • Open copies to the Boss

  • Blind copies to the Boss

  • “Dictated but not read”


  • Deal in psychological currencies

  • Avoid showdowns

  • Negotiate backwards

  • Trade places


  • Deflect with a question

  • Question positions but don’t ignore them

  • Sweeten with his self-interest

  • Keep your time frame to yourself

Using emotion
Using Emotion

  • Perceive any business dispute as the beginning of a negotiation

  • Step back and relax

  • See emotional outbursts as opportunities

  • Act in anger, but never react in anger

  • Get them charged up about side issues

Building a business
Building a Business

  • Commit (early on) to quality

  • Be smart enough to know when you are lucky

  • Grow slowly

  • Diversify your expertise & talent

Building a business1
Building a Business

  • Charge for your expertise

  • Hire the best to teach you what you don’t know

  • Take a second look at timing

  • Short-term can be terminal

Staying in business
Staying in Business

  • Think small

  • Don’t let structures run the operation

  • Think flexibility

  • Reserve the right to be arbitrary

  • Hire people smarter than yourself

Staying in business1
Staying in Business

  • Don’t let policies stifle the operation

  • Manage unconventionally

  • Manage with confidence

  • Delegate what you can, not what you want to

Dealing with employees
Dealing with Employees

  • Pay them what they are worth

  • Make them feel that they are important; yet motivate positively & negatively

  • Make them think for themselves

  • Separate office life from social life

Getting things done
Getting Things Done

  • Time Management

  • An organization system

  • Stick to your schedule

  • Allocate personalities

How to handle phone calls
How to Handle Phone Calls

  • Pause to anticipate

  • Get to the point

  • Shorten the long maybe

  • Avoid phone tag

How to handle phone calls1
How to Handle Phone Calls

  • Making people take your call

  • Silence means consent

  • Who gets on first?

Internal meetings
Internal Meetings

  • Who are these people & what are they doing in my meeting?

  • Fold in meetings

  • Run a successful meeting

  • Meet in hallways

External meetings
External Meetings

  • Where it’s best to go slow

  • Restaurant meetings

Knowing your own work habits
Knowing Your Own Work Habits

  • Learn to say “no” even when it hurts

  • Decision making

  • Office communication

  • To write or not write

  • Streamline your office space