Raising Dragons Jeopardy

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Raising Dragons Jeopardy. Click to begin. Vocabulary. Drawing Conclusions. Spelling. Making Inferences. Writer’s Craft. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point. 10 Point. 20 Points. 20 Points. 20 Points. 20 Points. 20 Points. 30 Points. 30 Points. 30 Points. 30 Points.
Raising Dragons Jeopardy

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Writer’s Craft

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

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When something is tied on or fastened by a knot or hook it is _______.

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After the crops are picked or gathered up, they have been ___________.

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When seeds have been scattered around or planted in the ground they have been _______.

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If you are hungry or you have a desire for food, you have an _________.

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Small jobs that you do, usually on a regular basis, are called _______.

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What does the expression “Normally I don’t get mushy at departing” mean? (pg. 385)

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The girl doesn’t normally get emotional/sad when she says good-bye.

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What does the author mean by The crowds and attention decided his fate?

(pg. 380)

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The attention Hank is receiving from people has forced the girl to make new plans for his future.

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Why does Hank dig a trench around the field?

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To make sure the fire he lights in the cornfield does not spread.

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How come the girl’s parents never imagined that she would care for a real dragon?

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They are adults and don’t believe in dragons; they don’t have a child’s imagination.

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Why do you think the girl decides to keep her opinions about dragons to herself? (pg. 366)

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So she won’t annoy Pa; she doesn’t think she can change his opinions about dragons.

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Spell the spelling word that goes in the blank:

Would you like an apple or an ______ for snack?

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Spell the spelling word that goes in the blank:

Dragons have _______ on their bodies.

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Spell the spelling word that goes in the blank:

A ______ makes decisions in a courtroom.

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Spell the spelling words that goes in the blank:

A ladybug is a type of ________.

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Spell the spelling word that goes in the blank:

The detective __________ the witness about the crime.

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Why do you think Hank makes sure to keep his temper under control when the girl is near?

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If he gets angry, he might start a fire that could hurt his best friend.

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Why do you think Ma doesn’t want anything to do with Hank?

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She doesn’t trust Hank; she is afraid he’ll ruin the crops; doesn’t like having a dragon around.

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Why do you think the girl’s parents taught her how to care for living creatures?

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Knowing how to take care of animals is important on a farm; she uses her knowledge to raise Hank.

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Why do you think Hank grins when the girl leaves the island?

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He has a surprise for her in the wheelbarrow.

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How does the girl know that she was born to raise dragons?

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She likes to do it and does it well; knowing your interests and abilities.

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Why does the author describe the girl waiting and watching and wondering about the egg in the cave?

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To show how curious she is; to increase the reader’s curiosity.

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What does the author mean when the girl says I knew I was his girl and he was my dragon?

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That she and the dragon were meant to be good friends.

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Why doesn’t the author explain ahead of time that Hank is trying to make popcorn? (pg. 378)

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To increase the reader’s interest/suspense.

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How does the author make the dragons on the island seem like people?

Slide50 l.jpgSlide 50

They have hotels and restaurants; they play their own version of tag.

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Why does the author use the phrase at least for now on pg. 385?

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To suggest that Hank and the girl may have a chance to visit each other in the future.

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