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Business is Looking Up. Spelling this week!. n a p k i n. n a pk i n. c a n n o t. c a nn o t. d e n t i st. d e nt i st. e x p e r t. e xp e r t. st e n c i l. st e nc i l. cr e d i t. cr e d i t. e ch o. e ch o. t o p s oi l. t o ps oi l. pr o g r e ss.

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this week!

nap kin

  • napkin

can not

  • cannot

den tist

  • dentist

ex pert

  • expert

sten cil

  • stencil

cred it

  • credit

ech o

  • echo

top soil

  • topsoil

prog ress

  • progress

prod uct

  • product

com ment

  • comment

sug gest

  • suggest

prin cess

  • princess

in fect

  • infect

with in

  • within

bar gain

  • bargain

gla cier

  • glacier

re wind

  • rewind

pre dict

  • predict

joy ful

  • joyful


this week!


  • Telling the public you are selling something

Mr. Smith helped the two young boys advertise their cards.


  • Something that is made and sold.

People can buy or sell products on Ebay.


  • Use of money to gain a profit

The men used their investment to buy paper, paints, and markers.


  • A picture or pattern

They used stencils to create their design.


  • sensible

He told the boys that their idea was “a sound idea”.