North korea test review
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North Korea Test Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North Korea Test Review. Who have been N.K. tradtional enemy in Asia?. Japan since 1900 when they occupied them. Who were comfort girls?. Korean women held as sex slaves by Japanese. Describe the Japanese occupation of Korea and China. Brutal.

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North Korea Test Review

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North Korea Test Review

Who have been N.K. tradtional enemy in Asia?

  • Japan since 1900 when they occupied them.

Who were comfort girls?

  • Korean women held as sex slaves by Japanese.

Describe the Japanese occupation of Korea and China

  • Brutal.

Who have been the three Korean leaders since WWII

  • Kim il Sung; Kim Jong il; Kim il un.

How did Kim il Sung become leader

  • An ex guerrilla fighter against the Japanese, he was installed in power by the Soviet Union.

What is meant by a “cult of personality”

  • Its when all power is in the hands of an individual dictator, who plasters his face and name over everything, and all resources come from the leader. Stalin, Mao, etc.

How was the nation of North Korea created?

  • At the Potsdam conference at the end of World War II, when the major powers divided up much of the colonial world into spheres of influence. Korea wasn’t consulted or in attendance at conference.

Who attacked whom in 1950?

  • North Korea invaded a weak south. The United States stepped into protect them.

How did North Korea ultimately prevent the South, with U.S. help, from taking it over.

  • The Chinese came to their aid with a massive counterattack.

What has the U.S. presence been in Korea since the end of the war?

  • We maintain a 30,000 person army there.

When did the Korean War end?

  • Trick question: it hasn’t, there has been a cease fire.

Describe the DMZ at the 38th parallel

  • Heavily armed on both sides, mines, and electrified fences. Perhaps tunnels underneath by North Koreans. Virtually no chance of escaping from North Korea.

What is China’s stance on North Koreans escaping across the border?

  • They considered them illegal immigrants and return them.

What has been the traditional routes out of North Korea.

  • Through China and then:

    • Mongolia

    • Into a friendly embassy

    • South through South East Asian countries.

What is the basis of the North Korean economy

  • Mining.

What has the weakest part of their economy been.

  • Agriculture, they don’t grow enough to feed their population and have routine famines.

What strategy has North Korea taken to get food during crisis

  • The create an artificial incident with the West, then agree to come to the bargaining table in exchange for food aid:

    • Shot a missile over Japan

    • Fire up their nuclear reactors

    • Shot missles into an Island controlled by Sout Korea.

    • Sunk a PT Boat.

How did North Korea obtain Nuclear weapons?

  • The bought their technology from the A.Q. Khan network, in Pakistan. They are believed to have about ten nukes, but lack the ability to accurately deliver them.

What is the approximate GDP per capita of North Korea and South Korea.

  • 1600 and 30,000 respectively.

What is meant by the “stunted generation.”

  • A generation of North Korean children are 6 inches smaller than South Korea.

When they talk about the “six party talks” what are the parties.

  • North Korea, South Korea, United States, China, Japan, Russia.

What is the big issue today because of the ascension of Kim Jung Un

  • Will he be able to maintain power, be a puppet or will the military take over.

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