Ways to protect us from mosquito bites
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Why mosquito net windows are important? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why mosquito net windows are important?

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Ways to protect us from mosquito bites

Ways to protect us from mosquito bites

Why mosquitoes are dangerous

Why mosquitoes are dangerous?

By numerous measures, mosquitoes are the most perilous creatures on the planet.

Traditionalist appraisals consider mosquitoes in charge of countless intestinal sickness cases every year.

In any case, mosquitoes likewise transmit a large group of different ailments, including dengue fever, West Nile infection, and yellow fever.

Ways to prevent mosquito bites

Ways to prevent mosquito bites

Here, we have mentioned some of the best ways to prevent us from mosquito bites.

Using mosquito net windows

Using mosquito repellent

Using long sleeve clothes

Way 1 using mosquito net windows

Way 1:Using Mosquito net windows

Mosquitoes are becoming very big problems for people.

There is a lot of ways are available to protect our self from mosquito bites.

The safest and affordable way is using mosquito net windows.

These nets are keep those insects away from our home.

Way 2 using mosquito repellent

Way 2: Using mosquito repellent

Utilizing mosquito repellent is one of the best approach to keep us from mosquito nibbles.

An assortment of extraordinarily defined bug anti-agents are accessible available to be purchased at outdoors.

Apply creepy crawly repellent to revealed skin surfaces when outside, particularly amid the day.

Way 3 using long sleeve clothes

Way 3: Using long sleeve clothes

One of the most ideal approaches to keep mosquitoes from gnawing you is to just cover your skin.

Wear your sleeves to the extent that this would be possible to cover however much skin as could be expected.

Additionally keep your dress as free as could be expected under the circumstances. it's considerably more agreeable in the hot, damp climate where mosquitoes flourish.

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