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Location. UNEP. OAS. ANA. Govt agencies Communities External agents Schools. Water Users. São Francisco Project Operational Structure. GEF São Francisco. P2. ACTIVITIES S1 S2 S3... Sn. WATERSHED MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. Priority Issues i n the San Francisco Basin.

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Govt agencies Communities External agents Schools

Water Users

São Francisco Project Operational Structure

GEF São Francisco



S1 S2 S3... Sn


Priority Issues in the San Francisco Basin

  • Insufficient water for the multiple uses

  • Undisciplined exploitation ef the surface water

  • separated from the groundwater

  • Water use conflicts

  • Restrictions to navigation

  • Inadequate soil occupancy and use

  • Water pollution from point and diffuse sources

  • Degradation of the aquatic ecosystem and loss of biodiversity

  • Lack of institutional integration and cooperation

GEF Project Components

  • I- River Basin and Coastal Zone Environmental Analysis

  • II- Public and Stakeholder Participation

  • III- Organizational Structure Development

  • IV- Watershed Management Program Formulation

a) Information Sharing and Dissemination

b) Quantification of Water use and use Conflicts

c) Financial Mechanisms

d) Formulation of the WMP

Basic Principles of the GEF Projects

  • Community Involvement: Bottom up formulation

  • Continuity: Who will be responsible

  • Sustainability: Assuring the necessary support

  • Replicability: Multiplying the successful practices

Spatial Distribution of Activities

Best Practices

Causal Chain Analysis

Spatial Distribution of Activities, by Components

Best Practices - A

  • Assesment of mining impacts on the water resources of the Upper São Francisco

Best Practices - B

  • Partnership with communities to improve water resources quality

Best Practices - C

  • Groundwater Monitoring

Best Practices - D

  • Land-use mapping

Best Practices - E

  • Assessment of contribution of river transport to agricultural progress

Best Practices - F

  • Hydrodinamic and sediment study of

  • the Lower San Francisco and adjacent coastal zone

Best Practices - G

Monitoring water quality in the Lower-Middle San Francisco

Best Practices - H

Restoration of the icthyofauna and determination of nutrient load in the water

Best Practices - I

Preserving springs and riparian forests

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