Using the iq atr to improve your reuse program
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Using the IQ-ATR to improve YOUR reuse program PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the IQ-ATR to improve YOUR reuse program. Lindsey Bean Kampwerth, OTD, Paraquad Liz Persuad, Pass It On Center Information Contributed by:Trish Redmon, MBA, Pass It On Center. January 27, 2011.

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Using the IQ-ATR to improve YOUR reuse program

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Using the IQ-ATR to improve YOUR reuse program

Lindsey Bean Kampwerth, OTD, Paraquad

Liz Persuad, Pass It On Center

Information Contributed by:Trish Redmon, MBA, Pass It On Center

January 27, 2011

To understand the Indicators of Quality for AT Reuse as a guide to promising practices for all programs

To explore alternative methods for using the IQ-ATR online program assessment tool to aid program improvement

Pass It On Center

Learning objectives

Pass It On Center

Indicators of quality for at reuse(IQ-ATR)

  • IQ-ATR developed in 2009 by representatives from programs, Pass It On Center and National Task Force for AT Reuse

  • Each indicator identifies the circumstance for desired outcomes (“promising practices”)

  • Key factors for consideration provide context for determining compliance

Pass It On Center

OnlineProgram assessment tOOL

  • Converts IQ-ATR into quick multiple-choice assessment process

    • You can create a profile or remain anonymous.

  • Allows user to determine applicable categories and quality indicators

    • You can assess one category, several or all.

  • Provides nonjudgmental results in the form of references

    • No ratings, just resources for help

  • Yes, someone in Kuwait explored the IQ-ATR and found much of it useful!

  • We have had inquiries from someone in Korea.

Pass It On Center

Inquiries From korea to kuwait

Pass It On Center


Pass It On Center

Identify priorities

Pass It On Center

Use IQ-ATR to de-personalize change

  • The IQ-ATR represents the judgment of professionals in AT Reuse about promising practices, not just one person’s opinion.

  • Leverage the IQ-ATR to defuse potential objections to needed change. It removes personalities and traditions from the table.

Pass It On Center

Check Policies and procedures

  • Most of the Indicators of Quality should be supported by one or more policies and procedures.

  • Make a checklist of those that need to be developed (or documented) and implemented.

Pass It On Center

Usetheonlineassessmenttool with:

Pass It On Center

Follow A Projectapproach

Pass It On Center

With Individuals

  • As a manager or key employee:

    • Take the OPAT alone to get a sense of how the program “measures up”

    • Frame your own ideas for improvement

  • As the program leader:

    • Meet with a manager or key employee to review IQ for one category

    • Use the IQ-ATR as a “neutral” springboard for discussion.

Pass It On Center

Use the tool with internal groups

Pass It On Center

Internal use: Compare assessments

  • Sara Sack, Assistive Technology for Kansans, used the IQ-ATR online tool with six members of the Kansas team. Each took the assessment independently and then the group discussed the differences in their ratings.

Pass It On Center

Use the tool with external groups

Pass It On Center

Use IQ-ATR with nattap indicators

  • Option: Combine the IQ-ATR with the NATTAP quality indicators, which go beyond reuse.

  • IQ-ATR could be a supplementary tool for state programs. (It is not part of the formal program review.)

Pass It On Center

Combine with SWOT Analysis



Pass It On Center

Capture the S and W in Swot

  • Strengths:

    • Every applicable IQ with a “Meets All” response

  • Weaknesses:

    • Every applicable IQ with a “Meets None” response

Pass It On Center


Pass It On Center

Formulate actions

Pass It On Center

CapitalizE on strengths

Pass It On Center

Remediate weaknesses

Pass It On Center

Make it a project

  • Define activities and tasks

  • Assign roles and responsibilities

  • Develop a timeline

Pass It On Center

Track Your progress

Weekly Stoplight Report?

Pass It On Center

Comments or Questions?

  • How do you think you could use the IQ-ATR to improve the program?

  • Do you think some of the suggestions would work for your program?

  • Do you have comments about the suggested uses, or other suggestions for ways to use the IQ-ATR?

Pass It On Center

Use the IQ-ATR online and win $

  • Use the online tool in the next two months and tell us about it -- how it helped or how to make it better. Your program could win one of three $50 gift cards.

  • Register for an account and use the tool in one of the suggested (or new) ways.

  • Download the form from the KB and submit before Feb. 1.

  • Winners announced at February Webinar.

Pass It On Center

  • Contact us:




This work is supported under five-year cooperative agreement #H235V060016 awarded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, and is administered by the Pass It On Center of the Georgia Department of Labor – Tools for Life. However, the contents of this publication do not necessarily represent the policy or opinions of the Department of Education, or the Georgia Department of Labor, and the reader should not assume endorsements of this document by the Federal government or the Georgia Department of Labor.

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