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A Whole World Of Fun

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A Whole World Of Fun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Whole World Of Fun. Class 6 L.V.Khrustalyova, V.N.Bogoroditskaya course Unit 3. Study the words:. Pastime n времяпровождение. Amusement n развлечение Funfair n ярмарка с аттракционами Amusement park тематический парк аттракционов огромной территории

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a whole world of fun

A Whole World Of Fun

Class 6

L.V.Khrustalyova, V.N.Bogoroditskaya course

Unit 3

study the words
Study the words:
  • Pastime n времяпровождение
  • Amusement n развлечение
  • Funfair n ярмарка с аттракционами
  • Amusement park тематический парк аттракционов огромной территории
  • Ride n аттракцион для катания
  • Attraction n аттракцион
  • Maze n labyrinth
  • Haunted house дом с приведениями
disneyland paris
Disneyland Paris

Welcome to a wonderful world of adventure, fun and fairy tales come true. Welcome to Disneyland Paris! Here, the timeless magic of Walt Disney’s great films is everywhere to be seen. The five amazing “Lands” are home to your favourite Disney Characters and all the wonderful shows, rides and attractions you love.

Step through the gates of the Park and the first thing you do is journey back in time. Start at Main Street, USA. It’s a great place for meeting and shopping.

If you thought science fiction was just fiction - you were wrong! The proof is right here in Disneyland, a vision of your future you can experience today. The brightest star in this galaxy is Space Mountain - a dramatic ride into outer space aboard a cannon-launched shuttle. Have a great trip! Fantasyland - is the delighted Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty-that’s her castle you can see. Here you can experience the very spirit of Disney: a world of real life fairy tale where kids of all ages can meet Snow White, the Seven Dwarves, Winnie the Pooh - even Mickey Mouse himself! There is a very curious Labyrinth where it’s easy to get lost - and easier still to run into Alice and the Queen of Hearts! Fly to Neverland with Peter Pan, meet a dragon in his bottomless home… There’s so much to do all the time in the world!

Adventureland! A mysterious Amazonian jungle, an Oriental Bazaar straight from “1001 Nights”; and the ever-present beat of far-away drums… this is Adventureland and explorer’s paradise that’s full of some of the most exciting attractions in the Park. Don’t miss the Pirates of the Caribbean an all-time Disney classic

Disneyland Paris isn’t just the land where Fairy tales come true, it’s a gold mine of breathtaking rides and attractions - like Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril.

Once upon a time…and your favourite fairy tales come the life! Mickey welcomes you like a long-long friend , Snow White curtsies and Alice invites you to tea! Your destination! Why not “It’s a Small World”, a magical, musical trip through the countries of the world… or a day with danger in the company of “Pirates of the Caribbean”? Big Thunder Mountain? Peter Pan’s Flight? The choice is yours!

merry go round
  • Traditional ride for children and adults.
roller coaster

America’s longest and craziest roller-coaster has finally reached Europe. Four km of mountainous track take you on a stomach-spinning ride with near vertical rises and falls. The train reaches speeds of up to 110 km per hour. Specially-designed seats are as comfortable as your favourite armchair at home! Come and try it !

ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel

Traditionally, no funfair is complete without a big wheel . You not only have a wonderful view over the city but you can also see the whole of the game park too, so you can look out for your family and friends - with a pair of binoculars which you can rent before you get on.

aladdin s magic maze
Aladdin’s Magic Maze

Our Magic Maze is Europe’s biggest, as you will realize as soon as you try to find your way out! The walls of the corridors are covered with mirrors so that when you start walking through, it can be pretty confusing!


This is a haunted house - come and visit if you have the courage! As you walk around this ghostly palace, our inhabitant Spooks will exactly reach out and grab you! A team of professional actors perform aerial tricks to try and scare you, and be sure - they will! So bring all your family along to this attraction. Enter alone on your own risk!

study the words1
Study the words:
  • Merry-go-roundкарусель
  • Roller-coaster американские горки
  • Ferris Wheel колесо обозрения
  • Dodgemsавтодром
  • Chairlift карусель «цепочки»
  • Spooksville=Haunted house дом с приведениями
  • Magic Maze волшебныйлабиринт

What’s the difference between an amusement park & a funfair?Are there any funfairs in our city ?Have you ever visited an amusement park?Which attractions are the most exciting?

You may use the following:

A wonderful day of fun

Feel happy & cheerful

Be crazy about

Try a ride; ride on smth

A fantastic world

Be delighted with

Be scared