Seventh grade assembly
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Seventh Grade Assembly. Invocation CELEBRATE EXCELLENCE! First Semester Accomplishments CERTIFICATES OF HONOR Fr. Willie García-Tu ñón , S.J. Dismissal. Lord Jesus, Teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as you deserve: To give and not to count the cost,

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Seventh Grade Assembly

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Seventh grade assembly

Seventh Grade Assembly



First Semester Accomplishments


Fr. Willie García-Tuñón, S.J.


Seventh grade assembly

Lord Jesus,

Teach me to be generous.

Teach me to serve you as you deserve:

To give and not to count the cost,

To fight and not to heed the wounds,

To toil and not to seek for rest,

To labor and not to seek reward,

Except that of knowing that I do your will.

Nuestra Señora de Belén:


Ignatian paradigm experience reflection action

IGNATIAN PARADIGMExperience – Reflection - Action

  • Experience! Look back at this first semester.

    Celebrate accomplishments and excellence

  • Reflect! Think about we have accomplished as a middle school.

    (What you have done this first semester?)

  • Action! How can we continue to improve our school and ourselves to serve one another for A.M.D.G

Deacon r o malley

Deacon R. O’Malley

  • Studied basic dogmas of faith.

  • Saw videos reinforcing the themes in class and inspiring us to be “Men for Others”.

  • Learned important prayers of our Catholic faith.

  • Altar Servers:

    • Continue to serve the Belen community

    • Served in Masses, Grandparents’ Day and other liturgies

Mr j castillo

Mr. J. Castillo

  • Students gained greater understanding and appreciation for the Catholic Faith.

  • Studied the Apostles Creed.

  • Learned about the different heresies that threatened early Christianity.

Ms m morera

Ms. M. Morera

  • Covered nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

  • Completed 30 journal entries.

  • Read books: Tunes for Bears to Dance To, That Was Then This Is Now, Maus and The Hobbit.

  • Students with A+ and excellent behavior & attitude: Andrés Concepción, David Fager, Joseph Fuentes, Nicholas García, Daniel Romeu.

  • Students with A, excellent behavior, attitude and role models: Juan Carabeo-Nivea, Alexander Fernández, Andrés Márquez, Luis Mejer, Christopher Menéndez

Mr c reyes

Mr. C. Reyes

  • Read The Hobbit .

  • Covered more material than ever before.

  • Came together as a class to discuss pros and cons to improve upon the course for second semester.

Ms j iglesias

Ms. J. Iglesias

  • Read 2 novels: Maus: A Survivor's Tale and The Hobbit

  • Covered variety of short stories.

  • Dramatic readings in class, including The Christmas Carol.

  • Covered introductory, concluding and body paragraphs.

  • Commended Students: Rodrigo Bustamante Kevin Ramos

Ms m s nchez

Ms. M. Sánchez

  • Covered units 4 and 5.

  • Participated in Modern Languages Fair.

  • Wrote poems for Grandparent’s Day.

  • Outstanding Work: Romare González, John Powell, Michael Gonçalves, Lucas Pola

Ms d haibi

Ms. D. Haibi

  • Covered targeted 3 units of Tu mundo.

  • Participated in Belen Modern Languages Fair.

  • Contributed poems for Grandparents’ Day.

  • Participated in Red Ribbon Week.

Ms m vidal

Ms. M. Vidal

  • Students studied about main Hispanic groups in USA.

  • Illustrated posters in the Modern Languages Fair.

  • Three units of Tu mundo.

Seventh grade assembly

Modern Languages FairPoster Winners7th grade Special AwardsRodrigo BustamanteMarcelo MiónAndrés Márquez

Mr r fern ndez

Mr. R. Fernández

  • Covered 16 chapters in total, which included:

    • Life Science foundation

    • Animals

    • Diversity of life

    • Bacteria

    • Proptosis and Fungi

  • Will be preparing for Fairchild Challenge

Ms s lara

Ms. S. Lara

  • Covered chapters 1-4 and 12-15.

  • Learned about the Animal Kingdom.

  • Participated in the Fairchild Challenge.

  • Performed a lab for each chapter.

Mr f elorza

Mr. F. Elorza

  • Completed Chapters 1-6

  • Robotics

    • Held first competition hosted by Belen

    • Was a huge success

    • Teams from central and south Florida participated.

Mr j forte

Mr. J. Forte

  • Covered chapters 1-6.

  • Extra credit assignments on Jesuit mathematicians and core values.

  • Participated in successful after school tutoring program.

  • Commended students:

    • Daniel Dager, David Fager, Andrés Márquez, Daniel Portuondo, Manuel Rojas-Romero, David Salazar

Ms d toledo

Ms. D. Toledo

  • Completed chapters 1-5.

  • Solved equations and inequalities.

  • Worked with exponents, decimals, fractions, integers.

