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Texas 4-H Recordbook Tutorial. Texas 4-H Recordbook Tutorial Presented by Cheryl Newberry Extension Program Specialist—4-H. “For The Record” Forms. Member Achievement Plan (M.A.P.) Record Improvement Guide (instructions for the completing a 4-H Recordbook) Texas 4-H Report Form

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Texas 4-H Recordbook Tutorial

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Texas 4-H Recordbook Tutorial

Texas 4-H Recordbook Tutorial

Presented by

Cheryl Newberry

Extension Program Specialist—4-H

“For The Record” Forms

  • Member Achievement Plan (M.A.P.)

  • Record Improvement Guide (instructions for the completing a 4-H Recordbook)

  • Texas 4-H Report Form

  • Texas 4-H Recordbook Scoresheet

  • Texas 4-H Clover

Recordbook Objectives

  • There are 5 Recordbook Objectives which are:

    • Attain a broad knowledge of 4-H projects and activities and the way they improve family and community life.

    • Acquire life skills essential for becoming an active, skilled, productive, and responsible citizen.

    • Adopt and apply the latest practices and research findings to everyday living.

    • Use all 4-H training and experiences in choosing and preparing for a job.

    • Develop leadership skills that promote positive youth development.

Tips in Meeting Recordbook Objectives

  • Your goal is to eventually meet all the objectives through your project work.

  • Beginning 4-Hers will not be able to achieve all objectives.

  • Objectives do not have to be listed in a recordbook in their entirety, however, they must be noted.

  • The objectives will be revised annually to address issues affecting youth development.

Texas 4-H Report Form

  • Sections of Texas 4-H Report Form

    • Personal Information Page (page 1)

    • 4-H Project Experiences (pages 2-4)

    • 4-H Leadership Experiences (page 5)

    • 4-H Community Service (page 6)

    • Other 4-H Projects(page 7)

    • 4-H Recognition and Awards (page 7)

    • Non-4-H Activities (page 8)

  • 4-H Recordbook Check Sheet

Texas 4-H Report Form– Personal Information Page

  • Recordbook Category

  • Pertinent Information

    • Date/Year of Birth

    • Current 4-H Age (4-H Age is based on August 31of the current 4-H year)

    • Signatures

Texas 4-H Report Form– Section 1

  • 4-H Project Experiences/4-H Project Summary

    What is your project?

    How did your project change or grow?

    • List the recordbook category entered as your first project.

    • Current 4-H year’s experience should always be listed first.

    • This page should include, but not limited to, such things as: items bought, items made and/or raised, places visited, profits/losses, and number of people taught.

Texas 4-H Report Form – Sample of Section 1

Sample of one way to format Section 1 – 4-H Project Experiences (page 2)

# Served = the number of individuals served a complete dinner or luncheon plate

4-H Events Include:Burger Ranch, Fish Camp, Goat Workshop Luncheon, Volunteer Recognition Luncheon and more.

Food Service Events Include: HEB Camps, various banquet type events, etc. not sponsored by 4-H.

Charities include: Annual Welcome Meal to Mentally Challenged at Down Home Ranch, meals to homeless, and BBQ dinners at Down Home Ranch Yam Bake Fundraiser and more.

Family Meals include: preparations of 3 meals per week for a family of 6.

$ Saved = savings of low-cost home cooked meal versus fast food or higher cost meals at home and was calculated based on a $3 average for a complete meal for my family of 6.

Texas 4-H Report Form—Section 1

  • 4-H Project Experiences/4-H Learning Experiences and Knowledge Gained (page 3 & 4)

    What have you done and what have you learned?

    • This page should include such things as, but don’t limit yourself to, workshops, contests, tours, research, computer learning programs, study of written material, interviews, etc.

    • Do not list items where you were a teacher or instructor.

    • Knowledge Gained means what did you learn from the experience (How to give injections; the parts of a presentation; the importance of food safety in health)

Texas 4-H Report Form—Section 1

  • 4-H Project Experiences/4-H Learning Experiences and Knowledge Gained

    What have you done and what have you learned?

    • Everything a 4-H member does in 4-H is at some level. A member should code each experience - local (L), county (C), district (D), regional (R),state (S), national (N) and international (I).

    • Make sure you tie the learning experiences back to the objectives! (Example: Obj. 3)

Highlights: Texas Food & Nutrition Advisory Team Retreat; SpecTra; Tours of Schlitterbahn Food Services, Renaissance Hotel, Sysco, Randalls, Webb Farms, Central Market, White Egret Farm. Best web-site: http://calcium.tamu.edu/mickey.html

What I learned in Food & Nutrition:

2003-04 – learned various ways to transport food safely & how it applies to catering and food service at a outdoor park (Obj. 1,2 &3). Learned about restaurant preparation of gourmet foods and garnishes (Obj 3&4). Explored careers: Food & Beverage Director & 2 Restaurant Owners (Obj. 4). Strengthened leadership while planning County Food Show, Food Camp, District Food Workshop and District Food Show Community Service (Obj. 5). Used 6 Pillars of Character from Teen Retreat at Burger Ranch Program (Obj. 2&5). Conducted numerous mock Nutrition Quiz Bowls throughout the District (Obj. 1&5).

