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11.3. The Coming of War. Merchants Vs. Pirates. Barbary States- operated pirate fleets causing interference with merchant ships traveling to trade (Mediterranean Sea) Tributes were payed yearly to keep them from capturing American ships

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The Coming of War

Merchants Vs. Pirates

  • Barbary States- operated pirate fleets causing interference with merchant ships traveling to trade (Mediterranean Sea)

  • Tributes were payed yearly to keep them from capturing American ships

  • Jefferson felt we could take them down- Tripoli demanded a higher tribute (1801) we refused, they declared war on us-

  • USS Philadelphia (our ship) was captured- sailors held for ransom and impressment

  • We improved our warships -1805 combined force of Marines and mercenaries captured the Tripoli tan town- caused the ruler of Tripoli to signed a peace treaty(no more tribute and returned American hostages)

The Marine's Hymn LyricsFrom the Halls of MontezumaTo the shores of TripoliWe fight our country's battlesIn the air, on land, and sea;First to fight for right and freedomAnd to keep our honor clean;We are proud to claim the titleOf United States Marine.Our flag's unfurled to every breezeFrom dawn to setting sun;We have fought in every clime and placeWhere we could take a gun.In the snow of far-off Northern landsAnd in sunny tropic scenes;You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines.Here's health to you and to our CorpsWhich we are proud to serve;In many a strife we've fought for lifeAnd never lost our nerve.If the Army and the NavyEver look on Heaven's scenes,They will find the streets are guardedBy United States Marines.

1803-war again (Britain vs. France)

  • Both countries wanted to stop neutral countries from supplying supplies to the other country

  • Britain captured hundreds of American ships and made any sailor they found that was a deserter of the British navy to serve on their warships (impressment)- thousands of American citizens were pressed too!!

  • US Response- Embargo Act -1807- banned trading with all foreign nations

  • (affected the US more than anyone)

  • REPEAL: replace with the NON-Intercourse Act- 1809- banned trade only with Britain and France- and the US would renew trade with the first side that stopped violating U.S. neutrality

  • Madison elected in 1809

Trouble on the Frontier

  • Indians angry over the Treaty of Greenville- Britain supplied them with military aid

  • Tecumseh- Shawnee Indians Chief- wanted to unite all Indians to oppose the American settlers- settle around Tippecanoe

    1811- Henry Harrison provoked attack on Indians – led to The Battle of Tippecanoe (Indians attacked first)- Indians couldn’t handle the Americans and retreated- Harrison destroyed Tecumseh's village

War Hawks: Congress members who wanted to declare war on Britain (west and south)

Opponents of the War Hawks: Federalists from New England- wanted friendly business ties- no fighting

President James Madison- Republican encourages Congress to……..


  • Congress split:

  • FOR WAR: Southern and Western States

  • Against: New England, New York, New Jersey and Delaware

  • War Hawks win out- Congress Declares War for the first time in history

  • Madison gets elected to a second term and serves as Commander in Chief during The War of 1812

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