NoodleTools:  Using Notes to Write a Paper  Create an Outline

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2. Citations notes =. Access your work from home and schoolCreate a list of sourcesCorrect style, punctuation, formattingKeeps notes stored online

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NoodleTools: Using Notes to Write a Paper Create an Outline

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1. 1 NoodleTools: Using Notes to Write a Paper & Create an Outline El Centro College Library 214.860.2174 Ask a Librarian for help!

2. 2 Citations + notes = Access your work from home and school Create a list of sources Correct style, punctuation, formatting Keeps notes stored online & helps you organize your notes Sources are linked to notes Copy/paste text Summarize Safeguard against accidental plagiarism Organize ideas before writing Highlights possible errors

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6. 6 Three-part notes Cut-and-paste Capture author’s words, images Get quotes and attribution right Paraphrase or summarize Explain it to yourself Tag concepts and facts Add reminders and tasks My ideas Prompts you for original thinking Analyze how it fits your research Ask questions, evaluate ideas List “to do” plan

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12. 12 Don’t forget to follow your ideas!

13. 13 Organize Your Notecards to Create an Outline Label notecard with title Identify main idea Arrange and rearrange notes into piles or clusters Experiment with subtopics Attach multiple tags to a notecard Label important details, themes, concepts Search through your notes - by one tag, by combinations Investigate new ways to order information Encourages flexible thinking

14. 14 Ideas for Organizing Your Notecards Create subtopics and outline What notes have similar titles or topics? Pile them together Add them to your outline Play with the order, be curious! What if I make new combinations of notes? Search by one or more tags to find common ideas among notes What other ways can I order my outline? Do new grouping suggest new ways to analyze what I know? New ideas? New questions?

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23. 23 Evaluates sources based on information need – analysis asks you to reflect on sources you used in your research!

24. 24 Features Print out your citations or/and notecards E-mail your citations or/and notecards Fill in [class name] to share your list with [Teacher’s name] to get tips and comments

25. 25 What Else? Can I add more tags now that I know more? Yes! You can always go back to a notecard and add more tags Other ways to order my ideas? Reorder by searching on 2-3 tags at once Any loose ends? Are there types of sources I missed? Use button to see the type and range of sources you used

26. 26 Any Questions? Ask a Librarian for Help! Call: 214.860.2174 Visit: El Centro/West Libraries Email: Ask a Librarian

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