Unit 5 reading 1 zhalong a special place
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Unit 5 Reading 1 Zhalong A special place PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 5 Reading 1 Zhalong A special place. What animal do you think is lovely?. Pandas. Revision: What problems will pandas have in the future?. 1. Hunters kill it for its fur. 2. Farmers cut down trees and forests. 3. People will take the baby pandas

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Unit 5 Reading 1 Zhalong A special place

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Unit 5 Reading 1 Zhalong A special place

What animal do you think is lovely?


Revision: What problems will pandas have in the future?

  • 1.Hunters kill it for its fur.

2.Farmers cut down trees and

forests .

3.People will take the baby pandas

away if they find them alone.

Questions about them

1.Are there many pandas in the world?

There are not many . They arerare.(稀有的)

There will be no giant pandas in the world.

Because they arein danger .( be in danger)

They areendangered(处于危险中的)animals.

2.Ifwe do nothing ,what will happen to them?

Chinese governmenttook actions actively to(采取积极措施…) build Wolong Nature Reserve to protect them.

3.What did we do to protect pandas ?

KeKeXili Nature Reserve

Pantholops hodgsoni


Yancheng Nature Reserve

Red-crowned cranes(丹顶鹤)

Zhalong-A special place


In north-east China

many wetlands(湿地)

Wetlands are important for wildlife.

providefood and shelter for them.

provide=give something to somebody

shelter=a place to stay or live

Wildlife can live comfortably and easily.

Many touristsstudy them.

How do you know about zhalong?



  • Zhalong is a N____ R____. There are many w___ here and they are important for w______ because they p____ food and s___ for animals. Birds can live c____ and e____ .There are not many red-c____ c___ in the world. They are r____ and e____ animals and some of them live here, in Zhalong. Every year many t____ come to s____ them.













Skim the text

  • Why do you think Zhalong is a special place?

An ideal home for many plants, fish

and birds

Read carefully and help me check for mistakes (T &F)

  • 1.Zhalong is a nature reserve in China.

2.Birds can find food easily in Zhalong.

3.Some birds go to Zhalong for a short stay.

4.The birds in Zhalong live in large cages.


5.There are a lot of red-crowned cranes in

other parts of the world.

not many

6.Many endangered birds live in Zhalong now .

7.Zhalong needs more people to feed birds

count and do

something to help.

8.Studying Zhalong helps us learn about

protecting wildlife.

Listen to/read the first two parts and answer the following questions

  • 1.Where is Zhalong Nature Reverse?

  • 2.What kind of land is in Zhalong ?

  • 3.Why are they important for the wildlife?

  • 4.What lives in Zhalong?

It is in Heilongjiang in north-east China.

There are wetlands in Zhalong.

Becausethey provide food and shelter for them.

Many plants ,fish and birds live here.

Listen to the 3rd &4th parts and match the sentences

there will be less and

less space for Wildlife.

because they don’t

have enough living space.

to make more space

for farms and buildings.

wants to protect these

endangered birds

  • 1.Some people want to change the wetlands

  • 2.If people do so,

  • 3.More birds are in danger,

  • 4.The Chinese government

Listen to the last two parts and fill in the blanks

Who often /will go there

What do/will

they do

Why do they

should do so


Watch birds

1.Help people

understand the

importance of the


2.members of



study the different

kinds of birds and

the change in

their numbers

2.Make them

actively take action

to protect wildlife


school students

help to count

Your classmate is asking you about Zhalong

  • C:Did you visit Zhalong? Y:Yes.

  • C:Why is Zhalong good to be a nature reserve?

  • Y:…wetlands ,provide …for

  • C:What is Zhalong famous for ?

  • Y:…all kinds of , red-crowned cranes,

  • ..rare..endangered

  • C:Do all the birds live here all year round?

  • Y:…,while ..for a short time

  • C:What will happen if people change wetlands into farms and buildings ?

  • Y:..be indanger and die

  • C:What are you going to do this year?

  • Y:..study different kinds of birds, changes in their numbers

  • C:What do you hope people will do ?

  • Y: …understand the importance …,make people actively take actions to

  • c

Discussions Is it good or bad ?

  • 1.cut down more trees and build more tall buildings in the city

  • 2.build more factories along the river

  • 3.have grass walls all over the tall buildings

  • 4.build more reserves

  • 5.donate money for wildlife

  • 6.tell people the importance of wetlands

  • 7.kill animals for money

More discussion

What can we do to protect the birds/fish/other animals/nature…?


  • 1.recite the passage

  • 2.finish the exercises on P78-79

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