The Early 19c:
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The Early 19c: The Creation of an American Culture PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Early 19c: The Creation of an American Culture. Cultural Nationalism. Education  The “Virtuous Citizen” An American form of English Noah Webster. Cultural Nationalism. A well-defined American literature Washington Irving. The Sketch Book , 1819-20 “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

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The Early 19c: The Creation of an American Culture

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The Early 19c:

The Creation of

an American


Cultural Nationalism

  • Education  The “Virtuous Citizen”

  • An American form of English

    • Noah Webster

Cultural Nationalism

  • A well-defined American literature

    • Washington Irving

The Sketch Book, 1819-20“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

Cultural Nationalism

Religious Movements:

  • Deism

  • Second “Great Awakening”

2004 Election Headlines

Outreach effort andmoral valuestheme pays off for Bush with Hispanics-- Nov. 3, 2004 [FOX News]

Election Reinforces USA’sReligious Schism-- Nov. 4, 2004 [USA Today]

'It's a Victory for People Like Us'

BushEmphasis on ValuesDrew Ohio Evangelicals-- Nov. 5, 2004 [Washington Post]

2004 Election Poll Data

2004 Election Poll Data

The Second “Great Awakening:”Revivalist Meeting

Charles G. Finney

The ranges of tents, the fires, reflecting light…; the candles and lamps illuminating the encampment; hundreds moving to and fro…;the preaching, praying, singing, and shouting,… like the sound of many waters, was enough to swallow up all the powers of contemplation.

“soul-shaking” conversion

The “Benevolent Empire”

“Burned-Over” Districtin Upstate New York

American Bible SocietyFounded in 1816

Economic Nationalism

  • Encourage Creativity & Inventiveness.

  • Create a Transportation Infrastructure.

  • Create a Pro-Business Atmosphere.

Role ofGovt.

Jefferson’s Vision of America

Hamilton’s Vision of America

Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin, 1791

Actually invented by a slave!

Whitney’s Gun Factory

Interchangeable Parts Rifle

First TurnpikeLancaster, PA(1790)

By 1832, nearly 2400 mi. of road connected most major cities.

Cumberland“National Road,” 1811

Conestoga Covered Wagons

Conestoga Trail, 1820s

Yankee Clipper Ships

Robert Fulton & the Steamboat

The Clermont

The Erie Canal, 1820s

Erie Canal System

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