Why was mark s gospel written
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Why was Mark’s gospel written? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why was Mark’s gospel written?. (from faith, for faith). To help others believe the “good news” that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour. Define and explain the meaning of “Gospel” (2 marks). Gospel means “Good News”,

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Why was Mark’s gospel written?

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Why was Mark’s gospel written?

(from faith, for faith)

To help others believe the “good news” that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour.

Define and explain the meaning of “Gospel” (2 marks)

Gospel means “Good News”,

The story about Jesus, that shows how Jesus is God’s son and our saviour

Who, where & when of Mark’s Gospel

What is your guess about the answer to these questions?

To describe who wrote Mark’s gospel, when & where

To understand who Mark was writing the gospel for

To evaluate the evidence for who wrote Mark’s gospel


  • You will receive 6 pieces of information.

  • Write out each heading. For each heading, make notes about who Mark could have been was, under the following 5 headings:

    • “the Last Supper”

    • “The arrest in Gethsemane”

    • “Helper on missionary journeys”

    • “Mark in Rome”

    • “Bishop Papias”

    • Mark the local Jew

  • Find out from this information WHERE Mark probably wrote the gospel, and WHEN.

  • ** Which of the facts about who Mark really was are the most persuasive?



Mark was a _______from ______, who wrote his gospel in ______. He probably wrote it in ______, shortly before or after 70 AD. He might have known some of the ________ and travelled as a ____________ and interpreter with Peter and Paul.

DisciplesGreek Rome JerusalemJewmissionary


  • Mark was a popular name. Several “Marks” might have got confused as one

  • Mark’s geography of Israel is not very good… surely if he was a Jew from Jerusalem, he should know his country better…

Copy out and complete the gap fill.

2. Read the “throwing doubt” section. Does it make you doubt anything you learnt today about who might Mark was?


Mark’s gospel is not reliable because the writer of the Gospel didn't personally know Jesus.

- for & against, conclusion.

6 marks

Level (5/6 marks)

A well argued response, with reasoned consideration of 2 points of view.

True or False?

  • Mark was a missionary

  • Mark was Greek

  • Mark was a disciple of Jesus

  • Mark could have been in the house where Jesus was holding his Last Supper

  • Mark was an eyewitness in the Garden of Gethsemane

  • Mark probably wrote about 70 AD

  • Mark wrote his gospel in Jerusalem

  • Mark spoke several languages

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