Iranian and united states history foreign policy
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Iranian and United States History & Foreign Policy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Iranian and United States History & Foreign Policy. 2011. U.S. - Iranian Relations!. Iranian -President Ahmadinejad. President Bush. Called him Evil!. Pres. Bush the devil!. U.S. & Iran have NOT had diplomatic relations since 1979?. 1979 Iranian Revolution. Iran Hostage Crisis.

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Iranian and United States History & Foreign Policy

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Iranian and United States History & Foreign Policy


U.S. - Iranian Relations!

Iranian -President Ahmadinejad

President Bush

Called him Evil!

  • Pres. Bush the devil!

U.S. & Iran have NOT had diplomatic relations since 1979?

1979 Iranian Revolution

Iran Hostage Crisis

  • Fifty-two US citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, after a group of Islamic students and militants took over the Embassy of the United States in support of the Iranian Revolution.[1]

First hostilities occurred back in 1953..

  • 1953 CIA & British sponsored coup of Mossadegh!

  • Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1951

Why did the CIA & British overthrow Mossadegh?

  • In 1951, Mosaddegh nationalized the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company- today’s BP gas.

  • Even though AIOC was “highly profitable,” “its Iranian workers were poorly paid and lived in squalid conditions.

  • Britain owned 51% of the company.

Who became the leader after Mossadegh?

  • The CIA & British put Shah Pahlavi in power.

  • Shah Pahlavi ruled as an authoritarian monarch for the next 26 years, until he was overthrown in a popular revolt in 1979.

The Shah was seen as a “puppet” for the U.S. government!

After 26 years, the Iranians had a revolution to overthrow the Shah!

Iran became a theocracy, the Ayatollah is the “supreme leader”!

No diplomatic relations means NO IMPORTS OF IRANIAN OIL!

Today relations aren’t any better!

  • West says developing weapons…

  • Iranians say developing energy..

Although Iran is a theocracy; protests occurred after 2009 election!

After 30 years of rule in Iran, the Theocracy faces the Green Revolution!

  • 2009 Protests against the disputed victory of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  • “Twitter Revolution”- social organizations were used for organization of the protests.

What do Iranian’s think of American’s today?

Excerpt from Kinzer article: ““We are so happy to see American people in Iran,” a woman in Kirman, beaming with joy, told the group I traveled with. “We know they say very bad things about us there, but we like Americans so much.”


  • Jon Stewart Clips

  • Group discussions or web quest on Iraq- U.S. relations.

Iraq invades Iran in 1980!

If Iran is our enemy, who becomes are friend!!!

  • Iraq invades Iran in 1980

  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend!!

  • U.S. supports Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein during the Iran/Iraq War.

  • President Reagan and Donald Rumsfeld

  • Rumsfeld & Saddam

Why did Saddam invade Iran?

  • Iraq claims border disputes between countries

  • Also worried that the “Shia” revolution may spread to Iraq.

  • Shia vs. Sunni! Saddam and Baath party are Sunni but many Shia in Iraq.

How did the U.S. help Iraq during the 8-year war?

  • CIA Operation

  • Supplies Money, weapons and technology to the Iraqis.

  • Spies on the Iranian military and reports back to Iraq

Who was the American President that authorized CIA involvement?

Iran Contra Affair

  • 1985 U.S. government sells arms to Iran (ignores arms embargo)

  • U.S. need Iranians help to negotiate with Lebanon to free American hostages

  • Profits used to fund “Contra’s” in Nicaragua.

Saddam used chemical weapons against Iranians.

  • 100,000 Iranian victims of Iraq's chemical weapons during the eight-year war

  • Use of chemical weapons is against International Law- Geneva

8- year war ends in stalemate! No winner!

  • 1988- The war came at a great cost in lives and economic damage—half a million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers as well as civilians are believed to have died in the war with many more injure.

  • The U.S./ CIA help to fund and aid both sides of the war!

Iraq has 4th largest army in the world & W.M.D. with help of CIA.

  • Chemical, Nuclear, Radiological, Biological

Which country did Saddam invade next?

Iraq invades Kuwait!

Persian Gulf War 1990-1991

U.S. petitions for help from the Untied Nations

  • 1991- U.S. led The Persian Gulf War (August 2, 1990 – February 28, 1991)

  • A war waged by a U.N.-authorized coalition force from thirty-four nations led by Britain and the United States, against Iraq.

  • Within 100 hours, the Iraqi army was pushed out of Kuwait; troops did NOT invade Iraq

  • United Nations

Who was the American President?

George H. W. Bush

Iraq forces torch Kuwaiti oil fields!

Rumors that U.S. will invade Iraq!

  • Kurds and Shia revolt against Iraqi government.

  • Saddam responds harshly with chemical weapons!

  • U.S. does not invade and rebellions are stopped.

What happened to Iraq after the Gulf War?

  • Sanctions against Iraq- full trade embargo (excluding food & humanitarian goods)

  • Oil for Food program, 1996 to help ease devastation from embargo

  • Iraq to agree to an inspection to insure that Iraq dismantled its WMD programs and did not take actions to reconstitute them

  • No Fly Zone’s , patrolled by U.S. & Britain

Saddam plays games with weapons inspectors.

President G. W. Bush & Iraq

  • By 2002, President Bush and Britain believe Iraq has rebuilt their WMD.

  • Saddam’s deceptions suggested he had WMD.

  • U.N. did NOT support the 2003 invasion of Iraq

2003 U.S. attack on Iraq

  • In contrast to 1991, Saudi Arabia did not permit U.S. on their soil.

  • Turkey did not help in this conflict.

  • Kuwait & a few small countries allowed bases.

Saddam is executed for Crimes against Humanity

  • December 30, 2006-found guilty by Iraqi Special Tribunal for the murder of 148 Iraqi Shi'ite in the town of Dujail in 1982.

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