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Northwest ISD. Lakeview Elementary School Additions and Renovations 2012 - 2013. Lakeview Elementary Additions and Renovations. Improve Drop Off and Pick-up Areas Addition of Eight (8) Classrooms Additional Kindergarten and Staff R estrooms Additional Storage

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Northwest ISD

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Northwest isd

Northwest ISD

Lakeview Elementary School Additions and Renovations

2012 - 2013

Lakeview elementary additions and renovations

Lakeview Elementary Additions and Renovations

  • Improve Drop Off and Pick-up Areas

  • Addition of Eight (8) Classrooms

  • Additional Kindergarten and Staff Restrooms

  • Additional Storage

  • Renovate Existing Library into a Collaboration Area

  • Addition of a New Library

  • Expanding/Renovating the Gym

  • New Cafeteria Connected to the Gym

  • Relocation of New Art and Music Rooms

  • Additional 61 Parking Spaces

  • Upgrade to Security, Technology and Announcement Systems

  • Roof Replacement on original building

  • Carpet replacement

  • ADA upgrades to the Building and playground

    Added square feet : 31,000+

    Renovated Area: 53,000+

Northwest isd


Beginning during the upcoming holiday break

Beginning During the Upcoming Holiday Break

A temporary wall will be built in the gymnasium to separate the construction area.

Both playground areas will be closed. A play area will be fenced off on the west side of the school in lieu of the playgrounds (soccer fields direction).

Five (5) classrooms will be relocated internally.

One temporary classroom will be constructed in the library.

The east parking lot (day-care side) will be fenced off and closed during construction.

The south parking(front parking lot) lot will be expanded.

What will i see after the holiday break

What will I see after the Holiday Break?

  • All parent drop-off and pick-up will be in the front parking lot.

  • Bus pick-up will be in the front of the school.

  • Five (5) classrooms will have been relocated to release parts of building for construction.

  • A new temporary classroom will be located in the library.

  • Construction additions will be in full force outside of the school building.

Construction phasing

Construction Phasing

PHASE I : Front and Back Building Additions

  • Exterior additions of 4 Classrooms, Storage, Gym, Café -back

    December 2012 – July 2013

    PHASE II : Front Classrooms Addition

  • Exterior additions of 4 classrooms to the building - front

  • Library to the building - front

    March – July 2013

    PHASE III : Renovations

  • Interior renovations and alterations to the design and use of

    existing interior

    Summer 2013

Northwest isd

Phase I

December 2012-July 2013

Temporary Playground

Phase I

December 2012- July 2013

Phase III

June 2013-July 2013

Phase II

Phase II

March 2013- July 2013

Phase II

March 2013- July 2013

Phase i december 2012 july 2013

Phase IDecember 2012 - July 2013

Relocation of 5 classrooms internally

Rooms 102, 404,405, 406 & 507

Phasing i

Phase I

Phasing I






Northwest isd

PHASE I Relocation Plan

Northwest isd

  • Phase IIMarch-- July 2013

  • Classrooms vacated in phase I will be available for use to accommodate rooms 307, 308, 803 & 806 which will be unoccupied for Construction

Northwest isd

Phase II

Relocate Portables





Northwest isd

PHASE IIRelocation Plan

Northwest isd

Phase IIISummer 2013

  • Internal Renovations and Upgrade.

Northwest isd

Interior Renovations for Lakeview Elementary

Lakeview elementary traffic flow during construction

Lakeview Elementary Traffic Flow During Construction

Back Parking Lot will be Closed

Utilize the Bus Services, if available

Car Pool

All Drop-off and Pick-up will be in the

Front Parking Lot

Double Rows for Parent Pick-up Line

Park in Street, Walk to School

Morning drop off procedures

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

  • Look for students walking on Drive.

  • Be patient.

  • Watch for Buses.

  • Listen to staff instructions.

  • Drop off in front Parking Lot.

Northwest isd

Buses will be unloading

and Departing



Under Construction



Afternoon pick up procedures

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

  • Buses will park in front Drive.

  • Once buses are in place, cars will form double rows in the front parking area.

  • NISD staff is working with Town P.D. for the assistance in traffic changes.

  • Vehicles will make right turn @ Village Trail.

Northwest isd

Lakeview Traffic Beginning January 2013 During Pick Up

Parallel Parking

Along Village Trail


Northwest isd

Buses will be Loaded

and Depart First

Followed by the Parent Pick-up Line





Under Construction


Northwest isd

How will the traffic flow change after construction

is complete?

Lakeview elementary traffic flow comparison

Lakeview Elementary Traffic Flow Comparison

  • Currently,there is room for 57 cars in the front drive.

  • Will increase to 118 cars in front drive and north parking lot.

  • Lengthier Pick Up Line for Parents at the front and back

Northwest isd

Construction FAQs

  • Visit Lakeview Elementary School Website


  • Select Announcements then

    Construction Updates


Construction related contract information

Construction Related Contract Information

Sarah Stewart, NISD Construction Manager 817 919-1673

Mark Leatherwood,

Balfour Beatty Construction Job Superintendent

Ben Reiners Balfour Beatty Construction Project Manager,

Mehran Aghili, NISD Executive Director of Construction 817-215-0055

Northwest isd1

Northwest ISD

Lakeview Elementary School

Additions and Renovations

2012 - 2013

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