2002-03 – *** list learning experiences for each year ***

Texas 4-H Report Form—Example for pages 3 & 4

Texas 4-H Report FormSection II - 4-H Leadership Experiences

  • Promotion Leadership: How have you told someone about 4-H?

  • Volunteer Leadership: How and what did you do to lead or teach others in 4-H?

  • Elected/Appointed Leadership: What did you do to help?

Texas 4-H Report FormSection III - 4-H Community Service

  • Ask yourself: “What did I do to help other people because of 4-H?”

  • Leadership

    • “Y” Yourself

    • “P” Provided Primary Leadership

    • “M”Member of a Group

Texas 4-H Report FormSection IV - Other 4-H Projects

  • List any 4-H project(s) not listed in Section I.

    • If a 4-H member has been involved in only four projects, list the fourth project in Section IV. This will prevent the loss of points for not including information in this section.

Texas 4-H Report FormSection V - 4-H Recognition and Awards

  • Highlight 4-H recognition and/or awards.

  • The keyword is 4-H.

  • Emphasize recognition received during the past 4 years.

Texas 4-H Report FormSection VI - NON-4-H Activities

  • List leadership, community service, awards and recognition from other activities such as school, church and other community organizations. (Example: FFA, NHS, and Clover Kids)

  • Clover Kids involvement should be reported in this section

4-H Story and Photo Portfolio

“Here is my 4-H life.

Look at what I have done!”

4-H Story and Photo PortfolioWhat should be included in a 4-H Story and Photo Portfolio?

  • Title: “My 4-H (Recordbook Category) Story and Photo Portfolio”

  • Information about yourself, your family, and your community.

  • When and why you joined 4-H.

  • Tell about the recordbook category in which you are submitting your recordbook. (What have you learned in 4-H?)

4-H Story and Photo PortfolioWhat should be included in a 4-H Story and Photo Portfolio?

  • Explain how 4-H has helped you become a better leader and citizen.

  • Highlight other 4-H projects and activities – be sure to show how you incorporate these activities into your main project.

  • Explain how being a 4-H member has helped you set goals (tell what the goals are) and develop new interest.

  • Describe how 4-H has influenced your future plans or career goals.

4-H Story and Photo PortfolioWhat are the requirements?

  • Maximum of 10 pages for the 4-H Story and Photo Portfolio.

  • Length:

    • Text --Minimum of 3 pages of double-spaced type and a minimum of a 10 point font or equivalent or it may be handwritten.

    • Pictures -- Minimum equivalent of 3 pages of pictures. Each picture should have a brief caption that explains the actions and lesson learned.

    • Remaining Four pages is up to your discretion.

    • Story and photos may be combined.

4-H Story and Photo Portfolio

  • Photography Recordbooks

    • Six (6) additional pages of pictures

    • Pictures must have been taken in photography project

    • Insert at the back of your recordbook

4-H Story and Photo PortfolioWhat are the requirements?

  • Text Margins:

    • Top, bottom and right margins = 1 inch.

    • Left margin = 1 1/2 inches

    • These margins only apply to TEXT - borders, artwork or pictures may extend to the edge of the page.

4-H Story and Photo PortfolioWhat are the requirements?

  • Paper Type:

    • Typing paper and bond weight paper are acceptable.

    • Prohibited

      • Construction Paper

      • Sheet Protectors

      • Tabs

      • Dividers

4-H Resume’(Senior Members Only)

  • The 4-H resume’ is a 1- page (front only) summary of:

    • Skills

    • Accomplishments

    • Experiences

    • Education

4-H Resume’(Senior Members Only)

  • Sell yourself

  • Use active language

  • Be consistent

  • Present information in reverse chronological order within categories

  • Check grammar

  • Ensure that the resume’ is neat and visually appealing.

4-H Resume’(Senior Members Only)

  • No photos are allowed on the resume.

  • No business or letterhead may be used.

  • Resume’ should not be done by a resume’ service or professional.

Resume’ Example

Putting Your Recordbook Together

  • Place the parts of the recordbook in this order when complete:

    • Personal Information Page

    • 4-H Story and Photo Portfolio

    • Texas 4-H Report Form

    • Seniors Only – Resume’

    • Photography Category Only – up to 6 additional pages of photography project photos


Contact your local County Extension Agent for more information!

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