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A White Man’s Country. The Contradictions of Jacksonian E ra. Example: The Dorr War (1841) Most states remove property qualifications Meaning most white men can vote Not Rhode Island Site of growing factory production Many propertyless workers. Reformers call a “People’s Convention”

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The contradictions of jacksonian e ra
The Contradictions of Jacksonian Era

  • Example: The Dorr War (1841)

  • Most states remove property qualifications

    • Meaning most white men can vote

    • Not Rhode Island

    • Site of growing factory production

  • Many propertyless workers

Conundrum of jacksonian democracy
Conundrum of Jacksonian Democracy

  • Expanding democracy

  • Expanding slavery in the cotton kingdom

  • Racist Andrew Jackson icon of the era

  • By 1840, 90% of white men could vote

Big picture
Big Picture

  • Jefferson succeeded by Madison and Monroe

    • Still from the revolutionary generation

    • Decolonization in South America

      • Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, etc. get independence

Big picture1
Big Picture

  • Bank of United States acts as government’s financial arm

    • Semi-private institution

    • Akin to Federal Reserve today

    • Prints, lends money

Problems with the bank
Problems with the Bank

  • Constitutional doubts

  • Helps fuel boom/bust, lending to fund western expansion

  • Panic of 1819

    • Debtors over-extended

    • Want relief

    • Some states help debtors at expense of creditos

  • Raises suspicion of banks

Problems with expansion
Problems with Expansion

  • Missouri fiasco splits North and South

  • Problem of dividing up Louisiana Purchase

  • Slave or free?

  • Already slaves there

The missouri compromise
The Missouri Compromise

  • Compromise:

    • Maine admitted as free state

    • Missouri as slave

    • Slavery prohibited in all territory north of 36°30′ latitude

  • Guys like Jefferson and John Quincy Adams knew it was a danger to the Union

Andrew jackson
Andrew Jackson

  • Hero of New Orleans/War of 1812

  • Ran for president in 1824

  • Won popular vote but failed to win majority in Electoral College

  • Lost to John Quincy Adams

    • Son of 2nd president

    • aristocratic New Englander

    • intellectual

    • not a very good politician

    • wanted the govt to do a lot

Jackson strikes back
Jackson Strikes Back

  • 1828 victory revolutionizes politics

    • Well-organized political parties

    • Founding of Democratic Party

    • Most white men can vote

    • Patronage

Jackson s ideas
Jackson’s Ideas

  • Limited government

  • Popular participation in govt for white men

  • Opportunity for whites, but definitely not Indians and blacks

Democrats worry about inequality
Democrats Worry about Inequality

  • Industrialization, growing commerce

  • Suspicion toward bankers, merchants, speculators

  • Supported by small farmers, aspiring businessmen, urban workers

New opposition the whig party
New Opposition: the Whig Party

  • Believed in progress

  • Tariff to protect industries

  • Active federal govt

  • Tended to be supported by rich planters, already-successful merchants and bankers, Northerners

Battles of the jackson era
Battles of the Jackson Era

  • Southerners didn’t like tariff, threaten “nullification”

Indian removal
Indian Removal

  • Expansion of cotton production

  • Pushes into Indian lands in the South

  • Cherokees, Choctaws and other “civilized tribes” screwed

  • Georgia expels them

The trail of tears
The Trail of Tears

  • Supreme Court (1832): removal violates treaties with federal govt

  • “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it” – Jackson

  • 18,000 Cherokees forced to move in 1838-9

  • 1/4 die on the wayto Oklahoma

Seminoles in fl k eep f ighting
Seminoles in FL Keep Fighting

  • Second Seminole War (1835-1842)

  • Indians, escaped slaves join forces

  • 1,500 US soldiers die

  • Similar # of Seminoles

  • Most forced to leave

The bank war
The Bank War

  • Bank of US helped finance expansion

  • People suspicious of its power and authority

  • Led by a big snob from Philly named Nicholas Biddle

  • Jackson puts $$$ into state banks w/ political connections

  • They start printing money recklessly, causing speculation and inflation

  • Economic crash in England causes Panic of 1837

  • Followed by deep depression

  • First Whig president elected in 1840

  • Another military hero: William Henry Harrison

  • Dies in office after thirty days

  • Total fiasco

  • His successor disagrees with Whigs on everything

Recap what the hell happened
Recap: What the Hell Happened?

  • Democratization mostly benefits white men

  • Economic growth, westward expansion on the backs of Indians and slaves