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2007-08 High School Registration. Class of 2011!. Graduation Requirements. Earn 26 Units of Credit (20 at Enloe and Southeast) Meet all of the requirements on your selected Course of Study Pass the NC Competency Test or score Level 3 or 4 on the 8 th Grade EOG

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2007-08 High School Registration

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2007-08High School Registration

Class of 2011!

Graduation Requirements

  • Earn 26 Units of Credit (20 at Enloe and Southeast)

  • Meet all of the requirements on your selected Course of Study

  • Pass the NC Competency Test or score Level 3 or 4 on the 8th Grade EOG

  • Pass both portions of the NC Computer Skills Test (usually done in middle school)

  • Pass 5 EOC assessments—Algebra I, Biology, English I, Civics and Economics, and United States History

  • Graduation Project (including a research paper, a presentation, a product related to the research topic, and a portfolio of completed work)

    • SUGGESTION TO WF-RHS students: Take Study Skills as an elective the first year!!!

Coursesof Study

  • Career Prep

  • College Tech Prep

  • College/University Prep

  • Occupational

College/Tech Prep Course of Study

Courses Credits

  • English4

    • English I, II, III, IV

  • Math3

    • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II OR

    • Algebra I, Tech Math I and II

  • Science3

    • Biology, Earth, a physical science

  • Social Studies3

    • World Civ, Econ & Civics, US History

  • Healthful Living1

  • Career/Tech, ROTC or Arts Ed.4

  • Electives8

    Total 26

College/University Prep Course of Study

Courses Credits

  • English4

    • English I, II, III, IV

  • Math4

    • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and

      a higher level math course

  • Science3

    • Biology, Earth, a physical science

  • Social Studies3

    • World Civ., Econ & Civics, US History

  • Foreign Language2

  • Healthful Living1

  • Electives9

    • Choosing 4 electives from Career/Tech or Arts

      is recommended _____


Graduation Plan

  • Choose an appropriate course of study based on your post-graduation/career goals

  • Write in the 9th grade courses selections

  • Review the course requirements for your chosen course of study

  • Plug in required courses on the Graduation Plan worksheet—(level unnecessary)

  • Write “Pathway Elective” or “Elective” in every space other than those filled with required courses

9th to 10th Grade

Must pass 6 courses:


2 of 3


Social Studies

3 additional courses

Course Loads

Students are required to carry a course load equal to the number of instructional periods in the school day.


Quality Points

GradeStandard Honors AP






GPA Calculation

Example—11th Grader—Billy Cowher

CourseGradeQuality Points

AP English III B5

Honors Algebra II A5

Honors Chemistry B4

US History A4

French I A4

French II B3

Chorus A4

Photography A4

8 attempted credits Total 33

GPA=33 divided by 8= 4.125-- GOOD JOB!!!!

9th Grade


Honors English I D 2

Alg I D 1

Phys. Sci. F 0

World Hist. D 1

Healthful Living F 0

Speech C 2

Comp App I C 2

Visual Arts D 1

Total 9



English II C 2

Geometry B 3

Honors Biology A 5

Econ/Civics C 2

Healthful Living A 4

Chorus A 4

Theater Arts I C 2

Comp App II A 4

Total 26

Cumulative GPAEX.Billy Cowher—Grades 9 & 10

Cumulative GPA, cont.

Credits AttemptedQuality Points

9th 89




Cumulative GPA, cont.

