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Baroid high pressure high temperature drilling solutions
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Baroid® High Pressure/High Temperature Drilling Solutions. Customer Challenge. Fluid Design. Operational. HP/HT viscosity and rheology HP/HT fluid loss control HP/HT stability of additives Weighting material choice Resistance to contamination ECD control Environmental Regulations.

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Baroid® High Pressure/High Temperature Drilling Solutions

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Baroid high pressure high temperature drilling solutions

Baroid® High Pressure/High Temperature Drilling Solutions

Customer challenge

Customer Challenge

Fluid Design


  • HP/HT viscosity and rheology

  • HP/HT fluid loss control

  • HP/HT stability of additives

  • Weighting material choice

  • Resistance to contamination

  • ECD control

  • Environmental Regulations

  • Pressure management

  • Weighting material sag

  • Fluid testing and monitoring

  • HSE

  • Drilling Efficiency

  • Increased Trip Time

  • Lost Circulation

Risks can lead to higher costs, environmental and safety issues, and non-productive time.

Baroid s solution

Baroid’s Solution

As temperatures and pressures continue to increase, engineered solutions are critical to successful drilling.

  • High-Performance Invert Emulsion Fluids (HPIEF)

  • HP/HT Water-Based Fluids

  • Insulating Packer Fluids

  • Lost Circulation Materials

  • Digital Solutions

High performance invert emulsion fluids innovert encore integrade systems

High-Performance Invert Emulsion FluidsINNOVERT®, ENCORE®, INTEGRADE® Systems

Solution Features

  • Enhanced low-end rheological properties

  • Superior hole cleaning

  • Fragile gel strengths

  • Low plastic viscosity (PV)

  • Stable in high temperatures

  • No organophillicclays

  • Increased pressure control in narrow margin drilling operations

Increased wellbore stability, significant reductions in whole fluid losses, and excellent return permeability

Water based fluids for hp ht therma dril system

Water-Based Fluids for HP/HTTHERMA-DRIL™ System

Solution Features

THERMA-DRIL™ Fluid Performance

16 lb/gal

  • Stable rheology in high temperature

  • Thixotropic rheological properties

  • Low fluid loss in high temperature

  • Exceptional fluid suspension at high downhole temperatures

  • Excellent thinning properties

  • Contaminant tolerant

  • Improved lubricity

Maximum wellbore stability, enhanced drilling efficiencies and improved hole cleaning in HP/HT environments

Insulating packer fluids n solate system

Insulating Packer FluidsN-SOLATE® System

Solution Features

N-SOLATE Performance

  • Thermal Conductivity (k) – 0.123 to 0.177 BTU/(hr*ft*°F)

  • Thermal stability – from 90°F to 600°F

  • Density range from 8.5 lb/gal to 15.0 lb/gal

  • Hydrate inhibitive to >8,500 psi @ 40°F

  • Prevents annular pressure buildup for the life of the well

  • Control and prevent heat loss for the life of the well



Higher production potential, can lower costs over traditional methods, and helps maintain wellbore stability

Baroid high pressure high temperature drilling solutions

Lost Circulation SolutionsWellSET®, STEELSEAL®, STOPPIT®, DUO-SQUEEZE® H, HYDRO-PLUG®, DIAMOND SEAL® Additives

Solution Features

  • Preventative and Remedial solutions

    • Highly resilient materials (>75%)

  • PSD and fracture modeling simulations

  • “Engineered, Composite Solutions

    • Multi-modal particle size distributions

    • Increased material toughness

    • Hydratable, swelling polymer technology

    • Resistant to downhole pressure fluctuations

  • STEELSEAL Resiliency Comparison

    Helps reduce costs through superior fracture-sealing performance, effective solutions in HP/HT environments

    Digital software solutions dfg dfg rt cfg afo rtdv software and services

    Digital Software SolutionsDFG™, DFG-RT™, CFG, AFO, RTDV Software and Services

    Solution Features

    • Baroid Essential Services

      • DrillAhead® Hydraulics simulations

      • Hydraulics & ECD modeling

      • 3D Cuttings Load Simulations

      • WellSET® - LCM Modeling

      • Surge & swab computations

      • Animated Sweep Designs

    • Applied Fluids Optimization

      • Real-time fluids monitoring

      • Remote monitoring of real-time data

    Improved HSE, helps reduce drilling time, and optimized hole cleaning and ROP

    Baroid hp ht solutions

    Baroid HP/HT Solutions

    • Customized to provide increased fluids efficiency, cost savings, decreased non-productive time, and improved HSE in the most challenging downhole conditions.

    Save Time and Money

    Consistent quality technical and operational process

    Consistent Quality: Technical and Operational Process

    Baroid laboratory support

    Baroid Laboratory Support

    Baroid scientists and engineers work with state of the art equipment and an extensive global database in order to perform comprehensive testing analysis on a global scale.

    Baroid’s Laboratory Services include:

    • Analytical technical support

    • Bioassay technical support

    • Reservoir fluids technical services

    • Drilling fluids technical services

    • Industrial drilling products lab

    • Quality assurance

    • Research and development

    Baroid high pressure high temperature drilling solutions

    Case History – Clay-Free INNOVERT® High-Performance Invert Emulsion system introduced into Norwegian market, offering an environmental HP/HT drilling fluid solutionLocation: North Sea


    Baroid high pressure high temperature drilling solutions

    Case History – Baroid Delivers Repeated High-Temperature Success in the Gulf of ThailandLocation: Gulf of Thailand


    Case history innovative use of n solate packer fluid in gulf of mexico location gulf of mexico

    Case History – Innovative use of N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid in Gulf of MexicoLocation: Gulf of Mexico


    Baroid high pressure high temperature drilling solutions

    Case History – Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) Software allows Operator to save rig time and successfully drill challenging HP/HT well in Western CanadaLocation: Western Canada

    DFG™ with DrillAhead® Hydraulics Software provides comprehensive simulations of well and fluid characteristics.


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    Back up


    How halliburton defines hp ht

    How Halliburton defines HP/HT

    Ultra HP/HT

    > 20K psi

    138 MPa

    Extreme HP/HT

    > 15K psi

    103 MPa


    > 10K psi

    69 MPa




    > 300°F

    > 150°C

    > 350°F

    > 175°C

    > 400°F

    > 200°C

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