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Welcome to Back to School Night! Mrs. Cooperman Mrs. Swenson (Mrs . Engelhardt ) Ms. Walsh 7 th Grade Pre-Algebra: CMP3 Connected Mathematics Project [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Connected Math Program 3.

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Welcome to Back to School Night!Mrs. CoopermanMrs. Swenson (Mrs. Engelhardt)Ms. Walsh 7th Grade Pre-Algebra: CMP3Connected Mathematics [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@chatham-nj.org

Connected math program 3
Connected Math Program 3

  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards (N.J.)

  • Helps students with problem solving

  • Promotes deeper understanding of concepts

  • Promotes learning by doing, not by watching

  • New Standardized Tests - Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC): reading, writing, comprehending, and explaining

  • Makes math a more concrete subject to grasp, relates it to real life

Cmp3 continued
CMP3 continued…

  • 8 books throughout the year

  • Listed on the Course Description

  • Binder upkeep is essential

  • Keeping lessons and homework in chronological order

  • No writing in the books

  • Copies of lesson materials are given in advance

Typical day
Typical Day

  • Homework- check answer keys; check with group members; additional explanation by teacher as needed

    CMP3: Connected Math Project

  • Launch – Introduction and Focus

  • Explore (The Problem)

  • Summary

Launch introduces the focus question
Launch(Introduces the Focus Question)

Explore with partners or groups
Explore(With Partners or Groups)

Summary related to the focus question
Summary(Related to theFocus Question)

Grading total points
Grading (Total Points)


  • Graded on a scale from 0-3

  • 3 = All work shown, all questions fully answered (not just the answer)

  • 2 = All questions answered, some work shown (“a little something missing”)

  • 1= some questions answered, some work shown (“a little something done”)

  • 0 = nothing done

  • Late assignments can be made up for partial credit

Group work
Group Work





    Each individual student will receive a “group grade.” This grade is based on how the individual student contributes to the group activity. Grades range from 3-2-1-0. Not always an everyday grade

Quizzes tests projects
Quizzes, Tests, Projects,

  • Quizzes: Individual, partner, notebook

    • Taken at the end of a chapter or during if the chapter is long; points vary

  • Unit Tests: at the end of each book; individual work; points vary

  • Unit Projects: At the end of each unit, will be explained in detail when assigned

What to study
What to Study

  • Supplementary Sheets (“Class Notes”)

  • Explore questions

  • Homework questions/answers

  • Summaries from class

  • Review Packets

Review problems when a quiz or test covers several chapters unit test review multi page packets
-Review problems when a quiz or test covers several chapters -Unit Test Review: Multi-page packets

Extra help
Extra Help chapters

  • Morning, at lunch time, during study hall, or at the end of the day, depending upon the teacher’s availability.

  • Teachers may be contacted via email for a morning pass if one wasn’t picked up during the day

  • New morning pass policy: students are allowed into the building at 7:30 a.m. with a teacher’s pass

Genesis chapters

  • Updated every few days; the Rotating-Drop schedule is a factor

  • Homework and group work are included

  • Tests and quizzes will be posted on Genesis within the week, but all students need to have taken the assess- ment in order for the students to get them back

  • Students can come after school to see their tests and quizzes and do corrections

My website
My Website chapters

  • Homework is written on calendar

  • Tests and quizzes are listed in advance

  • Summary answer keys are uploaded

  • Review Summaries for quizzes/tests

  • Internet Resources

Absences chapters

  • Students are responsible for getting missed work

  • If going to be absent for multiple days, please let me know 3 days in advance

  • Lesson pages and “Class Notes” are sent to the Guidance Office for pick up

  • Complete the homework and hand in in order to get credit

  • Missed tests/quizzes can be made up after the homework is checked

Further information/requests: please contact me via chapters Google

[email protected]

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