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Vaap virginia alternate assessment program
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VAAP Virginia Alternate Assessment Program. Virginia Alternate Assessment Program. The Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) is designed to evaluate performance of students with significant cognitive disabilities. Virginia Alternate Assessment Program.

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VAAP Virginia Alternate Assessment Program

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Vaap virginia alternate assessment program

VAAPVirginia Alternate Assessment Program

Virginia alternate assessment program

Virginia Alternate Assessment Program

The Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) is designed to evaluate performance of students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Virginia alternate assessment program1

Virginia Alternate Assessment Program

The VAAP is available to students in grades 3 through 8 and students in grade 11 who are working on academic standards that have been reduced in complexity anddepth.

Beginning the collection process

Beginning the Collection Process

  • Teachers must have a clear knowledge and understanding of the Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL) being assessed.

  • Use the curriculum framework as resource for the essential skills and knowledge required in each standard. This resource is located at:


Various types of evidence

Various Types of Evidence

  • Various forms of evidence can be demonstrated under the direct supervision of a teacher or other school personnel.

Various types of evidence1

Various Types of Evidence

  • Evidence may consist of, but is not limited to:

    • Work Samples

    • Audiotape

    • Videotape

    • Anecdotal Records

    • Interviews

    • Charts/Graphs

    • Captioned Photographs

Work samples

Should demonstrate that the student was able to complete the work independently

May include worksheets, tests, quizzes, etc

Should address all the concepts stated in the ASOL

Work Samples

Videotape audiotape


  • Should contain only student- generated work.

  • Teachers or other school personnel are permitted to be on the videotape/audiotape to ask questions or support the student, but responses should be the student’s alone.

Safeguards for media

Safeguards for Media

  • Videotape

  • A signed release form that grants permission to use students’ photographs and record their images is required before including a video in the collection of evidence.

    If a video is used for multiple standards, include a list using the counter.

    For Example:

    Math ASOL E-RW1 – 001-030Math ASOL E-RC1 – 045-100

Safeguards for media1

Safeguards for Media

  • Audiotape

  • Audiotapes containing more than one voice should indicate the segments for which belongs to the student.

  • State the ASOL number and description on the tape prior to the portion of the tape with the student evidence.

    If the audiotape is used for multiple standards include a brief list using the counter.

    For Example:

    Mathematics ASOL M-NS3 – 001-005

    Mathematics ASOL M- CE1 – 020-050

Anecdotal records

Anecdotal Records

  • Are on-going logs of student performance.

  • Should state exactly in objective and measurable terms the level of achievement demonstrated by the students for the given ASOL.

Anecdotal records1

Anecdotal Records

  • Include the date of performance, a description of the observed skill or procedure, and the student’s level of achievement.

Anecdotal records2

Anecdotal Records

  • Observation should be carefully planned to ensure that the student has the best opportunity to demonstrate his or her skill and knowledge

  • Confirmation of student accuracy or performance



  • Format should be precise and concise in design to afford the student the best opportunity to demonstrate what he/she understands about the ASOL addressed.

  • Interview questions should be prepared in advance to ensure that the ASOL content is completely addressed.



  • Interviews may be videotaped or submitted as a written document.

  • Confirmation of accuracy by teacher/school personnel.

Charts graphs


  • Must contain specific information relating to the students skills and knowledge.

  • Caution: a chart or graph that simply indicates a student’s level of progress on a specific skill may not provide enough information to rate the student’s knowledge of the skill.

Captioned photographs

Captioned Photographs

  • Captionedstatementsshould explain the knowledge and/or skill demonstrated in the photograph.

  • Clearly indicate the student addressing the ASOL.

Submission of evidence

Submission of Evidence

  • All the evidence submitted for the VAAP must be solely that of the student

  • Evidence submitted should be appropriate to the specific ASOL being assessed.

  • Evidence is rated on Quality -based evidence and not Quantity-based

Collection of evidence components

Collection of Evidence Components

  • Collection of Evidence must contain the following components:

    • An Affidavit of Student Performance

    • All locally required documentation

    • ASOL Cover Sheet

    • Evidence that demonstrates student performance

What s new

What’s New

  • Participation counts determine the amount of manuals and SEI tags delivered to your school in mid-September

  • VAAP Implementation Manual

    • Please dispose of all 2007-2008 manuals; Use the 2008-09 VAAP Implementation Manual . The manual is a guide primarily for teachers who are providing instruction to students participating in the VAAP.

What s new1

What’s New

  • Required Documentation for VAAP:

    • Affidavit of Student Performance (pg. 91)

    • Participation Criteria Form (pg. 25)

    • Content Area Cover Sheet for each CONTENT AREA submitted (pg. 87)

    • Teacher Checklist (pages 95 & 96)

    • Media Release (if needed)

    • Scoring Worksheet (pg. 83)

Important reminders

Important Reminders

  • All Evidence Must:

    • Be GRADED or include a statement of accuracy

      • 3 ways: letter grade, numerical grade or percentage

    • Include an SEI tag properly labeled

    • NOT be in a sheet protector

Important reminders1

Important Reminders

  • Evidence will NOT be considered in scoring if:

    • Work is copied from blackboard, texts, computers, etc.

