The electoral college
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The Electoral College. A magnificent anachronism. Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives. Discuss the Electoral College and the strategy of presidential campaigns. Why all The Anger- The 2000 Election of Course. The Media called the election too soon The Supreme Court intervened

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The electoral college

The Electoral College

A magnificent anachronism

Clearly communicated learning objectives
Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the Electoral College and the strategy of presidential campaigns

Why all the anger the 2000 election of course
Why all The Anger- The 2000 Election of Course

  • The Media called the election too soon

  • The Supreme Court intervened

  • The Popular vote winner did not win the Presidency

A brief period of anger
A brief period of anger

  • HRC says her first act as Senator would be to reform it

  • And O.J. said he would spend all of his time trying to find the real killer

  • Institutional reform trumps anger

2004 a close call
2004 a Close Call

  • Ohio was very close

  • A small Number of People could have swung the election


Problems of the electoral college
Problems of the Electoral College

  • Faithless electors


  • Problem of the Unit Rule

Problems of the electoral college1
Problems of the Electoral College

  • Potential for Gridlock

  • Over-representation of small states

  • Minor parties are always hurt, everywhere, all the time

Problems of the electoral college2
Problems of the Electoral College

  • Potential for Minority-Vote winner (2000, 1996, 1992, 1968, 1960)

  • Potential for a wrong winner

Attempts at reform

Attempts at Reform

Attempts at reform1
Attempts at Reform

  • 1950

  • 1969

  • 1979

Some states have made changes
Some States have made changes

  • Article II, Section I allows the states to decide how they choose their electors

  • Maine and Nebraska use a different method (Congressional District Winner + overall winner)

Potential reforms
Potential Reforms!

  • The Proportional Plan

  • The District Plan

  • The Direct Plan

  • State Compact-National Popular Vote

The proportional plan
The Proportional Plan

  • This plan divides Electoral votes based on the popular vote totals from each state.

  • Advantages

The district plan
The District Plan

  • A state’s Electoral Vote is equal to the number of Senators (2) plus the number of Representatives which varies by state.

  • Advantages

The direct plan
The Direct Plan

  • The other plans keep the Electoral College intact, this plan deems the NATIONWIDE popular vote winner as the president.

  • Advantages

The direct plan1
The Direct Plan

Under this plan, 2 elections would have vastly different results

  • 1960- Nixon defeats Kennedy

  • 2000- Gore Defeats Bush

  • Recounts, Runoffs, Fraud

The proportional plan1
The Proportional Plan

This is the most unsteady

  • 1960, 1968, 1976,1992, 1996, 2000

  • Do we want George Wallace to determine our president?

  • Colorado failed to Pass and Amendment on this

The district plan1
The District Plan

  • This would increase the amount of Gerrymandering beyond its current state.

  • Changes several Elections

  • No major state has tried it

State compact
State Compact

  • Working its Way through the states


  • Electors would be required to vote for the popular vote winner

  • The Matter of the Constitution

The electoral college get used to it
The Electoral CollegeGet Used to it

  • What Is Necessary for Change

  • Institutional Difficulties

Why no change some groups love it
Why No Change?- Some Groups love it!

  • The Parties

  • Small States

  • Big States

  • Battleground states

Advantages of the system
Advantages of the System

  • A Proven Track Record

  • Faithless electors are more fun than anything else

  • The Evil Best Known is the Most Tolerable

Advantages of the e c
Advantages of the E.C.

  • Minority Groups

  • Presidents

  • Federalism

The 2008 election
The 2008 Election

  • The Obama victory preserved the Electoral College

  • Absolutely no question about legitimacy