AR Wave: Geolocating Data using Wave Federation Protocol
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AR Wave: Geolocating Data using Wave Federation Protocol PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AR Wave: Geolocating Data using Wave Federation Protocol. Tish Shute @tishshute [email protected] Thomas Wrobel's ARN. My interest in AR began creating special effects for film an television using real time operating systems.

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AR Wave: Geolocating Data using Wave Federation Protocol

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AR Wave: Geolocating Data using Wave Federation Protocol

Tish Shute http:[email protected]

[email protected]

Thomas Wrobel's ARN

My interest in AR began creating special effects for film an television using real time operating systems.

Elicon Motion-control camera in the computer graphics software Cinema 4D.

The Unified Augmented View

Desktop metaphor is very different from walking around with one view - don't want to be constantly changing channels or paying for someone to blend your augmented view.

ER -  Evolutionary Reality

At the moment people are creating augmented reality views with stove pipes and http polling.

 While users can submit data, they can only been seen by one application or another.

 Hugh MacLeod

ARWave : federated and fast - nr. to realtime XMPP extension - no polling (Ruby on Sails (not a typo for Rails)

Is federation about S words and talking horses?

Many Advantages of Federation

1) you can keep your walled garden of data and still join the federation of data.

2) Federation facilitates the curation of data streams into one view necessary to create interesting AR experiences.

With ARWave when you log into one server you automatically gain access to all the federated data. 

3)The agreement to share transport on a federated network of servers gives us the ability to see more than one vendor's rich objects in the same shared space (note AR integrated with map view). 

User Curation of data. Not just pushing data to users but users interacting with data in realtime.   Image from Matthew Buckland.

Current models for “smart" AR Browsers

Top down & built around resources originating from elsewhere. e.g., CALO Project, (largest AI project in U.S. history).

But augmented reality is about the who, what, where, and how of events unfolding in real- time which is a socially built experience.

“Smart” things can make us dumber by over-riding our instincts (Will Wright).

Augmented Views and Crowd Training the filter

- harvesting human and non human intelligence

Hybrid Social Networks – It’s a whole new crowd!

Amphibious Architecture – submerges ubiquitous computing into the water.

Wave Robots - Bots (wave extensions) are a great way to create game dynamics and publish interaction  and behavior but still within distributed environment not in one propriety game.

Messy bot makes it possible to have a 2-way communication via SMS in a Wave

ARWave - A real time communications framework for geolocated data not just in an AR View (although that's why we love it!)

Join the federation! - A cooperative architecture of loosely connected small parts. Come to WhereCamp! There will be a discussion on ARWave and the Wave FedOne server


    AR Wave is END to END Open    Just like HTML over HTTP    This means ..

    *Anyone can make content    *Anyone can make a browser    *Anyone can run a serverFor more details or to help develop this vision please visit         our group:

My contact info: [email protected]


Thank you core ARWave developers Thomas Wrobel, Davide Carnovale, and Markus Strickler

[email protected]


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