Mr e delgado

Mr. E. Delgado

  • Covered North, South and Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

  • Studied states and capitals of the United States.

  • Also identified countries of Latin America.

Mr d fry

Mr. D. Fry

  • Learned to analyze human and physical characteristics by using five themes of geography.

  • Students studied how maps can be used to describe many aspects of human society in a particular area.

  • Applied five themes of geography to North America.

  • Commended students:

    • Connor Meagher for an outstanding attitude

    • Rodrigo Bustamante for superior academics

Physical education

Physical Education

  • Introduced to Field Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee.

  • Learned rules and importance of group unity.

  • Fitness and hand/eye coordination was evaluated.

  • Trained for Presidential Fitness Test.

Mr f padura

Mr. F. Padura

  • Incredible job on ensemble acting scenes!

  • Students performed with them in Roca.

  • Theater with lights, sound and props!

Mr i font

Mr. I. Font

  • Art assignments downloaded in Artsonia.

  • Created posters

  • Self-portrait drawing collage

  • Photo Club: participated in the Autism basketball clinic.

Physical education1

Physical Education

  • Learned how to stretch properly.

  • Participated in Water Polo and Basketball

  • Learned rules and history of sports.

  • Held grade tryouts

  • Participated in Thanksgiving weekend tournament.

  • Tested for skills in Water Polo and Basketball.

    • Held tournaments for each

    • Winning team received extra credit

  • Weight Training Program

    • Trained and assisted football, baseball and basketball teams.

  • Commended Students: Mario Robaina

Ms m urbay

Ms. M. Urbay

  • Learned the importance of team work.

  • Learned how to work handle their instruments.

  • Performed at the Belen Gala.

Middle school clubs

Middle School Clubs


  • Students attended Oliver, A Few Good Men, Fuenteovejuna and the Picaresque Novel.

  • Also went to Edin Gutiérrez Art Exhibit and did workshop on Origami.


  • Middle School Math Club: Preparing for County competition in February.

Seventh grade assembly

  • Belen Junior Thespians once again qualified for the State Festival of Feb 11-12. Top in District, Critic’s Choice: Jaime López (7) and José Pelegrí (8), Anthony Padura (8), Rafael Cariello (8), Pablo Arévalo (7), Ignacio Pérez (8) and Ghulian Ramos (7) received Superiors in their respective categories.

  • Future Doctor’s of America:

    • visited Miami Children’s Hospital

    • participated in UM Health Clinics

    • volunteered in the Autism Basketball Clinic

  • Green Club:

    • starting a recycling program

    • working on a garden with Mrs. Fenton

Middle school sports

Middle School Sports

Grandparents day

Grandparents’ Day

Mix it up

Mix It Up

Middle school sports1

Middle School Sports

  • The JH Swimming team

    • Most successful squad…went undefeated!

    • First place at Westminster Christian, Gulliver, Belen Jesuit, MS Private Championships & Dade County Youth Fair.

    • Outstanding swimmers: Ryan Guso, Santiago Núñez

  • The JH Football team

    • Finished with a record of 5-2.

Middle school sports2

Middle School Sports

  • The Junior High Cross Country team

    • First place at Invitational, Tri-County Championships and Arch. Carroll.  

    • Finished in 2nd place at ACC, Catholic State, Ransom and St. Theresa.  

    • Top Runners: Matthew Mullin-García, Antonio Montadas, Lorenzo Laurita and Bruno Zayas.

  • MS Cross Country: 2nd Place in State Championships

  • MS Football: two teams, 7th and 8th

Future activities

Future Activities

  • Tómbola

  • Ambassador Program

  • Intramural Barq Ball

First semester honor rolls

First Semester Honor Rolls

  • Honor Roll

    6th - 104 students 63%

    7th - 98 students 49%

    8th - 115 students 55%

  • Principal’s Honor Roll

    6th – 28 students 16.9%

    7th – 27 students 13.5%

    8th – 19 students 9%

Seventh grade assembly

Honor Roll CertificatesG.P.A. of 3.4 or higherPrincipal’s Honor RollAn A in all subjectsFr. García-Tuñon, S.J., Ed. D.PrincipalFaculty & Counselors

Top five averages first semester

Top Five Averages First Semester

Invited to special Field Trip & extra raffle ticket!

Rodrigo A. Bustamante

Anthony M. Castro

Daniel A. Dager

David I. Fager

Nicolas J. García

Daniel A. Portuondo

Daniel A. Romeu





  • PATIO PIZZA – Use ticket that says ”Keep this coupon”

  • RAFFLE - ROCA THEATER – Write your name clearly in the lined ticket. Keep it safe!

    Enter through your grade door


Seventh grade assembly




Citizenship school spirit

Citizenship & School Spirit

  • Care about each other

  • Care for your family and neighbor

  • Care for our school

  • Do what is best and right for all!

Seventh grade assembly



Congratulations to all

who did their best the first semester


here is to a great second semester!

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