Consensus on fy 05 06 actions
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Consensus on FY-05/06 Actions. Fund RA’s and NFRA sufficiently ( Priority 1 ) RA Estimated Cost: 11 * $0.5M = $5.5M in FY05 & FY06 NFRA estimated Cost: $0.5M in FY05 & FY06 Fund necessary DMAC activities ( Priority 2 ) National IOOS DMAC effort estimated cost: $0.8M in FY05 & $1M in FY06

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Consensus on FY-05/06 Actions

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Consensus on FY-05/06 Actions

  • Fund RA’s and NFRA sufficiently (Priority 1)

    • RA Estimated Cost: 11 * $0.5M = $5.5M in FY05 & FY06

    • NFRA estimated Cost: $0.5M in FY05 & FY06

  • Fund necessary DMAC activities (Priority 2)

    • National IOOS DMAC effort estimated cost: $0.8M in FY05 & $1M in FY06

    • Regional DMAC effort estimated cost: 11* $0.3M = $3.3M ($1.1M in FY05 & $2.2 FY06)

  • Fund Regional Pilot Projects (Priority 3)

    • To generate success stories

    • Using NOPP Socio-economic analysis of IOOS sector impacts

    • To build regional constituencies

    • To foster strong ties with business/private data & product providers

    • Estimated cost: 11 * $0.5M = $5.5M ($2M in FY05 & $3.5M in FY06)

  • Regions to develop and deliver 1-pagers on successes and updates to NFRA Organizing Committee

    • Ongoing

    • Estimated cost: 0

  • Total Cost: $9.9M in FY05 & $12.7M in FY06

Consensus Actions Budget Justification

  • Fund RA’s and NFRA sufficiently (Priority 1):

    • This is the highest priority for the Regional effort and should be funded preferentially over the other Regional requests which are also of extremely high priority. It is critical that the RA’s and the NFRA receive sufficient funds to allow them to initiate and complete the substantial efforts involved in the RA Certification efforts. Present levels of funding (e.g., $100K annually) will not permit success given the extensive outreach, private sector engagement, and user needs assessment required to fully articulate the requirements of RCOOS efforts. Requested funding provides minimum resources necessary to allow successful attainment of these objectives by FY07.

  • Fund necessary DMAC activities (Priority 2)

    • The National IOOS DMAC effort is not part of the Regional effort but is unanimously supported by all RA’s since the national DMAC effort must succeed before Regional DMAC efforts can be properly structured. Thus, the Regions support the full funds requested by the national DMAC effort. Regionally, we request modest funds for FY05 ($100K per region) to allow initial integration of extant regional systems and request $200K per region in FY06 to allow incorporation of the results from the national DMAC effort in the regions.

  • Fund Regional Pilot Projects (Priority 3)

    • We request funds to allow all regions to initiate pilot projects in their regions using the guidance from the NOPP socio-economic analysis to guide their selection and design. Such pilot projects provide the mechanism to entrain private sector data users and data product suppliers, provide opportunities to showcase successes to build regional and national constituencies using the NFRA infrastructure and provide a mechanism to begin the development of new technologies necessary to address regional RCOOS needs and share these successes throughout the RA assemblage.

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