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Flocabulary. Lora and Emma Date: October 16, 2012. agenda. What is the technology? Educational tools? When, How, Who would you use it? Example use/Demo Pros and Cons? Assignment. What is Flocabulary?.

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Lora and Emma

Date: October 16, 2012


What is the technology?

Educational tools?

When, How, Who would you use it?

Example use/Demo

Pros and Cons?


What is flocabulary
What is Flocabulary?

  • Flocabulary is an online learning platform that delivers educational hip-hop songs and videos to students in grades K-12.

  • Founded in 2004

  • Used in over 15,000 schools and reaches a weekly audience of 5 million students

  • Provides a free trial, but not a free program

Educational tools
Educational Tools

  • http://flocabulary.com/jazz-age/

  • It starts with a song and video

  • Important content-area terms are used and defined in the song lyrics.

  • Click on highlighted lyrics to learn more= info boxes will pop out

  • The Week in Rap info boxes contain links to full news stories on external sites

  • Can remove key terms from the song and then reveal the missing word

  • Provides Challenge questions

  • Also has lesson plans, with extension activities

  • Follow their blog to stay up to date


News Investigator

Reinforce research skills and best practices for 21st-century education. Using the clickable lyrics as a jumping off point, you can divide up the current events stories amongst your students and create mini- research projects


The Week in Rap News Investigator

When and how
When and How?

  • Hook for new material

  • Note-taking activity

  • End-of-unit formative assessment using the challenge questions

  • Missing lyrics as a study tool

  • Tests for group review or homework

  • Have students write and perform academic rhymes

  • Jigsaw different sections of the song and have students teach each other

  • Debate the news

  • Vocabulary-building with Word Up program


  • All school instructional staff could use this tool

  • Curriculum can be tailored to a wide range of grade levels

    • This Week in Rap

    • Vocabulary: grade 2-8, SAT prep

    • Language Arts: K-2 stories, grammar, high school lit, Shakespeare

    • Social Studies: ancient world, modern world, U.S. history, civics

    • Science: earth science, life science, physics and chemistry

    • Math: addition through linear equations


  • Great for cognitive load

  • Memorable

  • Colloquializes difficult concepts and stories

  • Improves on vocabulary proficiency and test scores


  • Paid subscriptions. (What would be the benefits of open courseware?)

  • "Get-educated-quick" scheme? - Fox News

  • Has received criticism on some of the lyrics

Assignment choice of two
Assignment (Choice of Two)

1. Write 8 lines of "educational rap" on a topic of your choice, modeled after the style of Flocabulary. Tweet a link to the result, using whatever method works best for you (Dropbox, Google Docs, Scribd, or another file-sharing site). Alternatively, you can write out the entire rap in a series of tweets, or even record yourself performing the rap and link to the video or MP3.

2. Tweet a lesson plan using Flocabulary for the classroom or library.