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2012 AWQ . Round 4 Asia Answers Pink Answer Sheet. 1. What is the name of this island-chain country (light beige)? . A. Malaysia B. Papua New Guinea C. Australia D. Indonesia. 2. What is the capital of Pakistan?. A. Islamabad B. Karachi C. Lahore D. Kohat.

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2012 AWQ

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2012 AWQ

Round 4Asia AnswersPink Answer Sheet

1. What is the name of this island-chain country (light beige)?

A. Malaysia

B. Papua New Guinea

C. Australia

D. Indonesia

2. What is the capital of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad

B. Karachi

C. Lahore

D. Kohat

3. Who is the current leader of North Korea?

A. Kim Jong-nam

B. Kim Jong-il

C. Kim Jong-un

D. Kim Jong-chol

4. What is the name of the island off of the coast of China?

A. Java

B. Taiwan

C. Maldives

D. Penghu

5. The Yellow Sea is situated between which countries?

A. Russia, North Korea, South Korea

B. China, North Korea, South Korea

C. Japan, North Korea, South Korea

D. Vietnam, China

6. Tibet is officially governed by _________ but its exiled leader, the Dalai Lama, fled and set up a government in exile in ________.

A. China/Pakistan

B. India/Sri Lanka

C. India/China

D. China/India

7. What is the capital of North Korea?

A. Pyongyang

B. Hanoi

C. Seoul

D. Vientiane

8. Who is the president of Afghanistan?

A. Abdullah Abdullah

B. Abdullah Saleh

C. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

D. Hamid Karzai

9. What is the currency used in Indonesia?

A. Rupee

B. Ringgit

C. Rupiah

D. Rubel

10. Nepal is located between which two major countries?

  • China and India

  • Pakistan and Bangladesh

  • China and Russia

  • India and Pakistan

11. Which of the following is a major rebel group in Burma (Myanmar)?


B. Karen National Union

C. Moro National Liberation Front

D. Pattani United Liberation Organization

12. Which country does not border China?

A. Vietnam

B. North Korea

C. Cambodia

D. Laos

13. Which of the following is currently ranked as the freest economy?

A. South Korea

B. India

C. Hong Kong

D. Japan

14. The president of which island resigned amid internal unrest in his country in February 2012?

A. Sri Lanka

B. Indonesia

C. Malaysia

D. Maldives

15. Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense released a statement stating that his goal is to end the Afghan combat mission by which year?

A. 2012

B. 2013

C. 2014

D. 2015

16. India has recently been involved in a multibillion-dollar scandal involving which sector of its economy?

A. Telecommunications

B. Security

C. Infrastructure

D. Global trade

17. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, recently experienced three explosive blasts. The suspected bomber is from what country?

A. Israel

B. Iran

C. Indonesia

D. India

18. ________ is claimed by both India and Pakistan?

A. Balochistan

B. Pashtunistan

C. Bangladesh

D. Kashmir

19. Which island country experienced a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in February 2012?

A. The Philippines

B. Malaysia

C. Maldives

D. New Zealand

20. What is the name of the province in Pakistan that is seeking autonomy?

  • Bamyan

  • Badakhshan

  • Balkh

  • Balochistan

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