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Characters. Places. Name the Book. About the Author. It’s Party Time. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt.

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Name the


About the


It’s Party


5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

As if going through labour once isn’t hard enough, this person is actually “Twiceborn.”



The Night’s Emperor.

Valerius II

There is little doubt that this person knows the reason for a fountain.

Ammar ibn Khairan

If you are going to quote Cingalus at this person, it would be polite to at least get the quotation right.


It might not be a good idea to let this person cut your hair.


No matter your love of lampfish, you shouldn’t try and catch it anywhere near this place.

Rian’s Island

You don’t want to be the ninth person to walk into this place…Cauvas sparkling or not.

The Lienssenne

One might wonder if the horse will become the preferred method of leaving this island.


It might be best not to take your gold through this pass…even if Queen Fruela herself is “afire for you.”

Emin ha’Nazar

If you ever find yourself in this place, be sure to pick up a bottle or three of the blue wine.


"I will never understand how you can possibly be so pleased to see a man who calls you Pigeon Two!"


"Eventually, morning came. Morning always comes. There are always losses in the night, a price paid for light."

Lord of Emperors

“For the honour of the Black Boar!”

The Fionavar Tapestry

“It was generally considered that a good physician was one who didn't kill you sooner than whatever afflicted you would have.”

The Last Light of the Sun

“A leash, to be precise.”

The Lions of Al-Rassan

The city Guy Kay grew up in (sadly, it no longer has an NHL team).


The city Guy Kay currently lives in (happily, it has the best NHL team).


It might be entirely fair to suggest that this is Guy Kay’s preferred drink.

Single malt

It might not be entirely fair to suggest that this is Guy Kay’s preferred poetry.

The limerick

The sport you’re most likely to hear Guy Kay talking about (hint: not chariot racing).


I’d suggest not hunting boar beforehand if you plan on having fun at this event.


Carnival in this city can include license and poetry, but watch out for the hunting cats.


To enjoy this city’s celebrations, you’ll want to be able to handle a boat, and possibly be able to recognize syvaren.


When you mix Blues and Greens at this place, you’re likely to get red.

The Hippodrome

Duke Sandre found this festival was simply to die for!

The Festival of Vines

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