Tissue Viability Imager – TiVi600
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Tissue Viability Imager – TiVi600 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tissue Viability Imager – TiVi600. The non-invasive technology that can ”see through” the top layer of the skin and collect information about the status of the underlying tissue. Skin testing. Drug development. Development of skin care products and cosmetics Microvascular research.

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Tissue Viability Imager – TiVi600

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Tissue viability imager tivi600

Tissue Viability Imager – TiVi600

The non-invasive technology that can ”see through” the top layer of the skin and collect information about the status of the underlying tissue.

Tissue viability imager tivi600

Skin testing

Drug development

Development of skin care products and cosmetics

Microvascular research


Tissue viability imager tivi600



polarization photo




polarized light

green plane

red plane







tissue viability image




red light is moderately absorbed by


green light is highly absorbed by RBCs

Tissue viability imager tivi600

A transparent tubing system filled with RBCs of different concentration is used for modelling the skin microcirculation.

Simulated and measured TiVi-index versus RBC fraction

A linear relationship is

attained between RBC concentration and TiVi output signal.


Digital camera

Tissue viability imager tivi600

User Interface

Tissue viability imager tivi600


Small and portable design.

12 images per minute.

2D color presentation.

Video-clip presentation.

Basic data availability.


Non-invasive and remote operation.

Instantaneous image capturing.

Not sensitive to movements or ambient light.

User friendly.

Does not influnce the microcirculation.

Calibration not necessary.

Tissue viability imager tivi600

Before application of

methyl nicotinate.

About ten minutes

following application of

methyl nicotinate.

Select regions of interest.

Display the Erythema

intensity versus

time curves.

Analysis of time series

Build a video out

of 100 images.

Tissue viability imager tivi600

Select a cross-section.

Display the TiVi values along the cross-section versus time.

Analysis of time series

Tissue viability imager tivi600

Apply topically:

0.5 mg/ml clobestal proprionate

(20 microliter).

50 mmol methyl nicotinate (20 microliter).

The average TiVi-values for the erythema, blanching and control area.

Erythema and Blanching

Tissue viability imager tivi600

Step 1. Drug application by iontophoresis.

Step 2. Capture a sequence of images through the ring-shape iontophoresis electrode and watch the result.

Step 3. Display the time-sequence of average TiVi-values.

Step 4. Generate a dose-response curve.

Transcutaneous drug delivery

Tissue viability imager tivi600


Tissue Viability Imaging Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging

TiVi Quantity LDPI

RBC conc Measurand RBC vel * conc

none Movement artifact sensitivity high

up to 9.000.000 No. ofmeasurement points up to 65.000

low Ambient light sensitivity high

instantaneous Image capturing time minutes

good Portability poor

Tissue viability imager tivi600

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