Vocabulary unit 1
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Vocabulary – Unit 1 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary – Unit 1. Level C. Adage. POS: Noun Definition: A proverb, wise saying Sentence: A common adage in the south is, “never shake hands with a crawfish .”. http://www.fasttrackfundraising.com/images/fortune-cookie-fundraiser.jpg. Bonanza. POS: Noun

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Vocabulary – Unit 1

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Vocabulary – Unit 1

Level C


  • POS: Noun

  • Definition: A proverb, wise saying

  • Sentence: A common adage in the south is, “never shake hands with a crawfish.”



POS: Noun

Definition: A rich mass of ore in a mine; something very valuable; profitable or rewarding; a source of wealth or prosperity; a very large amount; sudden profit or gain

Sentence: The miners found a bonanza of silver while mining for coal


  • POS: Adjective

  • Definition: lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work with or deal with; rude.

  • Sentence: Carrie was placed in time out due to her churlish attitude in class.



  • POS: Noun

  • Definition: A fortress that overlooks and protects a city; any strong or commanding place

Sentence: The foreign army’s advancement forced the men to retreat into the citadel for protection.



  • POS: verb

  • Definition: to work with, work together

  • Sentence: When I create lesson plans, I collaborate with the other ninth grade English teachers.


POS: Noun

Definition: An order having the force of law

POS: verb

Definition: To issue such an order to command firmly and force fully.

Sentence: The president issued a decree that forced students to read eight books a year in English class.


POS: Adjective

Definition: disagreeable in sound, jarring, lacking in harmony.

Sentence: Max’s discordant wails woke everyone in the house.


  • POS: Verb

  • Definition: To develop gradually; to rise to a higher level

  • Sentence: Part of Darwin’s theory is that all creatures have evolved over time from common ancestors.


POS: Noun

Definition: A passage taken from a book, article, etc.

POS: Verb

Definition: To take such a passage; to quote

Sentence: You will include excerpts from various texts in your research paper.


  • POS: Verb

  • Definition: to feel about hesitantly with the hands; to search blindly and uncertainly

  • Sentence: The blindfolded child groped for the correct spot to pin the tail on the donkey.



  • POS: Verb

  • Definition: To float or hang suspended over; to move back and forth uncertainly over or around

  • Sentence: We watched in terror as the UFO hovered over the city.


POS: Verb

Definition: To make or force one’s way by pushing or elbowing; to bump, brush against; to compete for

Sentence: The students jostled through the crowded hallways of Howard High School.


POS: Noun

Definition: A person who moves slowly or falls behind

POS: Adjective

Definition: falling behind; slow to move, act, or respond

Sentence: The laggard students are normally late for class.


  • POS: Noun (plural)

  • Definition: Applause; enthusiastic praise or approval

  • Sentence: There was an overwhelming amount of plaudits as the actors took their final bow.


POS: Verb

Definition: to make impossible, prevent, or shut out

Sentence: The rain might preclude the homecoming game from taking place.



  • POS: Verb

  • Definition: to return or go back

  • Sentence: Once Maki started eating again she reverted to her normal energetic behavior.



POS: Noun

Definition: Broken stone or bricks; ruins

Sentence: Days after 9/11, the NYC firefighters searched endlessly through the rubble to find any trapped victims.


  • POS: Adjective

  • Definition: Of or relating to a slave; behaving like or suitable for a slave or servant, menial; lacking spirit or independence, abjectly submissive

  • Sentence: In Harry Potter, Dobby, the house elf, is freed from his servile lifestyle when Harry gives Dobby a sock.


POS: Noun

Definition: A watch, especially at night; any period of watchful attention

Sentence: A candlelight vigil was held for the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.


  • POS: Verb

  • Definition:To quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way; to obtain by argument; to herd

  • POS: Noun

  • Definition: A noisy quarrel

Sentence: The other night, I watched two dogs wrangle over a bone.

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