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Henry & Mudge. *Robust Vocabulary*. Created by: Agatha Lee. blockades. If something prevents you from getting into a place, then it is a blockade. blockades. The parents set up blockades so their baby wouldn’t crawl around the house. Would blockades be used to

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Henry & Mudge

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Henry & Mudge

  • *Robust Vocabulary*

Created by:

Agatha Lee


If something prevents you from getting

into a place, then it is a blockade.


The parents set up blockades so their baby wouldn’t crawl around the house.

Would blockades be used to

keep cars safe from danger?

Would blockades be used to

keep your pencils safe?


* What might a blockade be made of?

* What might a blockade be used for?

* When would you NOT

want to use a blockade?


When a cloth takes in water and becomes

wet, it has soaked up the water.

This dog got soaked!


My clothes got soaked when

I played in the rain.

I soaked up spilled milk with a towel.

Would water or sand be

soaked up by a sponge?


* After soaking up a spill with a napkin, what would you do with the napkin?

* What food could you use to soak

up gravy on your plate?

* If a plant soaks up all the water in its pot, then what does this tell you?


When something is in the wrong

place, it is misplaced.


My sister helped me find

my misplaced homework folder.

What is more likely to be misplaced,

your backpack or your mom’s car?

My teacher misplaced her book.


* Can you think of an item that you misplaced and then found?

* If you found a misplaced library book, what would you do with it?

* Where do children look for

misplaced things at school?


The things you believe about what is right and what is wrong are your principles.


I admire my

parent’s principles.

Do you think criminals

have good principles?


* Would it bother you if someone had different principles from you?

* Would a person with strong principles ask to use a pencil or just take it?


When you don’t give someone

something that they’ve asked for, then

you deny them what they want.


Henry’s parents deny

his request for a brother.

Which might get denied, a request for a new puppy or a request for help?


* What food might you deny a dog?

* What food should you deny yourself?

* What toy would you deny a baby?


When you think very carefully about an

idea, then you consider it.


Henry’s parents consider

letting him get a dog.

My mom told me she would

consider buying me a new toy.


* Why is important to consider the weather before taking a trip?

* What information do

you consider at a restaurant?

* Would you consider the idea of shaving your head bald?


When you have strong ideas about

something, then you are opinionated.


Henry is opinionated about the

kind of dog he wants.

I’m opinionated about littering.

Are you more opinionated about doing homework or your bedtime?


* In what ways can you tell

someone is opinionated?

* Can an animal be opinionated?

Why or why not?

* Are you an opinionated person?


When you talk about the size and

weight of a large object, then you are

talking about its bulk.


Mudge’s bulk makes him too big to carry.

Which has more bulk, a puppy or a bed?

Do semi-trucks carry bulk?


* What item in your home

has the greatest bulk?

* What animals at the zoo have

the greatest bulk?

The ________ speaker told us exactly how he felt.

A. soaked

B. bulk

C. misplaced

D. opinionated

The police put up ________ around the flooded road.

A. principles

B. blockades

C. deny

D. bulk

Based on his ________, the coach removed Mary from the team.

A. deny

B. soaked

C. misplaced

D. principles

The crate’s ________

made it hard to move.

A. bulk

B. consider

C. opinionated

D. blockades

Jacob got ________ when

he jumped in the pool.

A. misplaced

B. principles

C. soaked

D. opinionated

Would your mom _______ you a bag of chips before dinner?

A. principles

B. deny

C. bulk

D. consider

He ________ his baseball glove and therefore was not able to play.

A. deny

B. principles

C. misplaced

D. blockades

Would you ________

moving to Alaska?

A. consider

B. deny

C. opinionated

D. principles

Let’s Review!!!

Do you remember what

these words mean?

1. ventured

2. described

3. edge

4. hesitate

5. anonymous

6. unselfish

7. satisfied

8. neighborly

Let’s Review!!!

Do you remember what

these words mean?

1. ignore

2. proficient

3. dangerous

4. heed

5. passion

6. style

7. challenge

8. underestimate

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