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E-learning Innovations Australian Flexible Learning Framework

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E-learning Innovations Australian Flexible Learning Framework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-learning Innovations Australian Flexible Learning Framework. YMCA Perth. Community based not-for-profit Operating in Perth for more than 100 years Being an RTO is a small part of the Y Mission driven. YMCA Perth Training. Strategic intent –

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E-learning Innovations

Australian Flexible Learning Framework

ymca perth
YMCA Perth
  • Community based not-for-profit
  • Operating in Perth for more than 100 years
  • Being an RTO is a small part of the Y
  • Mission driven
ymca perth training
YMCA Perth Training

Strategic intent –

We grow the capacity of individuals through the provision of flexible and innovative training and assessment

  • Geographically dispersed learners
    • Many in rural/remote locations
  • A focus on the individual rather than large cohorts
  • Very limited resources

Technology based learning is a natural fit

what makes innovation work seven key drivers
What makes innovation work? Seven key drivers –
  • Strategy
  • Senior leadership
  • Business case
  • Resourcing
  • Champions
  • People supports
  • Technological support

Callan & Bowman 2010

innovation requires a safe space
Innovation requires a ‘safe space’
  • Framework funding can provide that ‘safe space’
  • YMCA Perth has innovation embedded in it’s strategic intent
    • Framework funding has provided a safety net for some risk taking innovation
innovations projects
Innovations projects

YMCA projects have aimed at improving learning and overcoming disadvantage

  • Geographic isolation
  • Lack of time
  • Literacy
innovations projects1
Innovations projects

The use of technology has to be appropriate and has to add something

  • Often the old technologies are the best

“After 400 years, print is still superior”

Hsu & Mitchell 1997

innovations projects2
Innovations projects

2008 – Hand-e-fit

2010 – Choose your own learning

hand e fit technology
Hand-e-fit technology
  • Nokia 6131 NFC
  • RFID tags
  • Video files
  • Telstra Next G network
  • tagIT application
hand e fit
  • Participant uses the phone to swipe a tag located on a piece of gym equipment
  • Tag activates a request for a video and checks against a server in Tasmania
hand e fit1
  • Participant views a video on how to operate that specific piece of equipment
  • Central server records the action
hand e fit2

Participant swipes RFID tag

Usage recorded by the server

Video downloaded to phone via Next G

Video request sent to server

Server checks current version of video



Play requested video


Process flowchart

hand e fit3
  • The idea and technology worked well
    • We proved the capability
  • The application/context wasn’t right
    • Lots of environmental noise
    • Small screen size and bright environments
    • Some interference from the metal frames of the equipment
choose your own learning technology
Choose your own learning technology
  • ARED
  • Existing LMS
  • PC/Internet
choose your own learning
Choose your own learning
  • Learners access computer based scenarios
  • The scenarios are a rendering of a ‘decision tree’
choose your own learning1
Choose your own learning
  • By choosing their own pathway (and receiving feedback) they are able to construct knowledge
choose your own learning2
Choose your own learning
  • The approach ‘worked’
  • Maybe ARED wasn’t the ideal tool
    • Required a bit of post production tweaking
  • Feedback was positive
    • This mode of object creation and use will be more widely implemented
benefits of the projects
Benefits of the projects
  • Opportunity to test new ways that may not have been trialled otherwise
  • Provided an alternative to heavy text based material which engaged learners
  • Opened up avenues for better supporting distant learners
our learning
Our learning
  • The learning objects weren’t the major outputs
    • the professional learning was!
  • The technology wasn’t the major challenge
    • The old fashioned job of developing the content was
    • Coupled with ‘how’ to best utilise it
looking forward
Looking forward
  • Framework funding has enabled us to try a number of new things
    • Existing participants have benefited
    • Future participants will benefit even more
  • Innovation is part of our strategic intent
  • We hope to have more opportunities to learn as part of the framework
any questions
Any questions?

Thank you