The electoral college
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The Electoral College. A magnificent anachronism. Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives. Discuss the Electoral College and the strategy of presidential campaigns. Why all The Anger- The 2000 Election of Course. The Media called the election too soon The Supreme Court intervened

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The Electoral College

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The electoral college

The Electoral College

A magnificent anachronism

Clearly communicated learning objectives

Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the Electoral College and the strategy of presidential campaigns

Why all the anger the 2000 election of course

Why all The Anger- The 2000 Election of Course

  • The Media called the election too soon

  • The Supreme Court intervened

  • The Popular vote winner did not win the Presidency

A brief period of anger

A brief period of anger

  • HRC says her first act as Senator would be to reform it

  • And O.J. said he would spend all of his time trying to find the real killer

  • Institutional reform trumps anger

2004 a close call

2004 a Close Call

  • Ohio was very close

  • A small Number of People could have swung the election


Obama saves the electoral college

Obama Saves the electoral college!

But problems remain

Problems of the electoral college

Problems of the Electoral College

  • Faithless electors


  • Problem of the Unit Rule

Problems of the electoral college1

Problems of the Electoral College

  • Potential for Gridlock

  • Over-representation of small states

  • Minor parties are always hurt, everywhere, all the time

Problems of the electoral college2

Problems of the Electoral College

  • Potential for Minority-Vote winner (2000, 1996, 1992, 1968, 1960)

  • Potential for a wrong winner

Attempts at reform

Attempts at Reform

Attempts at reform1

Attempts at Reform

  • 1950

  • 1969

  • 1979

Some states have made changes

Some States have made changes

  • Article II, Section I allows the states to decide how they choose their electors

  • Maine and Nebraska use a different method (Congressional District Winner + overall winner)

Potential reforms

Potential Reforms!

  • The Proportional Plan

  • The District Plan

  • The Direct Plan

  • State Compact-National Popular Vote

The proportional plan

The Proportional Plan

  • This plan divides Electoral votes based on the popular vote totals from each state.

  • Advantages

The district plan

The District Plan

  • A state’s Electoral Vote is equal to the number of Senators (2) plus the number of Representatives which varies by state.

  • Advantages

The direct plan

The Direct Plan

  • The other plans keep the Electoral College intact, this plan deems the NATIONWIDE popular vote winner as the president.

  • Advantages

Different elections under each scenario

Different Elections Under Each Scenario

The election of 1960

The Election of 1960

The election of 1968

The Election of 1968

The election of 1976

The Election of 1976

The election of 1992

The Election of 1992

The election of 2000

The Election of 2000

The election of 2004

The Election of 2004

Disadvantages of each

Disadvantages of Each

The direct plan1

The Direct Plan

Under this plan, 2 elections would have vastly different results

  • 1960- Nixon defeats Kennedy

  • 2000- Gore Defeats Bush

  • Recounts, Runoffs, Fraud

The proportional plan1

The Proportional Plan

This is the most unsteady

  • 1960, 1968, 1976,1992, 1996, 2000

  • Do we want George Wallace to determine our president?

  • Colorado failed to Pass and Amendment on this

The district plan1

The District Plan

  • This would increase the amount of Gerrymandering beyond its current state.

  • Changes several Elections

  • No major state has tried it

State compact

State Compact

  • Working its Way through the states


  • Electors would be required to vote for the popular vote winner

  • The Matter of the Constitution

Will it change

Will it Change?

The electoral college get used to it

The Electoral CollegeGet Used to it

  • What Is Necessary for Change

  • Institutional Difficulties

Why no change some groups love it

Why No Change?- Some Groups love it!

  • The Parties

  • Small States

  • Big States

  • Battleground states

Advantages of the system

Advantages of the System

  • A Proven Track Record

  • Faithless electors are more fun than anything else

  • The Evil Best Known is the Most Tolerable

Advantages of the e c

Advantages of the E.C.

  • Minority Groups

  • Presidents

  • Federalism

The 2008 election

The 2008 Election

  • The Obama victory preserved the Electoral College

  • Absolutely no question about legitimacy

The fear of unanticipated consequences

The Fear of Unanticipated Consequences

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