the college of nursing welcomes you
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The College of Nursing Welcomes You!

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The College of Nursing Welcomes You! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The College of Nursing Welcomes You!. Pre-Nursing Advisors Peggy Peterson-Johnson April Seehafer. Today we will discuss: Academic Advising The College of Nursing The Admission Process for the College of Nursing Course Selection What to Expect Tomorrow. Advising @ WSU.

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the college of nursing welcomes you

The College of Nursing Welcomes You!

Pre-Nursing Advisors

Peggy Peterson-Johnson

April Seehafer


Today we will discuss:

  • Academic Advising
  • The College of Nursing
  • The Admission Process for the
  • College of Nursing
  • Course Selection
  • What to Expect Tomorrow
advising @ wsu

Advising @ WSU

Every student is assigned to an academic advisor

Every semester you will work with your academic advisor to discuss classes and career goals

Your advising hold must be released by your advisor before you can register for classes


An Advisors Role is to:

  • Help you choose a major
  • Help you identify your strengths and aptitudes
  • Listen to your goals and assist you in building an education that will help you reach these goals
  • Help you find resources you may need; academic or personal
  • Help you throughout your time at WSU

How to find the Pre-Nursing Advisors:

Call our office 509-335-4549 with a question or to schedule an appointment


Drop in room 502 of the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE), and we will see you as soon as we can


Send an email to: April [email protected] or Peggy [email protected] . Please note both of us are part-time employees and we will get back to you as soon as we are able!

the college of nursing

The College Of Nursing

The College of Nursing is a partnership program made up of WSU, EWU and Whitworth University and was the first of its kind when it was established.

Referred to as a “2 plus 2 program.”

the college of nursing1

The College of Nursing

We offer a basic baccalaureate (BSN) a Master of Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD).

Advanced nursing education through WSU includes 3 Nurse Practitioner options: Family, Acute and Psych.


The College of Nursing graduates the most nurses in the State of Washington and the State Nursing Board Licensure exam pass rate is consistently above 90%, the highest among all baccalaureate nursing programs in the state.

  • Job placement is very high. Most students have jobs at the time of graduation.

Clinical rotations, plus classroom time

  • Learning Resource Unit
  • Admission is competitive
con application process

CON Application Process

The average number accepted to the Spokane baccalaureate program is 90 twice a year. Eighty-five percent are partnership students, while the other fifteen percent are transfer students.

There are two application periods, one for fall semester and one for spring semester.

We suggest that you have a back up plan in case you are not accepted because the program is so competitive.

your gpa is important

Your GPA is Important!

Your GPA is the only factor that determines if you are invited to move to the second step in the application process (an on campus interview) at the WSU College of Nursing.

We strongly encourage you to seek assistance if you are struggling and/or if you think you may struggle in a course.

resources for students

Resources for Students


Center for Advising and Career Development

Counseling Services

Pre-Nursing Advisors

Our goal is to help you succeed and to help you prepare to apply to the College of Nursing!

passport program through the pre health advising office

Passport Program through the Pre-Health Advising Office

Three mandatory events plus recommended activities.

Experience shows that students who engage in these types of programs at the start of their academic career are more successful when applying to professional programs!

how can you get involved

How can you get involved?

  • WSU’s professional and social organization for pre-nursing students
  • Great way to meet people, gain volunteer experience, and learn more about nursing

Join Rho Nu!!


What are General Education Requirements?

General Education Requirements are the classes all students (except Honors College students) have to complete in order to graduate from WSU. As pre-nursing students all of your lower division GERs must be complete before you begin at the College of Nursing.


Lower Division Course Plan

Please refer to the pink handout for your suggested course of study.

This plan includes your nursing pre-requisite courses as well as your General Education Requirements

your general education requirements are

Your General Education Requirements are:

3 semester hours of Arts and Humanities [H] [G]

6 semester hours of Communication Proficiency [C] [W] –3 hours must be Written Communication [W]

3 semester hours of Intercultural Studies [I] [G] [K]

6 semester hours of World Civilization [A]

4 semester hours of general Biology (with a lab) [B]

**The rest of your GERs will be fulfilled by specific Nursing Pre-Requisites**

your nursing pre requisites are

Sociology 101 or 102 [S]

  • Psychology 105 [S]
  • Statistics 212 [N]
  • Human Nutrition (Biology
  • 140 or 233)
  • Human Development Across the Lifespan 101 [S]

Your Nursing Pre-Requisites* are:

Chemistry 101 [P]

Chemistry 102 [P]


Microbiology 101 [B]

Anatomy (Biology 315)

Physiology (Biology 251)

*Requirements vary for students in the Honors College


Your Class Schedule:

May include one Freshman Focus class in coordination with your residence hall assignment (if you have one). This class will be listed in your binder and we can adjust it tomorrow if necessary.

Should be a balanced yet full schedule with 15-16 credits.

what will your schedule look like

What will your schedule look like?

1-2 Science classes (ex. Chem 101, Biology 107) 8 cr.

1-2 GER (ex. English 101, GenEd 110) 3-6 cr.

1-2 Social Science classes (ex. Psych 105, Soc 101) 3-6 cr.

1 Elective (ex. Psych 106, PEACT) 1-3 cr.

Total credits 15-16


What can impact your academic plan?

  • Minors, study abroad, or stretching out your
  • timeline
  • Your course selection
  • Math placement exam score
  • Transfer credits
placement exams

English Placement Exam--must be taken before registering for English 101.

Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam--the sequence of your math and chemistry courses will be dependent upon your score on the Math Placement Exam. This score is only valid for one year.

transfer credits

Transfer Credits

Tell your advisor:

What courses you are currently taking or recently finished

If you have a Direct Transfer Agreement Degree (AA/DTA)

If you have any credits from high school; including Running Start, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credits

what if your credits didn t transfer the way you thought they would

What if your credits didn’t transfer the way you thought they would?

General Education Requirement questions need to be addressed by the Office of Admissions.

Other questions regarding elective credits that you believe should fulfill specific College of Nursing requirements are handled in our office. The most common example of this involves Anatomy and Physiology.

what you can expect tomorrow

What You Can Expect Tomorrow:

It is not a “normal” advising appointment—we will meet in the Center for Advising and Career Development instead of the CUE room 502

After your appointment with April or Peggy you will be assigned a permanent advisor

You will then talk with Health and Wellness regarding your Measles Immunization hold

Lastly you will go to a computer lab and register for your classes


What We Will Expect Tomorrow:

  • You will know your WSU email, as this is the address we will use to communicate with you about workshops, tutoring and future advising
  • You will let us know any questions or concerns you have
  • You will have a list of classes prepared
final thoughts

Final Thoughts

Be flexible! Our first priority is to make sure you will be able to get into the classes you need. Early morning classes and/or evening labs are normal for college students; especially those in pre-health majors.

Print your schedule-now and later.

Be familiar with the Academic Calendar--all students are responsible for knowing important dates and deadlines. It is available on-line on the Registrar’s website.