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. Starting from first principles, connect an AC signal generator to 2 parallel conductive plates, generating an electric field between the plates. The wavelength will be much larger than all dimensions of the plates, so the field will be purely electric with no magnetic component, and no electromag

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TruePrint Technology The Fundamentals

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1. TruePrint™ Technology The Fundamentals

2. TruePrint RF Imaging Technology

3. TruePrint RF Imaging Technology

4. The Structure of the Skin

5. TruePrint RF Imaging Technology

6. TruePrint RF Imaging Technology

7. TruePrint RF Imaging Technology

8. TruePrint RF Imaging Technology

9. DC Capacitive Overview

10. Advantages of TruePrint Technology over standard DC capacitive sensing TruePrint imaging does not depend upon air in the valleys If the valleys are worn away, filled with oil or dirt, or if they are smashed flat, the sensor still images Even very dry skin can be imaged successfully TruePrint technology uses coherent planar field structures between the finger and the sensor Minimizes crosstalk between sensors, 250 sensors per inch in TruePrint technology generates a real 250 ppi information content. Most other sensors lose information due to crosstalk. The sensing fields penetrate thick and callused skin The sensors can work through thicker protective coatings TruePrint technology is very flexible and can be automatically adjusted to adapt to a wide range of different skin types and environments.

11. Dynamic optimization™ -- How it works Uses the flexibility of the TruePrint technology to adapt to the person’s current skin condition The system takes several image frames in sequence each one better optimized than the previous Process continues until the image is good enough to accept or reject confidently

12. Dynamic optimization Example of a typical dry finger This example took 4 frames Executed in about ½ second on a PC

13. For more information …

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