tips and tricks to do the match quickly
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Tips And Tricks To Do The Match Quickly

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Tips And Tricks To Do The Match Quickly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most of the people don’t like to do the math, and when it comes to the use of large fractions, they are always the source of irritation to such people at the first moment. If you want to learn the techniques to do the match quickly and easily, then have a look at all the tips listed below to get the most benefit.

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tips and tricks to do the match quickly

Tips And Tricks To Do The Match Quickly

Easily solve all Math problems.


Here at the tips and tricks that every student must do in his mind to get the results, whether there is adding fraction or the dividing fraction, it doesn’t make a difference at all. After these tips, you will be able to do all the things.

1 addition of large numbers
1. Addition Of Large Numbers
  • Adding fractions that are large enough is difficult to accommodate into the mind. This is the method that is shown here that is simplifying the process by multiplying all the numbers with 10. Such as:
  • 288 + 344

As these numbers are difficult to calculate in mind. So you can round these numbers, and this will make it more manageable. Such as if you make 288 to 290 and 344 to 350. Now add the 290 to 350 and the total will be 640.


Now to get the exact answer of the values that we used, you must remember the numbers that you used and subtracted the number from the original value. For examples:

290-288 = 2 and 350-344 = 6

Now add the two numbers, i.e. 2 + 6 = 8.


If you want to get the exact answer, you have to subtract this 8 from the combined value that is 640 and the actual answer will be:

640 – 8 = 632

So, the exact answer is 632.

2 subtract from 1000
2. Subtract From 1000
  • This is the basic rule to subtract any number that is large enough to be difficult to be subtracted. The simple rule of subtraction is that you must subtract all the numbers except the last one from the 9 and subtract the last number from 10. Let’s suppose:
  • 1000 – 544 =
  • Subtract 5 from 9 = 4
  • Subtract 4 from 9 = 5
  • Subtract 4 from 10 = 6
  • The answer is the 456.
multiply a number 5 times
Multiply A Number 5 Times
  • Here are the two conditions for the multiplication process. If you have the even number, then multiply it by 5. Here is the example: 5 * 8
step 1
Step 1
  • The even number that has been selected for the multiplication with the five must be cut into two parts so, eight must be cut into two parts, and it will become the number 4.
step 2
Step 2
  • Add one zero to this number, and you will get the exact answer. In this case, add 0 to the end of 4, and you will get 40.
step 11
Step 1
  • Subtract one from the odd number that is three will become 2.
step 21
Step 2
  • Now half the resulting number and add five at the end that is two will be 1 and 15 is the answer.