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Extended Essay. Some reminders. Guidelines. Why it is required: Practical preparation for the kinds of undergraduate research required in college An opportunity to engage in something in-depth on an interesting topic Emphasis: Formulate appropriate research question

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Extended essay

Extended Essay

Some reminders


  • Why it is required:

    • Practical preparation for the kinds of undergraduate research required in college

    • An opportunity to engage in something in-depth on an interesting topic

  • Emphasis:

    • Formulate appropriate research question

    • Engage in personal exploration

    • Communicate ideas


  • Expectations:

    • 4,000 Words

    • Analyze

    • Synthesize

    • EVALUATE knowledge


  • Supervisor

    • Gently guide you.

    • Should not meet very often, but when you do it should be meaningful.

  • ME!

    • Support

    • Suggest

  • You!

    • Make sure you paper fits the category

    • Meet Deadlines

    • Time management

    • Be aware of regulations

Advice from examiners
Advice From Examiners

  • Read assessment criteria

  • Read previous essays


  • Maintain a good relationship with supervisor

  • RESEARCH outside of the computer

  • Record sources as you go along

  • Proofread and check along the way.

Avoid avoid avoid

  • DO NOT:

    • Forget to analyze the research question

    • Ignore assessment criteria

    • Collect material that is irrelevant to the question


    • Merely describe or report

    • Repeat the introduction in the conclusion

    • Cite sources that are not used.

The process
The Process

  • Research

    • Choose a subject

    • Choose a topic

    • Formulate question

    • PLAN investigation and writing process

    • PLAN structure

    • Preparatory reading

    • Cary out investigation

  • Writing

    • Title page

    • Abstract

    • Contents

    • Introduction

    • Body (development/methods/results)

    • Conclusion

    • References and Bibliography

    • Appendices

Today the outline

  • Should be a clear path to the essay.

  • Broken into sections

    • Introduction:

      • Thesis

      • Importance

      • Why you chose it

    • Section 1:

      • Title

      • What it is about

  • Section 2:

    • Title

    • What it is about

  • Section 3,4,5:

    • Title

    • What it is about

  • Conclusion:

    • Decision

    • What you found out

  • Each section should be MORE than one paragraph long.

For example
For example….

  • Example research question:

    • Disclaimer: This would be a terrible Extended Essay Question!

  • To what extent are the Green Bay Packers a better team than the Chicago Bears.


  • Intro:

    • Chose the topic because I love the Packers

    • Important because society places a lot of importance on football

    • Thesis: The Green Bay Packers are a much better team than the Chicago Bears.

  • Section One: Wins

    • In this section I will look at the overall records of the two programs

    • I will breakdown the record of the program and look at recent trends, judging which team is currently better vs. overall better

Outline continued

  • Section 2: Fan Base

    • I will examine the different fans for each program and make decisions on how fans affect the team and which team has the better fans.

  • Section 3: Players

    • I will examine the rosters of each team, paying careful attention to defensive positions and quarterbacks


  • Section 4: Ethics and Community Outreach

    • First, I will examine different fines each team/player had to pay for poor ethical decisions

    • Second, I will examine the community outreach programs that each team offers and how they improve the people and the neighborhoods.

  • Section 5: Stadiums

    • Here I will look at the quality of the stadiums, and what is offered at the stadiums, to see which is better for both the fans and the teams.


  • Conclusion

    • I hear I will reach my conclusion: The Pack is better than the Bears

    • I will address topics for further research and unanswered questions


  • Due Monday: Revised Outline

  • Library Days begin.

    • Every Monday/Tuesday in September, we will be in the library. Research! Type! Read! Annotate! Do whatever you need to do, but it NEEDS to be focused on your project!

    • Go right to the library on those days.

New deadlines
New Deadlines

  • 1,500 Word Draft: Due September 20th

  • Peer Edit: Due September 25th

  • 2,300 Word Draft: Due October 9th

  • Peer Edit Due:

  • Due: October 14th

  • Completed 1st Draft: October 30th

  • Peer Edit: November 4th

  • Complete 2nd Draft: November 26

  • Peer Edit: December 4th

  • 3rd Draft: December 13th

  • Peer edit: Dec 18th

  • Final Draft: January 13