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Challenges to purchase/release of Land & Buildings for Sustainable H uman Settlements

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Challenges to purchase/release of Land & Buildings for Sustainable H uman Settlements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Challenges to purchase/release of Land & Buildings for Sustainable H uman Settlements Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Public Services 10 September 2013. Outline. Outcome 8 HDA Role and Land Assembly P rogramme Land I dentification S tatus Land Release S tatus Public land

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Presentation Transcript

Challenges to purchase/release of Land & Buildings for Sustainable Human Settlements

Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Public Services

10 September 2013

  • Outcome 8
  • HDA Role and Land Assembly Programme
  • Land Identification Status
  • Land Release Status
    • Public land
    • Communal land
    • Private land
    • HDA land
  • Challenges
  • Way forward
outcome 8 targets
Outcome 8 targets

Outcome 8 – Sustainable Human Settlements and Improved Quality of Household Life:

  • Release of state land for human settlements – 6250 ha
  • Informal settlements upgrading – 400 000 households
  • Gap market – 600 000 Units
  • Rental housing – 100 000 Rental Units
hda focus areas
HDA focus areas
  • The HDA was established to address the land acquisition and assembly process so as to accelerate housing delivery and human settlement development.
  • The two main objectives of the Agency are to:
  • Identify, acquire, hold, develop and release well-located land and buildings
  • Provide project management support and housing development services
programme support land assembly


Programme Support :Land Assembly

identify suitable land for human settlements development:

*Spatial Analysis


* Site Inspection

*Town Planning


(Land Geo-spatial Services)

acquire such land and/ or facilitate it’s release to another organ of State:



* Rights/ title

* Legal transaction

hold such acquired land - with short, medium and long term outlook:



*Rates &Taxes

*Service Charges

prepare acquired land for development and release:

* Dev Planning

* Rights/ Bankability

*Project packaging

*Investment plan

programme support land assembly1
Public sector

Private Sector

Private individuals

Trusts etc.

Private Companies

Outright purchase (sale)



  • National
    • Public Works
    • RDLR
    • SOCs: “Purchase”
  • Provincial
    • Housing Boards
    • Provincial Entities: “Purchase”
  • Municipal
    • Municipal-owned
    • Commonages
    • Municipal Entities: “Purchase”?
Programme Support :Land Assembly
land identified and requested for human settlement development
Land Identified and requested for human settlement development
  • DPW – 24,266 ha
  • DPDLR – 16,068 ha
  • SOC (mostly Transnet and Denel) 2430 ha at an estimated cost of 341m
hda land release acquisition
HDA land release/acquisition
  • HDA doing project packaging of land for mixed/rental housing development on request from provinces & with support of municipalities
  • Buildings being released to Social rental housing sector for development & management
  • Release / development by HDA dependent on:
    • Provinces/municipal requesting HDA support with implementation
    • Infrastructure availability/provision
    • Capacity to develop land/buildings locally
    • Planning for land – land/project pipeline interface
contributing to creating sustainable human settlements
Contributing to creating Sustainable Human Settlements
  • Most land released is made available to municipalities or HDA
  • Land release is conditional to:
    • Land being used for human settlement development only
    • Land development being concluded within a defined period
  • HDA has monitoring role together with DHS to ensure land released is developed for human settlements
approach to release of communal land for human settlements
Approach to Release of Communal Land for Human Settlements

Obvious challenges

  • Land consideration payable- some traditional leaders require compensation
  • Tradeability in the open market
  • Security to obtain finance or mortgage


  • Communal Land is state land allocated to traditional authorities
  • DRDLR is the nominal owner
  • Community Resolutions required prior to release of land for development- sometimes problematic to secure due to community dynamics
  • Informal land rights holders also recognised e.g. for grazing, agriculture etc.
  • Community must agree to envisaged development
summary public communal land release
Summary – Public & Communal land release
  • Exceeded Outcome 8 target of 6250ha
  • 32 000 potential housing opportunities from the 7315ha of Outcome 8 land specifically
  • With SOC = 38909 units from 8165ha requested
  • Land release primarily from DRDLR
  • Some strategic land released from NDPW
  • Public enterprises land acquisition requires compensation/funding
  • Provincial state land departments involvement/alignment in the process is happening but needs more attention
  • 17% of land requested from State departments has been released to date
the way forward
The Way Forward
  • Despite the challenges the HDA has exceeded the Outcome 8 target of 6 250 ha of public land released for human settlement development
  • A National Land Assembly Strategy for Human Settlements and accompanying land pipeline is being developed to:
    • Facilitate forward planning for land based on human settlement needs/priorities
    • Justify proper funding and release of land by all spheres
    • Position and align support and role of the HDA in the process
    • Ensure focus on National priorities – Mining towns, SIPs, Priority projects, Informal settlement upgrading
    • Avoid missed opportunities