GPA=Total Credits divided by Total Quality Points

68 divided by 24=2.83

Overall GPA 

Course Selection for 9th Grade

  • 8th grade teachers will make recommendations for English, Math, Science and Social Studies based on high school guidelines

  • Students who enroll in a class with a parent waiver are generally not as successful in the class as those who follow the teacher recommendation

Required Courses for 9th Graders

  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Healthful Living (Includes Health and PE)

  • HIGHLY SUGGESTED FOR WF-RHS: STUDY SKILLS (Learn about the projcet, how to be successful academically and socially in high school)


English—9th Grade


English I (Standard)

Honors English I (Advanced)

Math—9th Grade


Introductory Math—Passed Math 8 but not ready for Algebra

Algebra I—Basic, Intermediate, Advanced (Based on performance in Math 8 or Math 8 Plus)

Geometry—Standard or Honors

Algebra II—Standard or Honors

Science—9th Grade

Choices: (Generally based on Math recommendation to keep Math and Science aligned throughout high school)

Science—Basic (Pre-Algebra)

Science—Intermediate (Algebra I)

Science—Advanced (Geometry)

(The science course that corresponds to each of the three levels is determined by the individual high school.)

Social Studies—9th Grade


World Civilizations (Standard)

World Civilizations (Honors)

Fall Term


Social Studies



Spring Term





Block ScheduleNo year long courses90 Minutes long (sample)

9th Grade Registration

Each student will select 8 courses and 3 alternate elective courses.

  • English

  • Math If taking Alg, I, Pt 1 and Alg. I, Pt. 2, or 2 math courses, sign up for 1 math as an “Additional course.”

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Healthful Living

    6-8. Additional Courses

    Plus 3 alternate electives—as 2nd choice electives

Registration Dates

February, 2007 – Classroom Guidance about registration to all students

Early March, 2007 – Students Complete Schedule on Paper in Class

Mid March, 2007 – Students Enter Courses into the Computer AFTER parent/guardian signs paper copy

April 20, 2007 – ABSOLUTE last day to register for high school


Open House Information

  • WF-RHS: March 13

  • WF-RHS 9th Grade Center: Feb 20, 7:00

  • Wakefield: February 7, 6:30 PM

  • Knightdale: February 22, 7-9:00 PM

Four Goals to Success in High School

  • 1) Academic (Remember you will start to apply to college in 11th grade, not 12th grade!)

  • 2) Behavior (You will need letters of references for schools and jobs.)

  • 3) Attendance (Jobs will want to know this information! If you miss 11 days, you fail regardless of your grade!)

  • 4) Involvement (Your fondest memories and feeling a part of the school in some positive way.)

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Grade

  • 1) Use your agenda. As you get older, there are too many assignments to remember in your head. You can review them each evening before you leave.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Grade

  • 2) Do your homework! The high school says if you do not do homework, you will fail! This is like an easy lay-up! You will lose lots of games if you miss them. Remember what a ZERO does to your grade! If you have two 100’s and then get a ZERO, you are down to a 67% (FAILING) with just one ZERO!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Grade

  • 3) Study a little bit as you go. Everyone knows trying to cram the night before a test does not work well and it is stressful. You will feel more confident if you review each day that night. You would not run a 6 mile race by trying to run 6 miles the day before. You would be training for months ahead of time, slowly increasing your distance.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Grade

  • 4)Show your teachers you care by asking questions, paying attention in class, and being polite. If you were in charge of teaching a group of people and some were sleeping or talking, how would you feel? You would feel they do not care and are a distraction to others. You will want to help the people who you view as seriously trying!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Grade

  • 5) Have balance in your life. Studying your lessons is critical, but find time to do the things you enjoy in life. Many people forget the importance of having a balance between work and play. You must find time for this or you will become resentful of school. You want to run your life, not feel like a school or a job run your life. WORK HARD! PLAY HARD!

Last Tip: Stand up for yourself in a way that will be helpful to you and not hurtful!

  • 1) Passive – In an effort to avoid conflict, person allows others to take advantage of him/her.

  • 2) Aggressive – Forces opinion on other people that is loud, rude, disrespectful to another person (Even if you are right, NO ONE wants to help you or see you get your way!)

  • 3) Assertive – Stating what you feel is right and what you deserve without personally attacking another person.

    Ex: “When you (describe behavior), it feels like you are ________________.

    Ex: “I paid you to (list a job) and what I am hearing is that you cannot do the job I paid you for and I am still out my money.”

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