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Meat Pies & Pasties. The Marketing Plan Presented by: Anna Nassinovskaia, Beckee Waterworth, Monica Rivera, and Lissa Art . Company Description Who or What is Tiddy Oggies?. Successful family owned British meat pie business since 1869

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Presentation Transcript

Meat Pies & Pasties

The Marketing Plan

Presented by:

Anna Nassinovskaia,

Beckee Waterworth,

Monica Rivera,

and Lissa Art

Company Description

Who or What is Tiddy Oggies?

  • Successful family owned British meat pie business since 1869

  • Original founders: Nigel and Gertrude Cooke

  • Location: Plymouth, Devonshire

  • Consumers: Miners and Factory Workers

Mission Statement

“At Tiddy Oggies we take pride in meeting the highest standards of quality and freshness by taking a modern and entertaining twist from the traditional English cooking styles. We consistently offer our customers impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, and efficiency at a fair price. While simultaneously providing educational service and rich cultural experiences, we hope to create lasting bonds within the community.”

Corporate Goals

Non-Financial Goals:

To increase employee retention rates

To expand current product goals

Financial Goals:

To increase profitability

To increase market share

Core Competencies and Sustainable

Competitive Advantage

  • Communication (facts of the day)

  • Flexibility and Adaptability (restaurants, pubs, catering)

  • Results Orientation

  • Teamwork

Situational Analysis


Highly competitive

Rapidly expanding

24 new food carts by 2014


Gladys Cooke current owner

Came to Canada in 2008 (Toronto)

Follow original recipes

Imported drinks

Local ingredients

Meat and Vegetarian options


English Pubs and Restaurants

English Butcher Shops



British Immigrants

Ages 25-55

Income ranges from $40,000+

Vancouver and North Vancouver Residents

Marketing and Product Objectives


Culture-building company

Educating on British history

Easy to eat


Target Markets:


British Immigrants

Points of difference:

Savoury Pies


Facts of the day


Promotions/Expansion objectives

Fast Service, fair price

Culturally enriching Experience


Low cost, high quality

Product Strategy

Product Line:

Homemade British food

Pies, pasties and sausage rolls

Different sizes options

Diverse drink selection

Pie/Pastie Prices:

Small $2-$5/unit

Medium $4-$8/unit

Large $6-$8/unit

Sausage Roll Prices:

One size $2


Clear Packaging

Reusable & recyclable

Showcases freshness and quality

Tag includes logo, flavour of pie,

nutritional information, and facts



Traditional British clothing

Take out, delivery, and catering options

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Factors:

Cost of production

Other explicit costs

Factors to consider:

Business costs


Industry standards

Skill level and experience

Business Strategy

Pricing Objectives:

Maximizing profit

Increasing sales volume

Increasing market share

Company growth and expansion

Special Adjustments:

Combo options

Stamp cards

Pick-up/delivery discounts

Distribution Strategy

Identify Channels:

Pick-up discounts

Delivery (long term)

Specific location and rationale:

Water Street and West Cordova

High traffic area

Promotional Strategy

Trans link

Car wrapping