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Career Exploration. Workshop Goals:. Introduce key Labour Market Information concepts Discuss Informational Interviews Review components of Research Package Computer lab: Passport to Work Website ( CAREER PASSPORT ) research occupations LMI websites Education / training

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Workshop goals
Workshop Goals:

  • Introduce key Labour Market Information concepts

  • Discuss Informational Interviews

  • Review components of Research Package

  • Computer lab:

    • Passport to Work Website (CAREER PASSPORT)

    • research occupations

    • LMI websites

    • Education / training

    • Job search websites

What is labour market information lmi
What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

  • type of work that is actually available

    • in different industries

    • in a particular location

    • at a particular point in time

LMI includes:

  • Information about specific fields

  • Employment and Unemployment statistics

  • Economic trends (what’s hot, what’s not)

  • Levels of education / training required

  • Job vacancies

  • 40,000+ occupations in North America

  • Identify which industries are declining, growing and stable

  • What does this mean to you?

    • Changing working conditions

    • Ongoing need for formal and informal life long learning

    • Jobs created, shifted and eliminated

    • Globalization

    • Shifting demographics

Why care about LMI?

Group discussion questions
Group Discussion Questions

  • What changes have you seen lately in the Lower Mainland?

  • What labour market changes do you foresee?

  • What factors influence trends in the labour market?

  • How can you best prepare for these changes?

Where do you find lmi
Where do you find LMI?

  • Current print publications

    • Newspapers

    • Magazines

    • trade publications

  • Current websites

  • Networking with people

Networking with people…

  • effective way to get career-related information

  • People you know…

    • Friends, Family, co – workers, etc…

  • People you don’t know…

    • Informational Interviews


Benefits of info interviews
Benefits of Info Interviews… work and career path.

  • Explore careers and clarify your career goal

    • Expand your professional network

    • Access current career and labour market information

    • Build confidence

    • Save time!

Sources for info interviews contacts
Sources for Info. Interviews contacts… work and career path.

  • People you know

  • Internet

  • Online communities

  • Field Memberships and affiliations

  • School graduates

  • phone book, etc…


Conducting an info interview
Conducting an Info. Interview... work and career path.

  • Best option: in-person

  • Phone

  • Fax

  • E-mail

Prepping for an info interview

WHAT TO DO: work and career path.

Arrive on time

Research the company beforehand

Take notes to review later

Practice with a friend first

Politely ask if you could be referred to other contacts

Write a thank you note


Take more time than agreed upon

Project negative body language

Answer phone calls or text messages

Use inappropriate language or slang

Forget to thank the person for their time

Treat it as “just part of the research package”

Prepping for an info interview:

Prepping for the info interview con t
Prepping for the Info. Interview (con’t) work and career path.

  • Practice Introduction


    “Hello, my name is…

    I am interested in going to school to become a ___ and was wondering if you had a couple of minutes to answer some questions about the occupation“

When you make contact
When you make contact: work and career path.

  • Be specific about why you are contacting them

  • Take advantage of off-peak hours

  • Get to know the industry – make your approach appropriate

  • Be prepared with your questions!

Questions to ask in info interviews
Questions to ask in Info. Interviews work and career path.


  • they are “who you want to be”

    • i.e. Dental Assistant


  • are the people who hire

    • i.e. Dentist

Info interview roadblocks
Info Interview Roadblocks… work and career path.

  • Minimum of 10 required

    • 5 employers

    • 5 employees

  • Time consuming

  • Resistance – Too busy, bad timing, not interested, not hiring, etc…

  • Frustration - Keep trying!

Research package components
RESEARCH PACKAGE components work and career path.

Section One – Rationale Letter

Section Two– Labour Market Information

Section Three– Informational Interviews

Section Four– Job Postings

Section Five– School Research

Section Six– Budget Worksheet

Section Seven – Resume (optional)

Introduction to online resources work and career path.

Online resources - work and career path.Occupational information Websites

Online resources – LMI Websites work and career path.

Computer LAB time! work and career path.

  • Time to research:

  • Occupational information

  • Labour market information

  • Education / training options

  • Job opportunities

Thank you! work and career path.