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Talk it up creating a portfolio of speech samples
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Talk It Up Creating a portfolio of speech samples. TESL Canada 2014 Sheri Rhodes. What brings you here?. Tools Tasks Portfolio Other. Talk it up. T he instructional objective. Support our students in their efforts to improve their skills in speaking Why:

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Talk It Up Creating a portfolio of speech samples

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Talk it up creating a portfolio of speech samples

Talk It UpCreating a portfolio of speech samples

TESL Canada 2014

Sheri Rhodes

What brings you here

What brings you here?

  • Tools

  • Tasks

  • Portfolio

  • Other

Talk it up

T he instructional objective

Theinstructional objective

Support our students in their efforts to improve their skills in speaking


"the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts"

Skill of speaking includes

Skill of speaking includes:

  • Producing the English speech sounds and sound patterns

  • Using word and sentence stress, intonation patterns and the rhythm of the second language.

  • Selecting appropriate words and sentences according to the proper social setting, audience, situation and subject matter.

  • Organizing thoughts in a meaningful and logical sequence.

  • Using language as a means of expressing values and judgments.

  • Using the language quickly and confidently with few unnatural pauses(fluency).

    Nunan, 2003

Functions of a portfolio

Functions of a Portfolio

  • Plan educational programs;

  • Document knowledge, skills, abilities, and learning;

  • Track development within a program;

  • Find a job;

  • Evaluate a course; and

  • Monitor and evaluate performance.

  • Lorenzo and Ittelson, 2005

Portfolio contents

Portfolio contents

  • Definition: A collection of artifacts, including demonstrations, resources and accomplishments that represent an individual.

  • Writing portfolios

    • Artifacts are printed text.

  • Speaking portfolios

    • What evidence can we provide of someone’s speaking ability?

Feedback without audio capture

Feedback without audio capture

Who: instructor, peers, student


  • *Face to face individual feedback – immediate or delayed

  • *Group feedback – immediate or delayed

  • Checklist use

  • Rubric use

  • Evaluation grids use

  • Task reflections

  • Written comments

Capturing the production

Capturing the Production

  • Advantages for the Instructor:

    • Hear

    • Assess

      Advantages for the Learner:

    • Hear and Compare

    • Notice

    • Improve

    • Reflect

    • Engage

      Graham Stanley, 2013

Then to now

Then to Now

Solution not the tool

Solution not the tool

“Technological innovation is driven by many factors, but not one of them concerns a pedagogical imperative.”

Diane Laurillard

“Don’t fall in love with technology. Fall in love with solutions.”

Ron Sparks

Where can we create content

Where can we create content?

In class

In Class

  • “Mobile” devices

    • Provided by the institution

    • Provided by the instructor

    • BYOD

In a computer lab

In a Computer Lab

  • Dedicated recording tools

    • Audacity / Garageband

  • Web-based tools

    • Podcasting sites

    • Others

  • Features of other software

    • PowerPoint narration

Outside of class time

Outside of class time

  • Student owned devices

    • In the home

    • Mobile

  • Accessed at school, in community

Ways to capture

Ways to capture

Using tools in new ways

Using tools in new ways

  • Telephones

    • Voicethread

    • Tumblr

  • Cameras

    • On phones

    • Stand alone

  • Home computers

    • Audio tools included

Best practices

Best Practices

  • Limit tool variety

  • Use it frequently

  • Model the use

  • Start with an orientation task – LTA

  • Clear instructions /

    • text based and visual guide

  • Use what others have shared



  • Voicethread (web and mobile)

  • Soundcloud (web and mobile)

  • Voxopop (web only)



  • Digital Voice Recorders

  • Smart Phones

  • Computers

  • Home Phones

Where can the portfolio live

Where can the portfolio live?

  • Web-based tool

  • Website/wiki/blog

  • CMS

  • Cloud based storage

  • Portable storage



  • Discrete skills

    • Pronunciation

    • Grammar application

  • Integrative skills

    • Meaningful communication

    • Pragmatics use

Sample task

Sample Task

  • Soundcloud mobile app

    • Pronunciation Feature Task

    • Advantage: Comment feature, easy to use mobile app, embeds easily, private

    • Disadvantage: instructor account or students need own application and account

Have you used soundcloud pronunciation

Have you used Soundcloud? (pronunciation)

Talk it up creating a portfolio of speech samples

Record directly on the site;

Upload an existing audio file; or

Use the very simple mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Talk it up creating a portfolio of speech samples

Download the file with an .m4a file extension.

Sample task1

Sample Task

  • VoicethreadPhone application

    • Accurate language use – How often do you …?

    • Advantage: visually prompted, shared with others, everyone can use, embeds easily, private

    • Disadvantage: limit to free access

Have you used voicethread oral accuracy

Have you used Voicethread? (oral accuracy)

Sample task2

Sample Task

  • Voxopop

    • Add to a discussion thread – class survey

    • Advantage: easy for students to initiate discussion, asynchronous, private group

    • Disadvantage: prepared, less authentic

Have you used voxopop discussion threads

Have you used Voxopop? (discussion threads)

Sample task3

Sample Task

  • Digital Voice Recorder

    • Role play language exchange with a partner

    • Decide on a tourist attraction to research

    • Advantage – User friendly, minimally intrusive for interaction, not reliant on web access, synchronous which is more authentic

    • Disadvantage – post recording process to share, can’t view interaction between participants

Have you used a digital voice recorder partner work

Have you used a Digital Voice Recorder? (partner work)

Where do i start

Where do I start?

  • Current practice?

  • Where would students benefit most from review, reflection, additional models?

  • Select the tool that fits the task

  • Create a model and task instructions

  • Try it out (colleague – family member – willing student)

  • Tweak and pilot

  • Review and share!

Build the portfolio tasks

Build the portfolio tasks

  • Move from only text based documents to collection of sample files, links or embedded tools that showcase speaking tasks throughout your program.

  • Start with initial and final tasks – of similar format and using the same audio capture.

  • Practice between – with repeated use of the tool but not requiring every sample to go into the portfolio Or Let students decide which samples to share such as “post 4 of the 10 weekly activities recorded in the term”.

Where can i get support

Where can I get support?

  • Tutorials on the site

  • Tutorials posted on YouTube

  • At local workshops

  • Watch a webinar

  • Take a course

Thank you

Thank you!

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