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Improving driver selection
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Improving Driver Selection. Rollout of the Republic Drivers Personnel Report (RDPR) The Executive Group. New. We HIRE for… Experience Skill level Personal chemistry. We FIRE for… Attitude Behavior Interpersonal skills Performance. Why we HireWhy we Fire.

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Improving Driver Selection

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Improving driver selection

Improving Driver Selection

Rollout of the

Republic Drivers Personnel Report (RDPR)

The Executive Group


Why we hire why we fire

We HIRE for…


Skill level

Personal chemistry

We FIRE for…



Interpersonal skills


Why we HireWhy we Fire

Balanced scorecard approach

Balanced Scorecard Approach

  • Background / work history

  • Skills / abilities

  • Education / training

  • Competency evaluation

  • Resume / interview

  • Reference check

Republic drivers validation study

The study consisted of 91 male drivers

60 were identified as white, 7 were black, and

24 the race was unknown

Current numbers did not reveal statistically significant racial differences either on performance ratings or Republic Drivers Scale.

Republic Drivers Validation Study

Performance ratings





customer service

equipment use


team orientation



Performance Ratings


Single score determining overall performance

Republic drivers validation study1

Performance evaluations on current DRIVERS tenured with the company at least 6 months were rated on a scale of 1 – 5

1 = Lowest 5 = Highest

14 people who quit or terminated were rated:

1 on REHIRE Score


Republic Drivers Validation Study

Improving driver selection

Correlation Between REHIRE Score and TOTAL REVIEW Score was .90

N = 91

Using a cut off score of 30.5 the TOTAL REVIEW Score would correctly identify all but 2 of the drivers whose REHIRE scores were high * or low *.

The republic drivers personnel report rdpr

There is NO single score on the Republic Drivers Personnel Report that tells you to hire or not hire.

The Republic Drivers Personnel Report (RDPR)

Scores are guidelines

The scores on the report

are not like PSI ratings

on a valve.

They are not absolute!

Scores are guidelines

5 step process for interpretation

Performance Factors Drivers

16PF Profile Summary Graph

Areas of Potential Concern

Republic Drivers Scale(RDS)

Work-Related Personality

5-Step Process for Interpretation

Performance factors sales

4.5 and above is recommended for Workplace Coping Skills and 4.0 for Self Control - other Factors see graphs for desirable ranges and cutoff scores.

How many performance factors fall outside the desirable ranges?

For those that do, are they necessary for being a successful driver?

Performance Factors Sales

Improving driver selection

Performance Factors

Self-Control 4.0 and above recommended

Workplace Coping Skills 4.5 and above recommended

Other factors use the graphs provided here for guidelines.

Primary personality factors graph

Shaded Areas are Desirable Ranges

How many characteristics fall outside the suggested ranges?

Are these characteristics “must haves” for success in the position?

Primary Personality Factors Graph


Improving driver selection

Primary Personality Factors (PSG)

Scores in the generally most desirable range for Drivers fall in the shaded areas.

Comments: Total review Score 45 Rehire Score 5

Improving driver selection

Primary Personality Factors (PSG)

Scores outside the shaded areas may indicate a mismatch for a Driver.

Comments: Total Review Score 29, Rehire Score 1.

Hired and subsequently left the company. Rehired then tested with the Personnel Report. Productive but hard on the equipment, poor customer service and tried to unite the other drivers against the supervisor.

Areas of potential concern

2 or More Suggests You Look Further

How many areas of potential concern does your candidate have?

Will these areas be critical for the position you are considering?

Several good drivers had low scores on Factor B this should not count as an Area of Potential Concern for Drivers

Areas of Potential Concern

Areas of potential concern1

Social withdrawal (A-)

Low reasoning (B-)

Low frustration tolerance (C-)

Submissiveness (E-)

Low energy (F-)

Unconventional attitudes (G-)

Shyness (H-)

Suspiciousness (L+)

Areas of Potential Concern

  • Too impractical (M+)

  • Worrying (O+)

  • Too closed to change (Q1-)

  • Not a team player (Q2+)

  • Disorganized (Q3-)

  • Impatience (Q4+)

  • Poor impression management (IM-)

Improving driver selection

Areas of Potential Concern

  • Consider carefully and candidate with one or more Areas of Potential Concern. A low score on Factor B is not considered an area for of concern for drivers.

  • If a decision to hire is made there should be additional information to support the candidate’s fit for the position.

  • Having NO areas of potential concern does NOT necessarily indicate suitability for a specific job.

Republic drivers scale rds

4.5 and Above Most Resembles Top Performers

How does your candidate compare to the top performers?

How many applicants do you have in your pool?

Republic Drivers Scale (RDS)

Republic drivers scale rds1

4.5 or higher recommended

Republic Drivers Scale (RDS)

Favorable Sample #1

Unfavorable Sample #2

The Republic Drivers Scale was not computed because of the following:

Too may Areas of Potential Concern

Too low a score on Self-Control

Too low a score on Workplace Coping Skills

Work related personality

More Detailed Description of Performance Potential

Highlight any areas that raise concern for you to investigatefurther.

Formulate questions to probe deeper into these problem areas to confirm job fit.

Work-Related Personality

Review interpretation strategy

Evaluate Performance Factors

Review profile summary graph for shaded areas

Evaluate Areas of Potential Concern

Evaluate Drivers Scale

Review work-related personality description

Consider other data: background, education, resume, interview, references, other test data

Review Interpretation Strategy

How to get started

Prepare your Candidate

Request Assessment to get access codes

Proctor 16PF Assessment Online

Personnel Report for Drivers emailed to you within 24 hours of completion of questionnaire.

How to Get Started

Prepare your candidate

Always refer to the 16PF as an ASSESSMENT not a TEST

It is NOT pass fail and by NO means is the sole determinant to hire or not hire.

Set the tone and establish a positive mindset for your candidate.

Inform your candidate their results are considered with all their other qualifications.

Prepare Your Candidate

Sample dialogue

You will be moving ahead to the next step in our evaluation process. The next step is for you to complete some evaluations.

The assessment results are only one criteria used to make selection decisions at our Company.

You will be considered based on the extent to which your entire set of qualifications and experience match the position’s requirements.

Sample Dialogue

Improving driver selection

Request for Assessment

Fill out this section

  • Fill out the top information

  • Mark DVR Driver

  • 3. Email to Margie Nowatzke@ Able

  • 4. Receive you U/N and P/W and ID

  • 5. When you have to test remotely

  • Request a Remote Testing Memo

  • Provide Candidate’s Home Email


Policy guidelines

As a selection tool The Personnel Report is not designed for applicant feedback and should never be shared with the applicant.

Share this report only with those who have a need to know the results.

Store the report in a special file established as a location for these reports.

Policy Guidelines

Integrate assessment data

Test results should confirm and validate key considerations.

Test results should NOT be used to make hire / don’t hire decisions.

Assessment data should have a weighted value of no more than 25% of the selection decision.

Integrate Assessment Data

Another piece to the puzzle

Use a Balanced Scorecard Approach

Customer support

Administrator’s Manual 16PF Online

User’s Manual for Republic Driver’s PR

Scheduled Consultation

Chalk Talk (Quarterly Publication)

TEG Training Center Access

Customer Support

Contact information

The Executive GroupRick Tiemann

80 E US Hwy 6 President

Valparaiso, IN 46383

Sue RussellJodie Wexelberg

General ManagerMarketing Manager

Hours 8am-5pm CST M-F

Phone 219 477-6378



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