    • Work is part of a group project and the contribution of the VAAP student is unclear

    • Hand-over-hand assistance is used

    • Inappropriate sources are used (open-book test, homework, etc.)

Important reminders2

Important Reminders

  • Previously assessed ASOLs cannot be repeated for submission in the Collection of Evidence

  • The DOE is currently developing a course of action for penalties when ASOLs are repeated

  • IEP Online team is working to create fields where teachers can enter ASOL information; currently, previously used ASOLs can be found on the Student’s Performance Report

Asol sol crosswalk document

ASOL & SOL Crosswalk Document

  • Shows each ASOL and the corresponding SOL by SOL number and by grade level

What s new2

What’s New

Regional Scoring

  • Regional Scoring Events were discussed by school divisions in Region meetings and by the Virginia Department of Education in partnership with Pearson.

  • Possibility that we may still participate as a pilot site.

What s new3

What’s New

Science Tests

  • In 2008-09 states are required to administer science tests once in elementary school (5th grade), once in middle school (8th grade), and once in high school.

  • The expectation is that students participating in the VAAP at these grade levels will submit a collection in science. However, science DOES NOT become part of AYP.

What s the same

What’s the Same

Participation Requirement

The Virginia Department of Education strongly recommends submission of evidence in all content areas being assessed by SOL tests for general education students at the same grade level.

What s the same1

What’s the Same

  • Focus on individual achievement of ASOL

  • One ASOL (and bullet if appropriate) must be defended in each reporting category.

What s the same2

What’s the Same

  • Evidence No-No’s

    • Group work (unless individual contribution is clearly identified

    • Copied work

    • Work with examples or directions that give away the answers

    • Evidence without completed SEI tags

What s the same3

What’s the Same

  • Evidence No-No’s

    • Work does not show any level of individual achievement on ASOL

    • Use of Hand over Hand instruction

    • Work based on homework, open-book test

What s the same4

What’s the Same

  • Scoring Rubric

  • General Scoring Rules

6 general vaap scoring rules

6 General VAAP Scoring Rules

  • Rule 1: Evidence must show individual student achievement

    • If student work shows hand-over-hand instruction, it cannot be considered for scoring and receives a “0”

  • Rule 2: Evidence must be student-generated

    • Cannot use homework, open-book test or group work (unless indiv. student’s contribution can be clearly defined

6 general vaap scoring rules1

6 General VAAP Scoring Rules

  • Rule 3: Evidence must include a correctly labeled SEI tag

    • If no tag, cannot be scored

    • If tag is mislabeled, can be corrected and initialed by the SEC

  • Rule 4: Evidence must include a completed VAAP Content Area Cover Sheet for each content area

6 general vaap scoring rules2

6 General VAAP Scoring Rules

  • Rule 5:Evidence must include a signed affidavit or it will not be scored

  • Rule 6: Evidence must clearly address accommodations, photographs captions, and grading

Resources for vaap

Resources for VAAP

  • ASOL Curriculum Framework may be used as a reference tool to help scoring teams understand the ASOL addressed

  • ASOL Curriculum Framework is available at:

Vaap program timeline for henrico county

VAAP Program Timeline for Henrico County

  • September/October: Participation counts entered, materials shipped to schools, VAAP Training

  • September 26: List of students participating in VAAP must be submitted to R&P via your school test coordinator (using data quest drop box)

  • End of 1st 9 weeks: “benchmark assessment” by school-based teams

  • End of 2nd 9 weeks/1st semester: “benchmark assessment” by school-based teams; update list of participating VAAP students via test coordinator

Timeline continued

Timeline continued…

  • End of 3rd nine weeks: “benchmark assessment” by school-based teams

  • April 23 – 29: Schools will ship VAAP portfolios to Research & Planning based on the C&M delivery schedule. ALL portfolios must be in the R&P warehouse by 12:00 pm on April 29th.

  • At time of portfolio submission: final list of all students in which VAAP portfolios are being submitted is due upon shipment of VAAPs from your school

  • VAAP Scoring Workshop will be May 12 - 14

Vaap virginia alternate assessment program

For Further information, contact:

Policies & Procedures: Tracy Walker, 652-3839

IEP or Eligibility Questions:

Contact the Specialist or Consultant assigned to your school

Additional Portfolios, SEI tags, or Manuals:

Requests for additional materials will only be accepted through your School Test Coordinator to minimize duplicate requests

DOE Contact:

Division of Student Assessment and School Improvement

(804) 225-2107

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