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Surveillance. Is necessary to manage trafficWithout surveillance, there is no knowledge of what is occurring. Surveillance. When choosing surveillance system / technologyType of data collectedCost of data collectionAccuracy of data collectedReliability of equipmentFrequency of communications

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1. Surveillance

2. Surveillance Is necessary to manage traffic Without surveillance, there is no knowledge of what is occurring

3. Surveillance When choosing surveillance system / technology Type of data collected Cost of data collection Accuracy of data collected Reliability of equipment Frequency of communications Flexibility

4. Type of Data Volume Vehicle presence Lane occupancy Vehicle classification Vehicle speed / travel time Weight ID Other (location? status? revenue?)

5. Cost of System Purchase Installation Operation Maintenance

6. Cost Purchase price Sensor Electronics Communications Software License? (How many can you use?)

7. Cost Installation location effects cost In ground Below ground Pole mounted Bridge mounted Need for traffic control? Communications Power Cabinets

8. Cost Operations Power Communications Bandwidth required Wireless / wireline Frequency of communications Staff oversight

9. Cost Maintenance Mean time before failure (life cycle costs) Routine maintenance requirements External effects Bad weather Deteriorated pavement conditions Replacement parts (sole source?) Ease of sensor replacement

10. Accuracy How important is it? Can you accept small errors? Volume +5% Speed + 3 mph Error in reading Toll tags? Classification of truck It depends

11. Reliability What happens if a data point is missing? Once Frequently Consistently but intermittently Completely Fail safe design Graceful failure design

12. Reliability To get better reliability Purchase better equipment (price / warranty) Build redundantly Must trade off against cost

13. Communications How often does data get transmitted from Sensor Location

14. Communications Frequency of communications Each activation? Each second 20 seconds 5 minutes 15 minutes Hourly Daily

15. Communications Size of data packet Summary statistic Raw data For example Digital image of picture Analog image of picture Count of cars made from picture Count of cars made from 15 minutes of pictures

16. Communications Must select communications strategy based on Control system data need Cost of bandwidth Installation Operation Redundancy / reliability

17. Surveillance Technologies Loops Cameras Other technologies Radar Acoustic Infrared Other

18. Inductance Loop

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