Expansion of rome
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Expansion of Rome. World History. Punic wars- Rome v. Carthage (N. Africa). Military. Rome had dominant army (land) Carthage had the dominant navy (sea). 1 st Punic War. Rome defeats Carthage’s navy ( how?)

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Expansion of rome

Expansion of Rome

World History


  • Rome had dominant army (land)

  • Carthage had the dominant navy (sea)

1 st punic war
1st Punic War

  • Rome defeats Carthage’s navy (how?)

  • They used grappling hooks to connect ships; by connecting the ships, they turned naval battles into hand to hand combat

2 nd punic war
2nd Punic War

  • Led by the Carthaginian General, Hannibal

  • Strategy-40,000 soldiers and 40 elephants through the Alps mountains. (northern Italy) to attack Rome from the north

  • Cold climate and mountainous terrain (17,000 ft.) killed half the troops and most of the elephants

  • By the time Hannibal reaches Rome, his army is depleted (he still almost wins)

3 rd punic war
3rd Punic War

  • Purpose- This time Rome attacks, destroys, and burns all of Carthage to end any kind if future threat.

Divided into provinces
Divided into provinces

  • Each province ruled by a proconsul(governor)

  • A proconsul was chosen by the Senate

  • Proconsul was usually a local of the conquered territory to make the conquered people satisfied

1 st triumvirates three consuls led three territories of rome
1st Triumvirates- Three consuls led three territories of Rome

  • 1st Triumvirates- General Gnaeus Pompey, Marcus Crassus, and Julius Caesar

  • Caesar expands his lands in the north west by defeating the Celts (N. France and Britain)

  • Caesar gets killed in Battle

  • Caesar commits treason against Pompey, defeats him, and declares himself dictator (now the senate is peed off)

5 big accomplishments of julius caesar
5 Big Accomplishments of Julius Caesar

  • Gave jobs to unemployed

  • Gave public land to poor

  • Gave citizenship to conquered provinces

  • Conquered provinces got representation in Senate

  • Adopted Egypt's 365 ¼ day calendar

    *** In 44BC (on the ides of March), Caesar is assassinated by senators (led by friends Brutus and Cassius)

2 nd triumvirate
2nd Triumvirate

  • Octavian Caesar (Nephew), Marc Antony, and Marcus Lepidus

  • Octavian forces Lepidus out of power

  • Octavian uses threat of Antony’s marriage to Cleopatra to attack (they commit suicide)

  • Octavian becomes leader and changes name to Augustus

  • Pax Romana= Roman Peace 200 years