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Kindergarten Presentation. The 9-1-1 Quiz Show. PREVENT PREPARE RECOGNIZE RESPOND. Who Will Help Me?. Lightning struck a house and now the house is on fire. . . While at Target, a boy becomes lost and can’t find his mom. . . You forgot to do your homework. . .

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The 9-1-1 Quiz Show


Who will help me
Who Will Help Me?

Lightning struck a house and now the house is on fire. . .

While at Target, a boy becomes lost and can’t find his mom. . .

You forgot to do your homework. . .

Your grandfather is having a lot of trouble breathing. . .

A car crashed and people are hurt. .

The water in the bathtub is flowing over the edges onto the floor. . .


Is this an emergency
Is This An Emergency?

A boy falls off his skateboard and breaks his arm. . .

Your friend finds a gun. . .

A field is on fire behind your house. .

While jogging, a woman trips and scratches her elbow. . .

Your X-Box stopped working. . .

A burning candle lights the kitchen curtains on fire. . .






Siren says the safety town rules are
Siren says……the Safety Town Rules are:

  • Raise your hand to speak.

  • Respect your teachers.

  • Stay with your group.

  • Use walking feet – no running.

  • Listen for instructions from your leader.

  • Have fun!

Flash s jeep and pedestrian guidelines
Flash’s Jeep and Pedestrian Guidelines

Here’s what you need to know to ride at Frisco Fire Safety Town.

Pedestrians should
Pedestrians Should:

  • WALK on the SIDEWALK

  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing

  • Cross the streets only where crosswalks exist

  • Follow directions of pedestrian crossing signals

Don’t Walk


8 Seconds Left to Cross

Driver responsibilities
Driver Responsibilities

  • Wear seat belts

  • Stop at stop signs & red lights; Slow down at yellow lightsGo on green lights

  • When stopping, stop car at the “stop bar” to leave cross walk clear.

Driver responsibilities1
Driver Responsibilities

  • Keep a car’s length of space between you and the car in front.

  • No reverse on cars, have an adult move your car if get stuck.

  • Raise your hand or ask an adult safety monitor to assist you if you need help.

Jeep instructions
Jeep Instructions

  • Seatbelt buckles in the middle of the seat.

  • Seatbelts go over the shoulder.

  • Pull seatbelt from the top to buckle.

  • Push red button on front to unbuckle.

  • To GO, push the gas pedal

  • To STOP, take your foot off the gas


Please remember to wear P.E. attire and tennis shoes.

Also, practice learning your home address and phone number for our

group activity.