Volunteer Leader Webinar Series, September 29, 2011

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Christine DeVere, SPHRWA State Council Diversity Dir.Human Resource Principal

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Volunteer Leader Webinar Series, September 29, 2011

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1. Volunteer Leader Webinar Series, September 29, 2011

9. Volunteer Leader Situations Situation – We were excited to get Charlie on our Board but now he dominates the meeting with stories from his personal life. Our other board members are beginning to feel that the meetings are a waste of time and our meetings are running long. What to do? Set aside time for “Around the Room” 10 minutes after the meeting adjourns Board members on tight time schedules do not need to stay Timed Meeting Agenda Set times for each agenda item 8:00 – 8:05 Call to order/Welcome 8:05 – 8:10 Reading of the minutes Distribute the agenda before the meeting Stick to the agenda – use it as a tool to stay on task –

10. Volunteer Leader Situations Situation – Becky, who has had great past performance is now missing meetings and deadlines. I can no longer depend on her to do what she commits to do. She has contributed so much in the past that I am trying to overlook her current behavior. Other board members are starting to notice that Becky is not pulling her weight. What to do? One on One meeting at Becky’s convenience Accentuate great past performance Acknowledge the changed behavior Show empathy Offer short or long term solutions Co-chair Committee Help from another board member such as President Elect Resignation

11. Volunteer Leader Situations Situation – We just finished the board meeting and Karen said she would contact the local college about out College Relation Initiative. Karen always volunteers for these things but never follows through. Other board members have to step in at the last minute to get it done and there is a mental eye-roll whenever she volunteers. What to do? Take Action – The Action Item List Secretary keeps Action Item List on Excel Spreadsheet All actions needed are listed on the spreadsheet along with the volunteer and the date to be completed by Action Item list is reviewed at each meeting – kudos for those projects completed on time and roadblock removal for those not completed Completed items are hidden on Excel when the new items are added Commitment – Asked and Answered When Karen volunteers next time politely reinforce the deadline for completing the task. If she confirms that she can complete it and doesn’t, it may be time for a One on One meeting.

12. Volunteer Leader Situations Situation – It is hard to fill our board with only HR professionals and our Chapter is made up of others in HR related fields. John, who works for a local training company, is currently serving on our board. Some of John’s comments and suggestions makes me think that he is here to recruit clients. I am not sure if this is true and only one other board member has mentioned it to me. What to do? Use your mission statement Print the mission statement at the bottom of your meeting agenda When suggestions come up that could be a conflict of interest refer to the mission statement. The board can discuss if the suggestion supports the Chapter mission and if it should be acted upon or dismissed. Code of Ethics Statement Make sure your Code of Ethics Statement encompasses all members of your Board including those in non HR professions.

13. Volunteer Leader Situations Situation – Our new Board members are excited and have lots of ideas to share. We recruited a variety of personalities to be on the Board so we could get different views and new ideas, but Nellie has had a very negative response to these new ideas. The new board members are starting to shut down. What to do? Address Nellie’s concerns one at a time during the meeting Nellie may shed light on actual roadblocks. Addressing each point she brings up may help develop the idea or project. Establish meeting guidelines such as Present positive ideas No Side Conversations Stay on Agenda Topics Keep a Professional Attitude No Personal Attacks Listen Without Interruption Turn of Cell Phones and Pagers Support our Mission

14. Third Panelist Paula H. Harvey, MBA, SPHR, GPHR NCSHRM State Director President/CEO K & P Consulting

16. How To Avoid Difficult Volunteers Set Expectations Give Detailed Job Descriptions Have Back-ups or Dual Roles Be Compassionate Have Open Door Policy Allow them to un-commit if needed Communicate Often

17. Communication Skills Negotiation Get attention of other person Don’t bend rules Insist that other person defend their position Be willing to bargain

18. Building Trust with your Volunteers Show respect Keep commitments Clarify expectations Be consistent Meet (or exceed) expectations Apologize sincerely EI and moccasins

19. Listen Effectively Non-judgmental Feelings and meaning Involved listener Restate what you heard State your position Agree on actions

20. How Will You Deal with Difficult Volunteers Devote attention to a problem person Address the situation early to benefit everyone Sometimes showing compassion is not approved of In some situations leaders must spend more time on model volunteers

21. In Summary Plan to devote time, effort and sensitivity to difficult volunteers (up to a point) Do not avoid problem behavior Use communication techniques to respond to difficult volunteers Build trust, accept feedback and listen to others Know when to seek outside help Your SHRM Regional Team Other members of your volunteer board

22. Thank You!

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