our sensational senses
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Our Sensational Senses

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Our Sensational Senses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Sensational Senses. By Mariam Al Thani. The NOSE is responsible for the sense of SMELL Humans can smell 7 different categories: camphor, musk, flower, mint, ether, acrid and putrid. Nobody Knows like the NOSE.

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our sensational senses


By Mariam Al Thani

nobody knows like the nose

The NOSE is responsible for the sense of SMELL

Humans can smell 7different categories:

camphor, musk,

flower, mint, ether,

acrid and putrid

Nobody Knows like the NOSE

The nose has two nostrils that are separated by the septum. Inside the nose there are hairs that keep unwanted things out. There is also a lot of mucous in the nose. The mucous membranes have receptors that take in vapors and send messages to the brain


Humans have taste buds everywhere in their mouth: on the tongue, on the roof of their mouths and in their cheeks – we have over 10,000 taste buds.

  • Girls have more taste buds than boys
  • Taste buds have receptors that send messages to the brain
  • Fish can smell through their tail and their fins
  • The sense of taste is a very weak sense.
  • The picture on the left shows where the taste buds are located on the tongue

The sense of touch is found all over our bodies

  • Some parts of our body are more sensitive than others
  • Our lips, fingertips and tongue are very sensitive
  • The bottom layer of skin called the dermis is filled with nerve endings that send messages about touch to the spinal cord
  • The spinal cord then sends messages to the brain

Pupil allows Light to get into the eye

The Iris gives images color

The lens is like a camera it allows the eye to focus on stuff

The cornea protects the pupil

The Retina carries messages to the brain via Optic Nerve


Vibrations go through your pinna which leads to your ear drum then to your ear bone next to your Cochlea then it delivers to your brain.

The cochlea is what gets the message delivered to your brain.